Two big differences between major league sports and minor league sports are the level of play and the promotions. While the Yankees may giveaway a bobble-head doll or team poster, people will come to the Bronx to watch the team whether they get something for free upon entrance or not. In the minor leagues, fans don’t know the players or franchises as intimately, and expect to be entertained between innings and be deluged with all sorts of outside-the-box reasons to attend a game. 5Dimes is a sportsbook that combines the major league quality of play and the minor league promotions. They offer a wide variety of betting options in an easy to understand and use site with opportunities beyond the norm.

While bankrolling an account at 5Dimes is easy, the credit card processor allows only initial deposits of between $50 and $500. You can add cash after 24 hours, and following three successful deposits the transaction maximum rises. Bitcoin is also available and has a low $25 minimum, as is P2P and Money Order. For larger transactions, 5Dimes will normally credit you for any fees associated with using a Money Order.

You can find better bonuses at other sites particularly for those depositing a lot of cash, but between a small boost up-front, consistently reduced juice on games everyday, and a few special promos, 5Dimes keep users engaged and excited to bet. They offer a 50% bonus with 10x rollover up to $400. In other words, deposit $400, and get an additional $200 to play around with. That $200 stays steady for all larger deposits. For deposits of $500 they’ll toss in an extra $20, while $1000 deposits gets an additional $120, and those willing to throw down $2000 get a $320 bonus reward to go along with the initial $200. The maximum sign-up bonus is $520 on a $2000 deposit, however, by percentages, your best bet is to start at the $400 level and then get 50% extra.

Where 5Dimes thrives is in the betting product. Between offerings on more games and sports than anybody, reduced juice available on a huge percentage of contests, lots of alternative lines, in-game betting variety at the standard -110 price (most online books have extra vig for in-game options), plus better parlay and teaser odds than almost all books. If it is day-to-day wagering you are most concerned about, 5Dimes is the Yankees. A star studded lineup each evening, even if the ticket cost, or bonuses, are not as good as some other alternatives.

Among the unique programs that 5Dimes offer are a variety of ways to use their rewards program. You can pick one that plays to your strengths and betting preferences. Their parlay rewards program reduces juice to -107, and ups your odds. For parlay players you win on both ends, it’s cheaper to bet with bigger payouts. 5Dimes also offers an opportunity to pay less for the right to move lines up or down by half-a-point or more, and they have a cash back option where you can salvage loses by getting refunded at various points during the year.

The site itself doesn’t look fancy, but it is an extremely easy to use, and their mobile betting is among the best in the business. The racebook is very good by sportsbook standards. They do cap your winnings, which is standard for sites that aren’t devoted to ponies only, but they have rebates of up to 9-percent or will pay out at track odds plus 10-percent for major tracks. Their casino is very large and offers live dealer play, along with slots, video poker, and mini games. Their live poker is standard and adequate.

There are a wide range of ways to get paid by 5Dimes with a once-a-month free payout. You can choose your mode and assuming you aren’t requesting payouts incredibly frequently, they will cover the charges. Bitcoin payouts are always free and easy. Whatever the method, payouts at 5Dimes are usually seamless and quick.

5Dimes is a player’s site. Between the offerings, juice, and easy-to-navigate site, it is a great user experience. Their rewards and bonuses are easy to take advantage of and can be unique, but are not among the best in the industry. 5Dimes is the Yankees. They can win with great offence or pitching, and while they occasionally offer enticements to go to their games, their product speaks for itself.