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BookMaker Review

Banking 81%
Bonuses 87%
Sportsbook 91%
Customer Service 86%
Deposit Bonus: 50% up to $300 deposit
Terms & Conditions Apply
Betting site pros & cons Pros & Cons
  • Often the first book to open lines
  • Possibly the widest range of props and parlays in the industry
  • Other sites offer higher bonuses
Banking highlights icon Banking

  • Incredibly easy to deposit at, with quick transaction times
  • Minimal red tape when trying to withdraw
  • Accepts nearly 50 types of cryptocurrency

Sportsbook highlights icon Sportsbook

  • Large limits on high profile events
  • Rare college football and baseketball lines
  • Mobile betting sets bettor up for success

Customer service highlights Customer Service

  • Everything you need to know about this sportsbook is easy to find
  • Support is available in all major forms
  • Professional and straightforward to work with

Overview of BookMaker


BookMaker is not only one of the oldest and most reputable books in the industry, but it also offers a modern, smooth experience that most sites lack.

The sportsbook is streamlined, moves quickly, and offerings are mostly competitive and wide-ranging. If you appreciate a site that values being up-to-date and has an excellent payout record, BookMaker is likely an excellent choice for your wagering needs.

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No-hassle banking available
Deposits are incredibly straightforward
Banking section icon

Deposit Options

BookMaker is one of the easiest sportsbooks to deposit at. Transactions are processed quickly, and there are a variety of ways to fund your account.

Credit card deposits require an authorization form be completed. It’s pretty basic and doesn’t take long to fill out, though you must create an imprint of your card (instructions are provided).

Very simply, this is the easiest, most efficient, most straightforward system for depositing among sportsbooks.

BookMaker accepts nearly 50 different types of crypto-currency, and are constantly adding more.

We found that getting started with Bitcoin was incredibly easy. The site asks how much you want to deposit in USD, lists the various bonus options that you qualify for, and then gives you a wallet address to send your deposit to. Simply copy the address, go to your Bitcoin wallet to paste the address, indicate how much money it is for, and the money should be ready to use shortly as soon as the bonus had been credited correctly. In our experience, it was ready in 10 minutes.

Very simply, this is the easiest, most efficient, most straightforward system for depositing among sportsbooks. Getting off to a great start puts everyone in a good mood, and getting started at BookMaker couldn’t be easier.

Withdrawals & Payout Times

Like most sites, there’s some fine print to read when it comes to withdrawals at BookMaker. That said, the red tape is minimal, and they offer a multitude of options to get your money.

BookMaker only processes payout requests during weekdays up until 12pm EST. In fact, they’ve recently moved to Monday through Thursday for withdrawal requests (except for Bitcoin, which can be sent any weekday up until 7pm EST).

Our experience with BookMaker withdrawals has always been professional. The bottom line is they have been in business for over 30 years, their volume is huge, and they will treat you and your money with respect. By following their directions, they’ll live up to their promises. Yes, there are fees with most methods, but all of the information is available before signing up.


There is something for everyone
A variety of bonuses for every bettor
Bonuses section heading icon

BookMaker has a lot of options when it comes to bonuses. They’re really easy to choose from when you sign-up: Simply select the promo you want to claim.

The three sign-up bonuses are:

  1. A 25% bonus with 8x rollover for those who deposit using cryptocurrency. This offer has a $500 maximum bonus.
  2. A welcome bonus offer for 15% sportsbook bonus with 5x rollover up to $600.
  3. A welcome bonus catered towards high rollers. It’s a 15% bonus up to $2,500 with a 3x rollover. Activate the offer with the bonus code: JOIN15.

Additional Rewards and Benefits

BookMaker’s refer-a-friend promotion is a little light, with an offer of 10% of your friend’s initial deposit (up to $500) with 3x rollover. If you know someone planning to start an account at BookMaker already, great! However, most other sites offer significantly more than 10%.

A 25% reload bonus of up to $1,000 is available if you deposit using cryptocurrency. This comes with 8x rollover. We suspect that, if you deposit with a credit card or other means, you can contact customer support and get a similar deal.

Though no bonus at BookMaker will blow you away, you should be able to find something to your liking. It’s hard to get too angry over promotions that might be slightly less enticing than some other sites.

BookMaker's Sportsbook

Niche bettors will like what they see
Line updates are constant
Sportsbook section heading icon

There’s a lot to like about the sportsbook at BookMaker, although there isn’t one particular thing that sets it apart.

Overall, it is a solid, reliable, and good experience. The betting menu is large, both in terms of the number of events and options within each sport, limits are reasonable, the site is modern and easy to use. Unlike a lot of rivals, BookMaker does a great job outlining rules, regulations, and policies on the site so there is never a question of how they go about things.

Line Selection

Other sites offer alternative lines, but BookMaker displays them in a very appetizing way. BookMaker is a truly global site, and there’s rarely a game that they won’t book.

In terms of variety, BookMaker has an extensive selection. They have some off-the-radar college basketball and football games to wager on, their number of international soccer leagues are among the best in the industry, and they have futures up for rugby, cricket, and darts (in addition to prominent sports).

BookMaker is a truly global site, and there’s rarely a game that they won’t book. Lines are automatically updated every 60 seconds so there are no surprises or a need to reload frequently.

Betting Limits

Most bettors don’t care whether bets are limited at $1,000, $5,000 or $25,000. However, those with large bankrolls (or someone with a tip on an individual contest) may want to be able to go big when the opportunity presents itself. BookMaker limits change from sport-to-sport, but you can get $5,000 or more on almost all prominent events in major sports.

Larger limits are available in high profile events – even random tennis matches allow for bets up to $1,000. Niche options like snooker, international volleyball, and e-sports are limited to a few hundred dollars. The minimum bet at BookMaker is $1.

Live Betting

Many sites offer modern live betting, but frequently charge an extra nickel or dime for the opportunity to bet in-game. Though BookMaker has sometimes increased juice on their live betting, it’s almost always the standard -110.

They have an impressive selection of games available, with live events always available. Decent options—whether it be with a spread, moneyline, or halftime line—can be found in-game. The modified live wagering bet slip has options to accept price changes, activate quick bets (one-click wagering), and a max bet option which gives you the limit on whatever bet you select.

BookMaker’s live betting is wide-ranging and customizable in ways that most users get the experience they seek out.

Mobile Betting

Though it might not be the prettiest page, the straightforward nature of the BookMaker mobile site is awesome.

Logging in via a phone or tablet, your account number and available cash are displayed at the top. A long list of sports is displayed down the middle of the screen. Instead of guessing what you might want to wager on – or advertising a promotion you likely aren’t interested in – each sport is its listed with a sizable button. Looking for a more obscure sport? Simply scroll down.

Once your sport is selected, the games beginning soonest are displayed. Simply pick the game and bet you are looking for, click on the green bet slip on the bottom right-hand corner of the mobile device, enter the amount to risk or win, hit “place bet”, and a green confirmation screen appears. The BookMaker mobile site isn’t flashy: It’s functional, fast, and fun.

Secondary Offerings: Casino and Racebook

BookMaker does not have a poker room, and their casino is on the small side. That said, we appreciate that they have video table games can be played for as little as a quarter, and they load quickly. As you might expect, slots can be played for as little as a nickel, but whereas some sites have hundreds of machines, BookMaker only has a couple dozen.

As is, they’re still a solid site for a majority of fans who dabble in the horses, and their rebate policy may even attract those who bet seriously.

Attractions like baccarat, craps, roulette, and various poker games are available, but there’s no live dealer play, and no room to play against other BookMaker customers.

The racebook is a mixed bag. They’ve got wagering on lots of tracks, but no bets for less than a buck. BookMaker caps net profit per race, and the $1,000 figure for Quarter Horses is low. Most disappointing, they don’t offer Pick 5 or Pick 6 wagering. BookMaker uses racetrack rules for consolation payouts, with a huge positive caveat that most sportsbooks ignore: If you hit the rare exotic bet that nobody at the track wins, you’re awarded the total pool minus the takeout.

Overall, if BookMaker were to add Pick 5 and Pick 6 betting (and reduce the minimum bet to $.50), they’d be as good as a sportsbook gets. As is, they’re still a solid site for a majority of fans who dabble in the horses, and their rebate policy may even attract those who bet seriously.

Customer Service

An easy-to-navigate site
Straightforward, professional and courteous service
Customer service section heading icon

In an industry that frequently has ambiguous rules, requires lots of conversations, clarifications, and having your call elevated to a manager, BookMaker has all of their rules and policies laid out for anyone to examine. It’s rare to need to contact customer support. The house rules section is an easy read through, and site sections that interest you are easy to find, clear, and inclusive.

They have support available via phone, chat, or email, and we found service to be prompt. Our experience with BookMaker personnel was straightforward and businesslike, not kind and cuddly. BookMaker is a professional site and you will get professional customer service, too.

Contact Information

Customer Service Languages: EN | ES
Support Hours:
Mon-Sun: 24 hours

The Bottom Line

There’s so much to like about BookMaker. They have few negatives to speak of, act like responsible adults, offer a huge betting menu, and they offer many ways to deposit.

It’s possible that other sites are more exciting, or offer larger bonuses and promotions. It is unlikely, however, any other site is more professional, dependable, secure, or stable.

With 30+ years in business, BookMaker has an impressive track record and is in it for the long haul. Want peace of mind knowing your bankroll is safe? BookMaker is a great choice.

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