Have you ever been in a relationship where every moment puts you on edge? It is great for awhile, but at some point you are flirting with danger. Bovada is the opposite of that. It isn’t the sexiest site in the world, but they are established, consistent, reliable, and solid. Nobody gushes over having the best third starter in baseball, right up until you need that six innings of two run ball in the playoffs. There is something to be said for doing things well all the time.

Promotions at Bovada are subject to change but very much satisfy industry norms. Like your solid number three man in the rotation, they can throw three pitches for strikes. Right now they are offering a 50% bonus up to $250 with 5x rollover. They have a refer-a-friend bonus up to $100, and frequently offer various free plays and promos to loyal account holders. There are further incentives for those who deposit using bitcoins.

Getting started at Bovada is simple and easy. While second deposits using credit cards incur a fee, the first one is free using Visa or MasterCard. Bitcoins have become standard operating procedure for sportsbooks over the past few years and are a very easy way to quickly get started. Bovada was a pioneer in accepting Bitcoin and excels in this area.

What makes Bovada a great site to play on for the majority of bettors is they cater to the masses. If you look at the pitcher and ask how he grips the circle changeup you are not in the vast majority. Professional gamblers are not going to appreciate relatively speaking low limits, lines that aren’t the first on the web, and a wagering menu geared towards major mainstream sports. That said, for an enormous group of people, the site is easy to navigate, they cover all the big games and many more, the odds are competitive, and whatever way you like to play, straight bets, parlays, teasers, etc., they have you covered.

Because the average account holder at Bovada is not a pro, there is great value on underdogs. The linemakers know that their audience wants to play public teams (Cowboys, Yankees, Lakers), and squads that are “hot.” Often times there is an extreme advantage to using your Bovada account to bet dogs. Getting an extra half a point on a game seems small, but over the course of the year, get that extra half a point enough and it will translate to wins. There are an awful lot of games that four points would be a push but three and a hook is a loser, or getting seven and a half turns you into a winner. Whether you prefer to get points or play dogs on the moneyline, this is a great site to take advantage when you have an angle on somebody that the public perceives as weak.

In recent years one of the tremendous additions to Bovada has been their live betting platform. It is functional, and now offers a very large selection of games. While the juice is a tad high, it fits very competitively with industry standards, and the selection is tremendous. There are days where Bovada has hundreds of live betting options, and for strategic players, that is an amazing opportunity to pounce on good opportunities.
Sometimes a good starter needs to reach back for a little extra late in a start. Bovada’s casino and racebook are that little bit of extra incentive if you want some variety. Both are several steps better than most sportsbooks. They use top notch software, have a solid selection of games available, and offer live dealer versions of blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and casino hold’em in the casino. For the ponies, the number of tracks available is great, and while winnings on exotic wagers are capped, for the bigger tracks, the limit is significantly higher than many sites.

Like your really good middle of the rotation starter, by and large Bovada has no issue with payouts. They are a large and reputable company that has been around a long time. Of course, if you want to find upset customers, look closely enough, and they will emerge, but that is the huge minority of transactions. That said, they offer checks that sometimes take a little while to arrive, money transfers are reliable too, but also sometimes are slightly delayed, bitcoins seem to work efficiently. You get a free withdrawal each month, and that is pretty fair.

Because Bovada caters to the average player, they recognize the need for good customer service. It is available and simple to access them via phone or on-site messaging (like email). They understand it is a competitive business and there are alternatives. I have never had an issue with customer service and occasionally have been offered perks for calling and being calm as opposed to angry when chatting.
Sometimes there is no price for consistency. You can’t afford the man on the mound to be great most of the time but get roughed up now and again, leaving you to wonder what will happen when the bright lights are on during the biggest game. Bovada is very good at what they do whether it be a Tuesday in April or Super Bowl Sunday. They are a safe and fun place to play for a huge majority of bettors.