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Odds Trump Removed via Senate Impeachment Trial Reach New Heights; Is “No” a Sure Thing?

Donald Trump smiling
US President Donald Trump figures to be smiling when his impeachment trial concludes. BookMaker.eu has set no as the overwhelming odds-on -33233 favorite to be the outcome. Photo by Gage Skidmore (flickr).
  • BookMaker.eu is the only online sportsbook still offering odds on US President Donald Trump’s Senate Impeachment trial
  • They are offering no as the -33233 odds-on favorite
  • The Democratic House impeachment managers wrapped up the presentation of their opening statements in front of the Senate on Friday

Is it a sure thing that the Senate will vote no in the impeachment trial of US President Donald Trump?

Well, let’s put it this way – here’s a few things that are more likely to occur than a Senate conviction of Trump:

  • The Green Bay Packers winning Super Bowl 54
  • OJ Simpson finding the real killers
  • Republicans agreeing that climate change is a thing

Sportsbooks are so certain that the outcome of Trump’s Senate impeachment trial is a foregone conclusion that there’s just one leading online sportsbook still offering impeachement odds. BookMaker.eu has a line on it, with no as the overwhelming -33233 favorite.

BookMaker.eu is also offering total wagering on the number of Senators that will vote to convict. The bar is set at 47.5. Of the 100 current members of the Senate, 53 are Repbulicans.

Will The Senate Remove President Trump From Office Before May 15, 2020?

Outcome Odds at BookMaker.eu
No -33233
Yes +1592

Odds taken Jan. 25

The Democratic House impeachment managers wrapped up the presentation of their opening arguments in the case in front of the Senate on Friday.

The session ended with Democrat Adam Schiff calling upon Republican Senators to exercise moral courage and give America a fair trial. But his request seems to be falling upon deaf ears on the Republican side of the Senate floor.

The Republicans are to begin their opening statements in defense of Trump on Saturday, and that didn’t sit well with the President.

In his closing statement on Friday, Schiff recounted all of the charges against Trump, concluding that each one had been proved. He also predicted that Trump’s legal defense team won’t rebut the charges with facts.

Schiff stated that Trump’s defenders will instead focus on character assassination of the impeachment managers and those who testified against Trump during the House impeachment inquiry.

Pick: No (-33233).

How Many Senators Will Vote to Remove President Trump From Office?

Total Odds at BookMaker.eu
Over 47.5 +292
Under 47.5 -400

It is necessary to gain a two-thirds majority of the Senate in order to achieve a conviction of Trump. To do so, that would require 20 Republican Senators to vote in favor of a conviction.

BookMaker.eu is laying odds that not one Republican Senator will break ranks. By giving favorable -400 odds to the under on this prop, the sportsbook is of the belief that all 53 Republican members of the Senate will vote to acquit the President.

CBS News reported earlier this week that Trump had the word spread among Republican Senators that any who opted to vote against the president would end up with their head on a pike.

If you think the Republican Senators are taking this process seriously, think again. Idaho’s James Risch was caught napping by a New York Times sketch artist. Tom Cotton of Arkansas was seen playing with a fidget spinner and Kentucky’s Rand Paul was witnessed working on a crossword puzzle.

Pick: Under 47.5 (-400)

Best Bet: Stay Away

The Democrats need just four Republicans to vote in favor of hearing from witnesses at the trial to gain a simple majority, and it’s extremely doubtful that event will occur.

Sure, some of the MAGA horde will probably lay down a wager so they can brag about owning the Libs and say that they’re winning.

But why would anyone with an ounce of common sense make a play on these lopsided odds?

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