The 5Dimes bonuses and reward programs for new players can seem a little complicated, but they are worth it for players willing to figure out what suits their betting style best. 5Dimes is extremely specific on what bonus or promotion can be applied to your account based on your reward program. It is highly recommended to triple check the details of your program before wagering. Below you can find the active 5Dimes bonuses that can be used regardless of your reward program.

Active 5Dimes Promos

Bonus Type Bonus Details Bonus Code
Sportsbook Bonus Up to $5,000 in cash or various Free-Play amounts available for betting streaks No code required
Refer-a-Friend Get 20% bonus on your friend’s opening deposit No code required
Racebook Bonus Add an extra 10% on top of track odds No code required

To get any of the bonuses above, simply sign up at 5Dimes does not use bonus codes to redeem bonuses. Once you’ve signed up, reach out to the support team at 5Dimes to request their bonus within 24 hours of an accepted deposit. This can be done by phone, email, or live chat.

Sportsbook Bonus

5Dimes’ sportbook bonus is the “Betting Contest.” The Betting Contest awards prizes to players who have streaks of 5, 10, 15, and 25 consecutive winning picks; the prizes awarded for the streaks are $50 Free-Play, $500 Free-Play, $2,000 Free-Play, and $5,000 cash reward respectively.

What you’re trying to achieve is the streak itself, but also the highest scoring Betting Streak to win the Betting Streak Contest Monthly Prize which awards a $1,000 Free-Play credit. The only events that qualify for the Betting Contest are under “Today’s Pick.”


When you refer a friend to the 5Dimes site, and they make an account and an initial deposit, you can claim a 20% Free-Play referral reward based on their deposit amount. The referral reward maxes out at $200 and must be collected within 24 hours of your friend’s first deposit.

Racebook Bonus

The racebook bonus offers bettors track odds plus an additional 10% on top. There are two variations of the bonus, with the first allotting the extra 10% to winning, WIN, or Exotic tickets at major tracks only.

The second unlocks the 5Dimes Plus 10% Racebook. This racebook gives you the extra 10% on top of any winning WIN tickets at any track that is not deemed to be “major” by 5Dimes.

More 5Dimes Rewards and Promotions

In addition to 5Dimes’ bonuses listed above, are the rewards programs. 5Dimes’ reward programs can be difficult to understand due to the layout of the rewards and benefits page. Read and understand the rules of each reward program before changing yours, as you are only permitted to change your reward program once. Find the 10 rewards programs below in no particular order.

1. Reduced Juice Rewards

The Reduced Juice Rewards is the default reward program for new accounts.  For every $100 wager, sportsbooks will typically charge $110 to account for the juice, however, that is not the case with this program. The basis is that with each wager, you risk less to win more—effectively decreasing the juice or “vig” that you pay out to the 5Dimes.

2. Cash Back Rewards

There are two components to the Cash Back rewards program. First is the cash back rebate of either 5%, 10%, 15% or 20% on your losses depending on how often you request your cash back amount; the faster you want it, the smaller the amount.

Secondly is the extra 10% cash reward. Players who reload with a deposit between $50 and $1,000 within 24 hours of their most recent Cash Back Reward get an additional 10% cash reward. To get this reward, players have to contact 5Dimes customer service.

3. 30% Super Saver Reward

This reward program is similar to the Reduced Juice Rewards in that the juice is less than the industry standard of 10%. The 30% Super Saver Reward means that you save 30% of that juice, so you pay 7% juice rather than 10%.

Instead of betting $110 to win $100 on a -110 line, you would bet $107 to win $100.

4. Point Mover Reward Program

The Point Mover program allows players to move points of straight bets, parlays, and teasers to get lines at a better price. Specifically, players can get an extra half point on teasers and buy points to save with discounted odds on straight and parlay wagers.

5. Casino Rebate Rewards Program

The Casino Rebate Rewards Program has three options:

  1. Get a 21% rebate once ever 30 days on your overall casino losses.
  2. Get a 14% rebate on Wednesdays only on your overall casino losses.
  3. Get a 7% rebate on any other day other than Wednesday on your overall casino losses.

Contact 5Dimes customer service to calculate your Casino Rebate Reward.

6. On the House Reward Program

The On the House Reward Program simply removes the fees from your 8th and 9th deposits. However, you have to lose the full amount of your prior 7 deposits (no payouts permitted) in order to be eligible for the 8th deposit on the house. To be eligible for the 9th, you have to lose the full amount of your prior 8 deposits.

The maximum amount you can deposit, if you are eligible, is $5,000.

7. Free Payout Rewards Program

Free Payout is 5Dimes’ newest reward program. It allows players to withdraw winnings without paying any fees once every 30 days. The discount can save you up to $40 depending on your method of withdrawal.

8. Free-Play and Lotto Rewards

The breakdown of Free-Play and Lotto Rewards can get confusing because there are actually three different reward programs, instead of one. This is because each reward program within only dolls out free-plays or lotto rewards.

For each of the three types of reward programs, there are two types of rewards embedded within; one for new players and one for reloads.

A) Free-Play Reward Program

New Player: 50% Plus New Player Reward.

New players at 5Dimes who deposit anywhere from $100 to $400 are eligible for the 50% bonus on their first deposit. Players who deposit anywhere from $401 to $2,000 receive the same 50%, with an additional 20% bonus on top of it. For players who make the full $2,000 deposit, that would mean that a bonus of $520.

Reload: Sportsbook Free-Play Rewards.

Players using the New Player Reward Program who reload between $100 and $2,500 are eligible to 20% Free-Play Reward on the amount reloaded. There is a fixed Free-Play amount of $40 on reloads from $100 to $249.

B) Casino MatchPlay Reward Program

New Player: MatchPlay Casino 50% Reward.

The MatchPlay Casino 50% Reward is simply a 50% bonus for players that yields a maximum bonus of $125 for new players. The minimum deposit for this bonus is $50, making the range of bonus funds available from $25 to $125 depending on your deposit.

Reload: Casino MatchPlay Rewards.

When reloading your account to play at the 5Dimes casino, players can take advantage of a 33% bonus offer. This 5Dimes reload bonus is good on deposits between $100 and $333, which means that a bonus amount of $33.33 and $111 can be had. There is also a 5x wagering requirement to be satisfied for this bonus, with every dollar wagered going toward that requirement.

C) Lottery Reward Program

New Player: Lucky 7 Lottery Promotion.

The Lucky 7 Lottery earns you 77 $1 shots on Pick 3 and Pick 4 payouts, but only players that deposit $77 exactly by credit card or eWallet are eligible for this promotion.

Reload: Lotto Rewards.

Players who reload anywhere between $100 and $500 get a Free-Play Reward to be used in Lotto900 or Lotto9000. The reward amount is 5% of your reload deposit.

Additional 5Dimes Resources

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