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Before you make your final decision on betting either the New England Patriots or Los Angeles Rams for Super Bowl 53, you’ll want to know these 15 mind-blowing, historically-rooted Super Bowl betting trends.

1) Lucky White Jerseys

Tom Brady wearing a white Patriots jersey

The only two teams to win a Super Bowl without wearing their white jerseys were the Green Bay Packers in Super Bowl 45 and the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl 52.

The New England Patriots, who had the option to pick their color for Super Bowl 53, have decided to give their white jerseys another try in 2019.

2) Regular-Season Wins Mean Nothing

Marshawn Lynch and Russell Wilson hoisting the Lombardi Trophy at the Seahawks Super Bowl parade

*The New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles had identical 13-3 records when they met in Super Bowl 52; this is why there is a missing win/loss

The 2016 New England Patriots (Super Bowl 51) and 2008 Pittsburgh Steelers (Super Bowl 43) are the only two teams in the last 13 years who possessed a better regular-season record than their Super Bowl opponent and went on to win the game.

This year, the Rams finished 13-3 while the Patriots were 11-5.

3) Favorites Hold a Hefty Advantage

A football stadium

Favorites absolutely dominated the early Super Bowls, as only three underdogs won in the first 14 years. This trend has recently reversed, though …

4) Underdogs Have the Edge Recently

Seahawks-colored confetti raining down on the field after they won Super Bowl 48

In Super Bowl 51, the Patriots broke a trend of five-straight underdogs winning the Super Bowl. The Philadelphia Eagles have started a new streak for underdogs in Super Bowl 52.

The Rams seem to have settled in as 2 to 2.5-point underdogs in Super Bowl 53.

5) AFC Shows Up for CBS

Jim Nantz, play-by-play commentator for CBS

Super Bowls 50 (Broncos over Panthers), 47 (Ravens over 49ers), 44 (Saints over Colts), 41 (Colts over Bears), 38 (Patriots over Panthers), and 35 (Ravens over Giants) were all broadcast by CBS, with the Saints being the only NFC team who has won in that time.

You have to go back to Super Bowl 26 to find the last one broadcast by the network.

Super Bowl 53 will be broadcast by CBS

6) Small Spreads Favor Underdogs

A close up view of a football

Here are the last three Super Bowls with a spread less than three:

  • Super Bowl 49: SEA lost to NE as a 1-point favorite
  • Super Bowl 48: DEN lost to SEA as a 2-point favorite
  • Super Bowl 46: NE lost to NYG as a 2.5-point favorite

You have to go back to Super Bowl 16 to find the previous spread less than 3 points.

The 2019 Super Bowl seems to have settled in between a 2 and 2.5-point spread.

7) NFC Likes a Crowd

A shot of the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia, which holds approximately 75,000 people

Super Bowls 48 (Seahawks over Broncos), 45 (Packers over Steelers), and 44 (Saints over Colts) all had at least 72,000 people in the stands, and were all won by the NFC.

Super Bowl 53, at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia, is expected to hold approximately 75,000.

8) Who Needs Experience?

Multiple Lombardi Trophies on display

The New England Patriots overcame this trend in Super Bowl 51 when they beat the Atlanta Falcons, but fell victim to it in Super Bowl 52 against the Eagles.

They will again have the more experienced roster in the Super Bowl this year.

9) Halftime Show Significance?

Maroon 5, who will be the lead-performers at the Super Bowl 53 halftime show

The NFC recorded just their fourth win since 2001 when the Halftime Show is male-led in Super Bowl 52. The Eagles triumphed while Justin Timberlake led the show.

Maroon 5, an all-male band, is set to headline the Super Bowl 53 halftime show.

10) Rematches Tend to Have Same Result As 1st Game

Adam Vinatieri, who kicked the game-winning field goal in Super Bowl 36, lifting the Patriots over the Rams

*Not included in here is the third installment of Cowboys vs Steelers

Super Bowl 53 will be a rematch of Super Bowl 36, when the New England Patriots upset the heavily-favored St. Louis Rams.

Here are how the other Super Bowl rematches played out:

  • Pittsburgh beat Dallas in Super Bowl 10 and beat them again in Super Bowl 13
  • Washington avenged their loss to Miami in Super Bowl 7 by beating them in Super Bowl 17
  • San Francisco beat Cincinnati in Super Bowl 16 and again in Super Bowl 23
  • Dallas beat Buffalo in consecutive Super Bowls (27 and 28)
  • New York Giants beat New England in Super Bowl 42 and again in Super Bowl 46
  • Philadelphia avenged their loss to New England in Super Bowl 39 by beating them in Super Bowl 52

11) Atlanta Has Been Kind to the NFC

A map highlighting Atlanta, Georgia

The Cowboys defeated the Bills in Super Bowl 28, the first Super Bowl held in Atlanta, and the Rams beat the Titans in Super Bowl 34 when the big game returned to Georgia.

Super Bowl 53 will be played in Atlanta, Georgia.

12) Good Old February

A calendar displaying the month of February

Super Bowl 36 marked the first time the NFL’s championship game was played in February. It has only been played in January once since then. Super Bowl 53 will also take place in February.

13) Is the AFC the Stronger Conference?

A pocture of a football

The only NFC team to win a Super Bowl in the last six years are the Seattle Seahawks, who dismantled the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl 48, and last year’s Eagles.

The Falcons, Panthers, 49ers, and even those mighty Seahawks (Super Bowl 49) have fallen victim to AFC teams.

14) NFC Likes Cowboys in the Broadcast Booth

Tony Romo, color commentator for CBS

Former Cowboys QB Troy Aikman has done color for Fox’s broadcasts of Super Bowls 51 (Patriots over Falcons), 48 (Seahawks over Broncos), 45 (Packers over Steelers), 42 (Giants over Patriots), and 39 (Patriots over Eagles).

Tony Romo, also a former Cowboys QB, will be the color commentator for Super Bowl 53.

15) Home Sweet Dome

A picture of the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia

Stadiums with retractable roofs are not included in this trend. NRG Stadium (Houston) and the University of Phoenix Stadium have each hosted twice, but possess retractable roofs.

The dome now known as the Mercedes-Benz Superdome has been the most frequented stadium, hosting the Super Bowl seven times.

Last season, the Eagles won in US Bank Stadium, which has a fixed-roof, adding to the NFC’s dominance in domes.
Super Bowl 53 will be played under the retractable roof of Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta (not to be confused with the Superdome).

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