Fantasy Premier League Season Betting Props: Agüero’s Value at Christmas, Pulisic to Be Top Chelsea Points Scorer & More

What will Sergio Aguero's fantasy value be at Christmas? Photo by John Patrick Fletcher/Actionplus/Icon Sportswire)
  • Pulisic hype might not be worth the value and there’s a sleeper to consider
  • Salah is more than a one-season-wonder and he’ll add some magic to your team
  • Robertson has history and consistency on his side over Alexander-Arnold

The Premier League season is only weeks away and BetOnline has released a number of Fantasy Premier League (FPL) props. We take a look at some of the choice bets and help break down what you need to know.

Christian Pulisic Top Chelsea Points Scorer Odds

Result Odds at BetOnline
Yes +400
No -600

*All odds taken July 4, 2019

American Christian Pulisic is being touted as Chelsea’s premier pick for FPL owners, but while his stats certainly shine, there are other players you can snag that won’t blow your budget. Pulisic has Blues fans foaming at the mouth over his performance in the Gold Cup. It’s a lot of flash and cash and there’s not enough consistency to go on.

Defenders doled out significant points last season and should not be overlooked. I’d be looking at David Luiz for points. He’s consistent and has been an integral figure on the pitch, helped Chelsea to 16 clean sheets, along with three goals and two assists. He’s your Chelsea sleeper. Go against Pulisic on this one.

Pick: No (-600)

Sergio Aguero’s Value at Christmas Odds

Value Odds at BetOnline
£12m or more -115
Less than £12m -115

With Aguero and Raheem Sterling both valued at £12m and on the same squad, statistically one is going to excel above the other. If we’re going by history, Sterling topped Aguero in points per game last season, and since Eden Hazard is no longer with the Blues, a lot of reliance will be on the midfielder, Sterling.

Further, you can expect Sterling to get more game time as he acts as a quasi-second-striker. Coupled with the midfield position where he will net an extra point for a goal and another for a clean sheet, his value will surge over Aguero. With 21 goals and 11 assists in 2018/19, Aguero is now the most expensive forward in FPL. Whenever I hear something like that, I can almost foretell the downfall. Aguero will slip by Christmas.

Pick: Less than £12m (-115)

Mohamed Salah Total Points Odds

Total Odds at BetOnline
Over 25½ points -115
Under 25½ points -115

In the 2017/18 season, Mo Salah was the first to break 300 points. This past season, he also topped the list as the lead scorer in the league, but this year, we’ve seen a drop in his stock. This is most likely to do with him attending the Africa Cup of Nations, and the fact that his teammate, Sadio Mane was on par with Salah’s points performance last year.

He’s seen his own stock rise, decreasing Salah’s popularity. Still, Salah is at the top, valued at £12.5m for the 2019/20 season. If you are wondering if Salah is a one-season wonder think again.

This year he is listed as a midfielder and not a striker so any goals he gets will be worth more. His tenure is still going strong and he is a likely candidate to amass over 25½ points in the 2019/20 season.

Pick: Over (-115)

Andrew Roberston vs Trent Alexander-Arnold Points Odds

Prop Odds at BetOnline
Andrew Robertson scores more FPL points -105
Trent Alexander-Arnold scores more FPL points -125

While Andrew Roberston came out just shy of Alexander-Arnold in the 2018/19 defender poll, at number two, he should come out with more points than his teammate. Robertson broke a defender record with a 213 point total last season. Alexander-Arnold was unstable last year between injury and rotation and while he led in assists, Robertson was behind by only one. Further, Robertson registered more clean sheets than any defender last season and missed just two matches.

Alexander-Arnold, who’s value is at par with Robertson this year, but up over his price last year, was able to catch up to his teammate in the back half of the season. However, I am always one for consistency and history and with that, Roberston is your pick for most points.

Pick: Robertson (-105)

Raheem Sterling vs Sadio Mane Points Odds

Prop Odds at BetOnline
Raheem Sterling scores more FPL points -125
Sadio Mane scores more FPL points -105

Midfielders, Sterling and Mane sit at two and three in their FPL value for the coming 2019/20 season and this is going to be a tough choice for managers. Sterling had fewer appearances than Mane last season but averaged +.5 goals per match. On top of this Sterling is resting over the summer while Mane competes in the Africa Cup of Nations.

On the flip side of this, Mane was only the fourth-highest-scoring midfielder in last year’s FPL, but walked away with more points than any defender or forward in the 2018/19 season.

Sterling, who averaged 6.88 points per game, has the hustle and the ability to leverage attacking points which kept him ahead of Mane in points per game, at 6.42. I’m taking Sterling to garner more points in the upcoming season.

Pick: Sterling (-125)

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