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Odds Say Tim Ryan Will Be Next Candidate to Drop Out of Democratic Race

Tim Ryan
Tim Ryan could be the next out of the race for the Democratic nomination. Photo from @TimRyan ((Twitter)
  • Books have established Tim Ryan as the +200 favorite to be the next to drop out of the 2020 Democratic Presidential race
  • The Ohio Congressman is polling at less than one percent
  • Both Jay Inslee and Seth Moulton recently dropped out of the race

Will Tim Ryan drop the Democratic voting range down to 18?

Books released its latest odds on which candidate will be next to drop out of the 2020 Democratic Presidential race. Ryan, 45, a member of the House of Representatives from Akron, Ohio, is favored to do so.

Odds On Next Candidate To Drop Out Of 2020 Democratic Presidential Race

Candidate Odds
Tim Ryan +200
Bill de Blasio +400
Steve Bullock +500
Michael Bennet +600
Marianne Williamson +700
John Delaney +800
Tulsi Gabbard +900
Tom Steyer +1200

*Odds taken on 08/29/19.

Washington Governor Jay Inslee and Massachusetts Congressman Seth Moulton both recently dropped from the race. That reduced the number of candidates to 19.

Ryan Express Out Of Steam

It’s difficult to truly suggest that Ryan’s campaign for the 2020 Democratic Presidential nomination ever developed a head of steam.

For instance, a recent poll showed that while more people considered Ryan a favorable candidate (22 percent) than an unfavorable one (16 percent), a much larger percentage of those surveyed (28 percent) had never heard of him.

Ryan is polling at around one percent. His average 2020 Democratic Presidential odds are astronomical.

He simply hasn’t resonated with people. Ryan’s done little to stand out in this crowded field.

His message is aimed at the blue collar workers of America. While delivered professionally and sincerely, it seems too similar to that of the more popular Joe Biden.

In addition, Ryan didn’t make the stage for next month’s third round of Democratic Primary debates. That should serve as a death knell to his campaign.

You have to give Ryan credit for one thing. He hasn’t lost his sense of humor. For instance, tapping into pop culture, he recently suggested a Popeye’s chicken sandwich as his 2020 running mate.

Bombastic Bill Should Go Next – But Won’t

Logically, the candidate for whom it makes the most sense to bid adieu to the race is New York Mayor Bill de Blasio.

The New York City Police Benevolent Association issued a no confidence vote regarding de Blasio. They’re upset over the firing of police officer Daniel Pantaleo. Videotape caught Pantaleo using a prohibited chokehold on suspect Eric Garner, who later died.

De Blasio, through a spokesperson, accused the NYCPBA of seeking to divide the city.

This situation is a tinder box that could easily explode. That’s why it should be de Blasio’s priority. However, he continues to campaign for a Democratic Presidential nomination he’ll never get.

Culling The Democratic Field

Slowly but surely, the Democratic Presidential race is thinning out. Inslee and Moulton both departed in order to focus on their re-election campaigns for the political positions they currently hold, for instance.

Only ten candidates will be in Houston for the next debate. However, it’s difficult to envision more than five or six being legitimate Presidential hopefuls.

On the other hand, the nine who missed the cut should get the memo. It’s time to go. But who goes next?

It won’t be de Blasio, Tom Steyer, Marianne Williamson or Tulsi Gabbard. They’re all too stubborn to give up.

After that, next up to be out is likely between Ryan, Steve Bullock, Michael Bennet, or John Delaney.

In conclusion, let’s opt for Bennet. He holds a unique achievement. He’s the least recognized and worst-polling candidate of any candidate who’ve previously held office.

Pick: Michael Bennet (+700)

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