Overview of BetNow’s Sportsbook

Though a relative baby in the sportsbook industry, BetNow has burst on the scene. Licensed in Curacao and launched in 2015, this online sports betting site has done a great job carving out a niche. How? By being unique.

Unlike many copycat sportsbooks, BetNow is comfortable with offering large limits, making their own lines, providing generous parlay and teaser odds, and operating an attractive site with seamless transactions.

Though they don’t have the track record that larger sites do, few complaints have cropped up about deposits or withdrawals. Plus, their betting and customer service experiences left us with a very positive impression.

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Sportsbook Bonuses and Promos

  • A variety of bonuses and promotions make BetNow attractive to those looking for options

Sign-Up Bonuses

The primary sign-up bonus featured at BetNow is a 100% match of up to $500 with 15x rollover. The minimum deposit for this offer is $50. They also offer a 50% match up to $1,000 with a lower 8x rollover. Depositing $1,000 (and starting your bankroll at $1,500) is significant, particularly because BetNow offers high limits.

If you prefer a smaller rollover, there’s a 25% bonus of up to $1,000 with 3x rollover. This offer also requires a $50 minimum deposit.

Additional BetNow Promotions

The Refer a Friend program at BetNow requires that your friend identifies you under the “how did you hear about us” field when they sign up. If you’re the reason someone joins, a 50% free play (of up to $250) with a 4x rollover can apply. In order to qualify, the account of the referring party must have a balance equal to – or greater than – the amount of the free play.

Many sites have frequent contests. And while BetNow doesn’t have a wide variety, it does have a half-million dollar bracket contest each year.

Those who dabble in the casino or racebook at BetNow can get a rebate on their losses. In the casino, there’s a 10% weekly rebate on net losses. They also offer 8% on net losses for the ponies. Though some restrictions apply on this offer (eg. harness racing isn’t included), the huge majority of bets apply.

Many sites have frequent contests. And while BetNow doesn’t have a wide variety, it does have a half-million dollar bracket contest each year. Of course, predicting the entire NCAA Tournament correctly is next-to-impossible, but they award prize money (including six-figure payouts), to whoever does the best in their contest. It’s free to enter, which makes for a nice perk.

Finally, when reloading your account, those who’ve deposited at least $500 will get a 10% bump as a part of the VIP Lifetime Client program. Those who have put in $2,000 or more will receive a 15% bonus. These percentages are good for all subsequent deposits, and come with a very reasonable 3x rollover.

Funding Your Account

If you’re a serious bettor, you’ll love the maximum deposit amounts at BetNow.eu. On the flip side, the number of ways to fund your account isn’t as wide-ranging as you may hope.

However you opt to begin, funds are available quickly, and your cash seems secure from everything we’ve seen.

Without question, Bitcoin is the most accommodating option. It’s fast, secure, and you can start with as little as $20 up to $40,000. Using a credit card at BetNow requires anything from $20-$2,000.

Western Union and MoneyGram are also available, but the starting amount is upped to $50, and the high end is capped at $1,000. Western Union and MoneyGram deposits that incur fees will be covered by the site if requested so long as the deposit is over $300.

However you opt to begin, funds are available quickly, and your cash seems secure from everything we’ve seen.

Withdrawals at BetNow

There are no fee-free withdrawals at BetNow. Most other sites at very least allow free payouts for cryptocurrencies, but here they charge 2% of the withdrawal amount. Interestingly, you can request a Bitcoin payout for as little as $5 and as much as $2,500.

Checks come with a maximum charge of $85. This maximum charge is only incurred if you are requesting the limit for checks, which is $3,000. The smallest check you can receive is $100, MoneyGram fees are capped at $35, and Western Union transfers cost $50. No method allows you to cash more than $1,000 at a time.

Though the site is young, payouts have not been a problem. Though they aren’t the fastest in the world, you’ll get your money somewhere between a couple days and a few weeks, depending on the method. Generally, they follow their own guidelines for payout fees and timelines, but as the site matures, we hope this becomes an area they choose to revisit (particularly the fees on Bitcoin payouts, and relatively small amounts you can cash out using anything other than Bitcoin or checks).

How Does BetNow’s Sportsbook Stack Up?

BetNow may not offer the largest menu, but what they have is extremely strong. The site is easy to navigate, online odds are solid, and limits are high. Those who want action on major sports will be very satisfied.

Line Selection

As fun as props and futures can be, the lifeline of sports betting consists of sides and totals for major sports. BetNow does a bang-up job with the most important parts of their site. Not only do they cover the biggest sports, but they also allow you to wager on them early for serious dough.

Interestingly, BetNow is unique in that it provides lines for minor league sports, which could be a market worth investigating.

Though BetNow doesn’t certain niche sports, they cover worldwide soccer and basketball extensively. The online sportsbook does a decent job with motor sports, but lack some of the exotic offerings of other sites.

Interestingly, BetNow is unique in that it provides lines for minor league sports, which could be a market worth investigating. For example, it’s highly possible that a bettor might know more about a Triple-A baseball team than a linemaker. With a common -115 price for this sort of event, it’s definitely not an unreasonable possibility.

Pricing at BetNow offers a standard -110 on just about all events, with increased juice for some exotics and live wagering. There’s a bit of an advantage for odds on parlays and teasers. The prices are a touch better than many other sites. Plus, if you play a lot of parlays, the extra few bucks you make on a win add up when you total your ROI at the end of any given Sunday, month, or year.

BetNow doesn’t have the extensive offerings for props and futures like bigger sites, but they do a nice job with individual game props. While their individual game prop selection is quite extensive, the exotic season long futures and special event offerings are lacking.

Betting Limits

The default minimum bet is a hefty $10. However, you can make a request to lower it to $5 or even lower.

Limits vary by sport and when a wager is made, but being able to get $10,000 on a side (and $5,000 on a total) during an NFL game day is excellent. You can bet $1,000 on NFL games Mondays, $3,000 Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, and $5,000 on Fridays and Saturdays. The college football limit is $5,000 on game days (the same as most hoops and baseball). Get four figures on things like the WNBA and CFL, too.

Oddly the default minimum bet is a hefty $10. However, you can make a request to lower it to $5 or even lower.

Live Sports Betting

In the very short time that BetNow has existed, the importance of live betting has grown exponentially. Before launching, their team recognized in-game wagering was going to be a big deal, and it doesn’t disappoint.

Virtually every event from major sports is available, plus a lot of secondary events (global soccer is huge). Totals and spreads, alternate lines, and three-way betting are available, and the -115 vig is par for the course here. The platform is straightforward, fast, and exactly what the modern, on-the-go fan needs.

Using Betnow on a Mobile Device

Like live betting, sportsbooks require strong mobile platform. In theory, we love what BetNow provides: Easy navigation, large buttons, and a self-explanatory interface.

In practice, however, we experienced more problems than we expected. It’s straightforward how to search for sports, but when prompted to view specific lines, the first request didn’t always work. Issues could always be resolved by logging out and back in again, but for a well set-up program, the glitches were surprising.

That said, aside from the once-in-a-while hiccup, it’s functional, fast, and modern mobile site.

Additional Offerings: Poker, Casino and Horse Racing

Unlike many other sites, BetNow gives their customers a full assortment of extras. While they house their own casino and racebook, the poker room is outsourced to PokerHost.com.

As you might expect, the racebook and casino look like BetNow products. We appreciate the live dealer games, the decent slot selection, and the fun escape of the casino.

The racebook offers a full slate of wagering. One could gripe about caps on winnings for exotic wagers, but they’re within reason and we appreciate that you can play $1 pick 6’s.

As for the poker room, it doesn’t really fit. As a customer, it’s nice to have access to play poker, and the number of tables and quality of poker at BetNow is acceptable. However, the poker experience still leaves you wanting more.

Our Customer Service Interactions

BetNow answers questions incredibly fast and helpfully, whether via chat, phone, or email. We ran into a couple of instances where the initial contact needed to check with a colleague to obtain the correct answer, but it never took long to resolve an inquiry. Getting the minimum bet reduced was easy, as was upping limits for in-game betting. It just required asking.

The Bottom Line

Who can argue with a good-looking site that runs smoothly and understands the modern player? If in-game and mobile wagering are important to you, BetNow has a terrific interface.

Most prospective customers are consumed with major sports, and if that’s your preference, the offerings are ample. Having large limits is a great perk too, and our expectation is that this solid, young site is only going to continue to get better with age.