Bovada Review

Banking 96%
Bonuses 88%
Sportsbook 94%
Customer Service 96%
Bonus: 50% up to $250
Terms & Conditions Apply
Betting site pros & cons Pros & Cons
  • Great value on underdogs
  • Attainable bonus
  • Easy to use site with lots of extra features
  • Never the first site to post odds
Banking highlights icon Banking
  • Straightforward deposit options keep things simple
  • Reliability is a strong-suit
  • Easy to avoid fees
Sportsbook highlights icon Sportsbook
  • Extensive line selection
  • Very mobile-friendly for betting on the go
  • 50 cent minimums on some wagers
Customer service highlights Customer Service
  • Overall excellent, although at times inconsistent
  • In-depth FAQ section
  • Multiple languages available

Overview of Bovada

As the most popular online sports betting site for US bettors, Bovada does everything you expect and they do it very well. For anyone dipping their toe into the sportsbook world, Bovada is highly professional, easy to navigate, and has plenty of offerings to entice.

Though Bovada doesn’t cater to professional handicappers, the all-for-one site has everything most bettors need. With an impressive track record of having “never missed a payout”, they are one of the safest gambling sites online, and our highest-rated to date.

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Deposits and withdrawals are simple
Incredible track record for payouts
Banking section icon

Deposit Options

Though Bovada doesn’t offer many different ways to deposit money, things are very straightforward and easy. Both with credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Amex) and Bitcoin, they process transactions quickly with few requirements. A credit card fee of just under 6% feels unnecessary, but cash is ready to use almost immediately.

Bitcoin deposits may take hours or even days, but we were up and rolling within a few minutes. Not familiar with Bitcoins? Bovada does a fantastic job of giving you the basic information on the cryptocurrency, and pointing customers to a simple way to open an account, transfer cash, and get going.

Withdrawal Methods & Payout Times

Withdrawing funds via Bitcoin (BTC) is the quickest way to get at payout at Bovada.

Nothing is more important than reliability when you’re betting at a sportsbook, and Bovada has a tremendous track record for paying customers. Their near-perfect history is exactly what you want.

Bovada’s BTC process is pretty indicative of the vast majority of their transactions.

For payouts, choose from Bitcoin or a check by courier. Generally, this is an efficient, seamless system. It’s easy to avoid fees, though check delivery isn’t very fast. For a substantial fee, you might be able to arrange a faster delivery method, but most account holders are satisfied with this set-up.

Bovada’s BTC process is pretty indicative of the vast majority of their transactions.

Find the full review of payout times and processes here.


Fairly standard bonuses available
Strong advantages to financing with Bitcoin
Bonuses section heading icon

The standard sportsbook sign-up bonus at Bovada is a 50% bonus up to $250. Maximize the value of this offer by depositing $500 and getting $750 in your account. Rollover is one of the lowest from any sportsbook at 5x, and the rules specify this offer is only for recreational players.

You can increase the bonus match amount to $500 if you use Bitcoin as your deposit method.

This is the only sports-specific offer currently available, but there are limited time offers that vary throughout the year that off different incentives.

However, you can increase your welcome bonus amount to $500 if you use Bitcoin as your deposit method. A 50% match bonus (with 5x rollover up to $500) is available for sportsbook players who finance their account using Bitcoin for the first-time and use the Bovada promo code: BVSBITCOIN50.

There’s also a standard refer-a-friend promo where, for every friend you get to join Bovada via email or social media, you can earn up to $100 with 5x rollover.

See the complete list of bonus codes and promotions at Bovada here. 

Bovada's Sportsbook

A leading sportsbook for a reason
Excellent betting experience overall
Sportsbook section heading icon

Bovada has experienced long-term success, and part of the formula is simplicity. They aren’t among the first books to post lines, their juice isn’t the lowest in the industry (particularly on in-game wagering), but in the end, these aren’t huge considerations for the majority of bettors.

Where Bovada excels is in creating a betting experience that is seamless and uncomplicated for any bettor, regardless of their skill level or experience. When it comes to creating an easy-to-use, efficient, and intuitive sportsbook experience, few in the industry can rival Bovada.

Line Selection

Because Bovada caters to the average bettor, lines tend to be shaded so it’s more difficult to get betting value on popular teams. It’s hard to get the dream line on the Cowboys or Steelers, but if you like the Titans, you may see an extra half point from time-to-time.

Bovada’s lines are up in plenty of time to get action down on games.

Bovada uses dual lines, and while this isn’t a problem for recreational players, serious sharps will begrudge that not everyone gets the same line on each game. Seasons vets and those who use analytics will likely see -7 and -3 on marquee games, while the public (who just wants to get a few bucks down), might have to lay 7.5 or 3.5 if their team is really popular. If you’re just playing for fun, this has minor meaning.

Bovada doesn’t post lines early and wait until lines are established elsewhere, but they are up in plenty of time to get action down on games.

In terms of offerings, Bovada looks like most modern books. In addition to the major sports, they offer bets on a wide range of events including darts, rugby, eSports, and cycling. They have lines on secondary leagues for major sports, and props on world events and politics.

Bovada has made improvements on the number of ways you can bet. In addition to the standard wagers, there are alternate lines on most games, props, as well as a modern live betting platform. Virtually every big sporting event, and plenty of smaller ones, are available for in-play wagering. Though the juice is a little high on live betting, the variety of games and bets within those contests is tremendous.

Betting Limits

Minimum wager amounts and limits vary by the type of bet and sport. You can bet as little as $0.50 on some wagers despite Bovada stating that $1 is the minimum. The stated maximums are lower than other sportsbooks, though we suspect these can be negotiated for high-rollers.

The highest maximum wagers Bovada allows is on football betting, with a maximum limit of $5,000, and the upper limit on moneylines and totals bets set at $2,500.

Other leagues in Bovada’s sportsbook have much lower limits.

Mobile Betting

Games load quickly, and assuming you have a decent wireless or wifi connection, the speed of the site is not a concern.

We experienced few problems on the Bovada mobile site. In fact, parts of the site (particularly the poker room) actually seemed easier to use on a mobile device, since no download was required. Games load quickly and assuming you have any sort of decent wireless of wifi connection, the speed of the site is not a concern.

One general issue with Bovada is the need to scroll to find the event you want to bet on. If you are looking through a college basketball slate with 50 games or more, you’ll have to continually scroll. Games are organized by tipoff time which isn’t a problem, but things would be easier if there was some sort of search mechanism to get to the contest you want or if the entire menu downloaded as opposed to loading only the first page.

Additional Offerings: Bovada Poker, Casino, & Racebook

Bovada hosts one of the highest trafficked poker rooms for US players

Bovada has always had very good poker play, a lot of action, tons of variety, and an excellent platform. That remains the case today. Because they have the highest trafficked online poker room for U.S. players, the options are always plentiful, and anonymous tables make those offerings fair for all.

The casino is excellent, too. New easy-to-use games are updated and added frequently with high quality graphics.

If you are looking to bet $2 or $5 or $10 to win on a race, the Bovada racebook does the trick.

Bovada’s racebook doesn’t allow for certain exotic wagers, the minimum bet on wagers at times is higher than at the track, and they cap winnings on certain high risk/high reward bets. Further, their policy is to pay out racetrack consolation amounts if you hit an exotic that nobody has won at the track (as opposed to the industry standard of awarding the entire pool minus the takeout).

Those who bet on sports and play poker should have no problems, and folks dabbling in the casino and racebook will be satisfied, too.

Customer Service

Comprehensive FAQs boost customer service experience
Calling directly still your best bet
Customer service section heading icon

Our interactions with Bovada customer service over the years have been very good. They have a very helpful and in-depth FAQs section, offer assistance via email, chat, and phone, and seem to be able to correspond in various languages. That said, the first person you talk, chat, or email with is likely unable to offer anything beyond the published promotions.

Chat support usually gets to you fairly quickly, but once you get someone via chat support, they’re not very quick to respond.

If you have something beyond a general question, calling is your best option. Our advice? Don’t be afraid to ask for a manager. Once in the hands of someone higher on the food chain, your concerns are addressed much more efficiently and satisfactory.

Contact Information

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The Bottom Line

We’ve been using and reviewing Bovada since 2011, and our experience has continued to improve with each interaction. At one point, this site was a place for amateurs to throw a couple of bucks around for entertainment, but it’s become a powerhouse as one of the best online sports betting sites out there.

If you want poker as a part of your sportsbook experience, Bovada is the best place to go. If you’re looking for strictly a sportsbook with an easy interface, trustworthy operator, and excellent mobile platform, Bovada is a great choice. It’s an excellent choice for everyone except the most serious, niche bettors.

The bottom line is Bovada is straightforward, easy-to-navigate, and extremely dependable. There’s a reason why it is our best-reviewed sportsbook to date!

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