5Dimes Review

Banking 51%
Bonuses 51%
Sportsbook 61%
Customer Service 61%
Bonus: 50% up to $520
Terms & Conditions Apply
Betting site pros & cons Pros & Cons
  • Lower juice than competitors
  • Great promotions on a consistent basis
  • User-friendly site
  • Smaller deposit bonuses than other big sites
Banking highlights icon Banking
  • Deposit Bonus: 50% bonus up to $520
  • Payout Speed: Slower than average, except for Bitcoin
  • Minimum Deposit: $25
Sportsbook highlights icon Sportsbook
  • Easy-to-use navigation makes betting simple
  • Large selection of props and futures
  • A lot of options for big money bettors
Customer service highlights Customer Service
  • Specific phone lines cater to your needs
  • Support available 24/7
  • An easy-to-deal-with department

Overview of 5Dimes


Entering their third decade of service, 5Dimes still offers customers an awful lot. Whether you have a large bankroll or are just dabbling, this Costa Rican-based sports betting site is attractive for many reasons.

They book games that other sites don’t, have a wide range of ways to deposit, and they maintain reliable and fast payouts. You’re also able to choose the promotions you want, with selections ranging from conventional bonuses to reduced vigorish (juice).

Though the look of the 5Dimes desktop site may not be modern, their sportsbook is among the most thorough, most consistent, and safest in the industry. Read on to get the rest of the details on 5Dimes’ banking, bonuses, sportsbook, and customer service.

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Safe, secure and fast deposits
One of the strongest payout records around
Banking section icon

Deposit Options

Funding your 5Dimes account is pretty standard. Using a credit card, the minimum deposit is $50 and the maximum is $500. The site will refund most fees encountered, and don’t charge to use a card. Bitcoin is accepted and you can deposit as little as $25 and as much as $10,000. Person-to-Person (P2P) transfers and Money Orders work too, but both have fees. P2P fees are waived for transfers of $500 or more. However you choose to deposit, transactions are swift, safe, and stress-free.

Withdrawal Methods and Payout Times

5Dimes has one of the strongest payout records in the industry. Bitcoin withdrawals have no charge associated with them, but all other methods incur a fee. Cashier checks are issued for payouts from $1,000 to $7,500. Fees for checks range from $40 to $80 depending upon the size of the payout.

5Dimes has one of the strongest payout records in the industry.

Money Orders are delivered quickly, they incur an $80 charge, and are available for withdrawals between $1,000 to $9,500 (bank wires are the same, but take 4 to 6 business days). 5Dimes payouts are on time, and though the fees seem a little bit steep, knowing your cash is safe is worth a lot.

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Large variety of bonus options available
Opt in for a 50% free play up to $200
Bonuses section heading icon

5Dimes Promotions

Unlike most online sportsbooks, 5Dimes gives account holders options on which sign-up perks they want. They have one significant sign-up bonus and many outside-the-box promotions available.

Betting Streak Contest

5Dimes has a constant Betting Streak contest that’s free to enter regardless of your reward program. As long as your account has sportsbook activity within 24 hours of placing your first winning selection, you can win up to a $50 free play with five straight wins (plus $500 for 10 wins in a row). The person with the largest winning streak each month gets $1,000.

Reward Programs

While the bonus choices are juicy, you can’t double-dip. Customers get to pick one of the following rewards programs, except where noted.

If you don’t specify a different reward when signing up, your account will default to their Reduced Juice Rewards program.

The Reduced Juice Bonus Rewards

The default reward for signing up at the 5Dimes sportsbook is the Reduced Juice Rewards. Most days, nearly the entire betting menu is available with -105 pricing instead of -110 (that’s a 50% discount on normal takeout). While you can’t use these lines for parlays or anything all that exotic, spreads, moneylines, and totals are adjusted. These wagers are limited to $500.

50% New Player Sign-up Bonus

When joining 5Dimes, you can opt-in for a 50% free play (up to $200), with an extra 20% for larger deposits. This comes with a rolling 10x rollover requirement. Here’s how the bonus structure works:

Deposit Amount Bonus $ Bonus %
$100 (min) $50 50%
$200 $100 50%
$400 $200 50%
$600 $240 30%
$2,000 (max) $520 26%

The free play reward is credited incrementally. Once you wager 1x the deposit amount, 10% of the reward becomes available. When you have bet twice the deposit amount, another 10% is open for use. At the 10x mark, the full reward will be activated.

To get this bonus, you must deposit at least $100. Bonuses are applied to deposits up to $2,000, which is the maximum bonus amount of $520 you can get. The best amount to deposit is $400 to take advantage of maxing out the 50% bonus at $200. After that, the bonus percentage starts dropping.

3 Different 5Dimes Cash Back Bonuses

5Dimes offers three different cash back options, each calculated the same way.

  1. New deposits (minus redemption)
  2. Current and pending balances
  3. Accumulated winnings from previous periods

Each different type of cash back bonus is multiplied by the rebate percentage to determine your cash back award.

5Dimes also offers a 20% cash back reward on all overall losses if you redeem savings only twice a year: within two weeks of the first NFL pre-season game kickoff and Super Bowl. Get 15% back on all losses once per 30 days, or 10% each Tuesdays customers outside of the US only qualify for the 20% option.

The Point Mover Program

5Dimes has a Point Mover Reward Program designed especially for teaser players. As you would expect, whether it be a two-team or 15-team tease, you get improved odds.

The Super Saver Bonus Reward Program

There’s a 30% Super Saver Reward available—primarily for parlay players—that gets you -107 pricing on a large number of bets. Because this deal is available for parlay players, it may be better than the -105 that is restricted to straight play. The 30% discount is available on not only all game spreads, but also halves and quarters, and almost all football and basketball play.

The Super Saver Reward program makes a real difference in your parlay payouts.

The Super Saver Reward program makes a real difference in your parlay payouts. The normal odds for a three-team parlay are 6/1, and they become 6.24/1 with the Super Saver reward program. A five-team parlay normally pays out at 24.35/1, but with the reward program, you get paid out at 26/1 instead. On a 10-team parlay, you get 733/1 rather than 642/1.

Free Payout Bonus Reward

For those seeking assistance outside of bonuses and spread assistance, you can choose to get free payouts. Normally 5Dimes offers a free withdrawal every rolling 30 day period, with a fee of $40 incurred on any additional withdrawals within the 30-day timeframe. However, if you select the free payout option, you’ll be allowed to withdraw free of charge more than once in a rolling 30 day period.

See the full list of reward programs and promotions at 5Dimes here.

5Dimes' Sportsbook

A betting menu to top all others
Generous and easy-to-navigate
Sportsbook section heading icon

Nobody beats 5Dimes when it comes to their betting menu. Odds are generous and, while the site is a bit old school, it’s easy to navigate. There aren’t unbelievably fun or flashy elements to this sportsbook, but it packs a punch with offerings and value.

Line Selection

5Dimes can have well over 100 NCAA games on the board on any given Saturday, and they list over 40 countries from where they take soccer wagering. There’s also frequent wagering on politics and niche sports, as well as international versions of both. Want to bet on the next president of Mexico or Brazil? Snooker, competitive eating, and National Spelling Bee? 5Dimes will take that action.

When it comes to odds, you won’t find many sites that play it more straight than 5Dimes. They’ve got a lot of big money bettors, so shading lines usually only results in too much money being wagered on one side. This forces them to change numbers and subsequently exposes them to the possibility of middles. The site posts lines fast, adjusts as needed, and caters to a large swath of customers.

In terms of futures and props, 5Dimes has a very large selection. They utilize the popular and modern Player Props software that allows you to build bets in the same style as in fantasy sports.

At 5Dimes, sports betting can be done in a variety of ways, though you’ll find different prices. Odds for parlays and teasers are marginally better than most competitors. The way you choose your line is somewhat unique, too. Any sports betting odds offers a standard -110 price, with a scroll-down menu that allows you to buy or sell points. The same is often the case for totals and individual team points, which not all sites offer, but is standard at 5Dimes.

In terms of futures and props, 5Dimes has a very large selection. They utilize the popular and modern Player Props software that allows you to build bets in the same style as in fantasy sports. As such, choose an athlete and a stats category, and they’ll present you an over/under line for their individual achievements on a game. For futures, nearly every sport 5Dimes covers has an option to bet updated daily odds on who will win a league championship, and often have numbers for league MVP’s and other future props, too.

Betting Limits

Another reason to love 5Dimes is it caters to a large number of sports lovers. Bets begin at $0.50 and max out at $5,000. Smaller sports and props have lower limits, and in-play wagers can’t exceed $500.

Occasionally, while trying to bet on a game, you’ll receive a message that the line is “being evaluated”. It’s best to refresh your page until it appears.

Live Betting

There are multiple methods for in-play sports betting at 5Dimes. If you’re in the normal section of the sportsbook, the bottom of each sport category includes a box that says “Live In-Play” if there’s a game going on. The odds for the game going on will be visible and you’ll be able to place a bet with just a few clicks. These odds for live betting at 5Dimes tend to be updated at commercial breaks.

There are multiple methods for in-play betting at 5Dimes.

Live Betting Ultra is a separate section of the site and offers more ways to play. They have a large selection and offer straight bets, props, moneylines, handicaps, totals, and more. You can even parlay these bets, with odds updated constantly. A perk to Live Betting Ultra is the nearly 3% rebate for most sports (NFL odds are not included).

Lastly, there’s Live Betting Extra, which is the most accessible section of the 5Dimes mobile site. It has immediate updates, makes betting efficient, and gives users the option of cutting out betting slip confirmations so you get your bets down as the action moves.

Our experience is that 5Dimes does not penalize live betting with juice too harshly. Lines are normally the industry standard of -110, and sometimes -115.

Mobile Betting

At first glance, the online portal for the site (5Dimes.mobi) looks just like the desktop version, but it’s optimized for a smaller screen. It offers a wide array of betting options that are easy to locate, larger buttons to click on, and a drop-down menu to take you to other sections of the site outside the normal sportsbook. With two extensive live betting menus that work well on mobile devices, the site should have no problem satisfying your on-the-go needs.

Additional Offerings: 5Dimes Casino, Poker, & Racebook

5Dimes has several casinos which can be downloaded or played straight from the site. They offer a solid variety of games from RTF and BetSoft, including slots and games of skill. There’s also a lottery and bingo section.

5Dimes has a full assortment of extras for those who desire action beyond the sportsbook.

For the poker room, you’ll find more action on the weekends than weekdays. It’s a perfectly fine place to play if you can find competition, but to some degree, it feels like an afterthought to the sportsbook.

5Dimes has a full complement of extras for those who desire action beyond the sportsbook. Their racebook is among the best outside of sites dedicated strictly to the ponies. The site offers a full assortment of ways to bet, and with minimum wagers of a quarter, you can cover tons of exotic bets like the Pick-6 or superfecta. They also don’t have maximum odds for the largest tracks.

Customer Service

Premium customer service available
Whatever your needs are someone can help you
Customer service section heading icon

Whatever way you want assistance, 5Dimes offers it. They have more than just a general phone number; specific lines provide help, depending upon your need. Chat and email support are available 24/7.

Our experience with 5Dimes’ customer service is that they’re helpful and easy to deal with. That said, their massive section on rules and regulations can typically provide the information you need without having to speak to support staff.

Contact Information

Customer Service Languages: EN | ES
Support Hours:

The Bottom Line

5Dimes has a simple layout, but don’t let the simplicity fool you. Their straightforward approach to betting eliminates the distractions that so many other sportsbooks possess. They appeal to customers that want to bet on a very wide range of games, receive competitive odds on contests, and bettors want low minimums and high maximums.

With strong promotions and a three-decade history of secure and timely payouts, 5Dimes.eu is among the best online betting sites out there.

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