The sportsbook business tends to be a lot of copycats. If something works at one site, others adopt it. Though there are differences from book to book, most work similarly.

GTbets is the exception to the rule. Their promotions are innovative, their depositing methods vary, and they possess huge positives along with a few negatives. In the end, it is the perfect place to bet for some players, and one to pass on for others. It all depends on your betting style and preferences.

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GTbets shines with its excellent promos. On a lot of betting sites, you only qualify for certain promotions if you deposit via a particular method. Others offer excellent sign-up enticements but not much once you are a customer. GTBets gives you a good reason to get started and several worthwhile perks after you do.

Their cash bonus of up to $500 at 100% of your deposit with 5x rollover is excellent. (The minimum deposit is $35.) This cash bonus allows you to keep both the wager and win amount, unlike Free Play bonuses, which only let you keep the winnings. It’s not a perfect bonus: moneyline plays at lower than -300 odds do not count towards the rollover and it’s not available for those who deposit using Skrill or Neteller, though a 50% bonus is available for those customers.

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It is our experience, and this is pretty rare in the industry, that account holders can reload and take advantage of the same excellent 100% deposit bonus. In order to qualify, users must have less than 25% of their most recent deposit amounts in their accounts, and the last transaction cannot be a withdrawal.

If you are unhappy with their offerings, reach out to customer service. They clearly value customers and getting a bonus that you are happy with is pretty easy to achieve.

Favorite Team Promotion

Though their “favorite team” promotion has changed for the worse over the years, it is still enticing. These days, you can choose two favorite teams in the NBA, NFL, college basketball, and college football, and get an extra half-point break on their spreads.
Example: If you pick the New York Giants as one of your favorite teams and their spread is +3, you get them at +3.5. If you pick the Knicks and bet them at -2, the spread coverts to -1.5.
Once upon a time, you could get a point or even two, but when the spread falls on a key number, a half-point is still huge. This promotion comes with a bit of red tape, but all of it is reasonable: maximum bets are a little lower ($3,000 for college football and $5,000 for the NFL); it only applies to regular-season games, and it is only in effect on straight wagers and sides.

Additional Bonuses

As mentioned previously, GTbets offers a range of excellent bonuses beyond sign-up bonuses. The lifetime bonus value you get from signing up at GTbets is tremendous.

Refer-A-Friend Bonus

Like most sites, GTbets has a Refer-A-Friend program, though they have more provisions involved than others. They offer 50% of your friend’s deposit with a maximum of $400. The rollover is a rather hefty 5x points multiplied by the bonus amount. Only accounts that have deposited within the last three months qualify. Referrals from the same household are not eligible. Furthermore, “winning accounts may be refused referral bonuses,” according to GTbets’ website.

Rebate Bonus

Their racebook cash rebate of 15% and casino reimbursement of 10% are juicy but also come with a lot of fine print that is necessary to know. If you like betting on horses, a 15% net monthly rebate is substantial. It gets credited on the first of the month. Futures, props, matchups and fixed odds do not count, and that makes sense since those are more like normal sportsbook wagers. However, accounts that are winning over the last 30 days, or lifetime, and those who have requested a withdrawal during the past month are ineligible.

The same red tape is in effect for the casino rebate. After subtracting casino losses, bonuses, rewards, and rebates from casino wins, you get 10% back. However, winning accounts and those with recent withdrawals are not eligible.

Game Time Rewards Program

Finally, GTbets has a Game Time Rewards program in place. Your account needs to be validated as soon as you sign up so that you start earning points on each bet you make. The program itself is pretty typical: the more you play, the better your chances of winning cash back or prizes. For a $10 wager, you usually get around 16 points for betting on sports, 32 for horses, and varying amounts for different types of casino play. In the end, unless you’re frequently wagering, or your per-game bet is huge, the percentage of these rewards is low, so low that it is a negligible consideration when deciding whether GTbets is the right site for you. (You get about $1 back for each 1,000 points earned.)

Bonus Promotions Delivered by E-mail

If you decide to open an account at GTbets, you should opt into their weekly emails. When you log into your account, go to “preferences,” and click on “receive promotional emails.” Click on “yes” to receive the emails, and then hit “update” at the bottom. The emails detail new, significant enticements each week, including point discounts, reduced juice, free bets, juicy reloads, and more.

Sportsbook Experience

For the average bettor, GTbets is going to check all the boxes. You can wager on all of the major sporting events and host of more minor ones; the website is easy to use, and there are one or two pleasant surprises along the way. That said, their limits are not very high; their lines are not among the first posted, and the “extras” are lacking. But still, casual bettors who open accounts at sportsbooks to bet a few bucks on high-profile events will have a seamless and fun experience.

The process of placing a wager at GTbets is straightforward. You click on the sport you want to bet on, then scroll down to the game you are looking for and click on the side, total, or moneyline you want. It gets highlighted in orange and appears in the bet slip to the right of the screen. If you choose multiple events, you will then see options for “parlay & robin,” “teaser,” and “if bet.” From there, you can toggle from the type of bets you want to consider.

After you add a bet to your slip, you will have the opportunity to buy points and enter either how much you want to risk or win (the other side is automatically calculated). Once you have crafted your bet, hit review bet, and a pop-up will appear in the middle of the screen. After you make sure that it is correct, you either hit “cancel” to pass on the wager or “submit bet” to make the play. By hitting “submit,” a new pop-up will appear stating that the bet has been successfully placed. At that point, you can close the window and continue looking around the site.

The “keep picks” button on the bet slip is a helpful tool. If you are planning to make multiple plays and the games within those parlays or teasers are going to overlap, having them already queued saves time. That’s in keeping with the general nature of GTbets, which has a strong infrastructure with various tabs and buttons so that you can get from one part of the site to another quickly and make wagers efficiently.

Betting Limits and Maximums

Minimum wagers are $1. Maximums are pretty low, particularly for secondary and tertiary events. You can request higher limits and they are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. That said, if you are a professional or running a hot hand, don’t expect a ton of wiggle room.


In addition to the events indicated in the chart, GTbets does a nice job of having international sports available. They take action on basketball, soccer, rugby, hockey, and e-sports from around the globe. While that is pretty much the norm in modern sportsbooks, GTbets has fantasy football wagering that is pretty unique. Many people enjoy their fantasy team, but sometimes it isn’t enough to beat your buddy. On any given week, you can wager on whether Antonio Brown or Brandin Cooks will score more fantasy points, or if Tom Brady can outscore Drew Brees. The juice on these bets, as is sometimes the case on more exotic props, is -120 rather than -110.

If you are not concerned about how quickly lines get posted, then it won’t bother you that GTbets is among the slowest sites. Those who bet NFL games on Saturday or Sunday have nothing to worry about. However, they do not have the following week’s lines up on Sunday evening, and teams that are involved in Sunday night or Monday night games seem to have a full 24 hours of extra delay before getting their next spread. This is important for those who are trying to get the best side of a line right when it goes up, or parlay an early-week basketball number with a Sunday NFL spread. But for most bettors, it is an unimportant detail.

Line Value

Point spreads at GTbets tend to be slightly shaded towards the public. This is a two-way street. They understand that the majority of their customers are not professionals, and the public likes to bet on star players and marquee teams. You may pay a small extra price, whether it be on the spread or juice, to bet on the Patriots, but can get a little benefit if backing the likes of the Titans. Generally, GTbets will adjust up to -120/+120 before shifting their spreads.

As you would expect with any competent sportsbook, bets are settled promptly after games/events end. Though this is expected these days, it is essential as it allows you to turn around and bet on other events quickly.

Live Betting

GTbets is particularly well laid out for live betting, both on a laptop or mobile device. The first lines that pop up are the games that are ongoing or about to start. This is very efficient for someone trying to get action down in a hurry. The in-play betting menu is extensive but inconsistent. A ton of college basketball is available in live betting, and the NFL is covered completely. However, NHL and NBA games are hit and miss, and soccer is mostly limited to the marquee matches. Strangely, the juice on live wagering is not always the same. It is not ridiculous to pay -120 for the option to bet live, but other times it is more like -125, which starts to get expensive and makes it more difficult to achieve a positive ROI. In-game wagering at GTbets looks almost identical to their standard platform, and it is simple to understand and use.

Secondary Offerings: Casino, and Racebook

Though a casino and racebook exist at GTbets, they are not the sites’ priorities, and they do not have a poker room. It is nice that they have some casino and horse options for those looking to dabble, but that is what they are best used for, a short escape or an occasional race you have a tip on.

The casino is acceptable for an occasional foray into slots or video poker, but it pales in comparison to options elsewhere, and some games require a download. The loading time wasn’t painfully long, but it wasn’t instant either. They have no live dealer games, and very limited tournament play. Daily free rolls are available.

For horse lovers, the 15% rebate is enticing, but several restrictions make GTbets a difficult site for those looking to get regular action down. Even at the largest tracks, you cannot bet more than $500 on any individual play, and exotic wagers have even smaller maximums; they also cap the potential payouts on the most lucrative exotic bets and do not offer Pick 5 or Pick 6 wagering. To the sites’ credit, they will pay out full pools on Pick 4 winners minus the takeout when nobody has the correct combination on track; but that is extremely rare, and if you were to win a bet like that, their winning cap might take effect. Furthermore, they do not allow any fifty-cent super-exotic wagers.

Mobile Betting Experience

The GTbets mobile platform is excellent. Upon logging in, your balance is located in the upper left-hand corner, and large icons in the middle of the screen can get you to sports, casino, horses, cashier, rewards, or account information quickly. If you click on sports, a pull-down menu appears with choices for live scheduled games, 60-minute wagering (i.e. contests starting soon), and all the major sports.

Once in any of the sports, the setup is the same as on your home computer. The buttons are large enough to press without touching the wrong side, and the setup as a whole is well thought out. Just like on the normal site, GTbets does a great job of allowing customers to navigate their site easily. They may have the smoothest and easiest to use mobile platform, and though the live betting options are more inconsistent than we’d like, that is an easy fix. For those on the run, the mobile experience at GTBets is a huge plus.

Banking – Deposits

Unlike a lot of betting sites, GTbets does not assess extra fees for using a credit card to deposit, and they have no bonuses specific to any particular funding option. The typical minimum deposit is $35, with maximums varying depending on deposit method.

Their processing method for Bitcoin transactions varies significantly from other sites that we have used. It is not an entirely automated system. If you click on “Deposit Now” under the Bitcoin option, you are transferred to a chat window where a customer support representative asks for your account ID and the amount you want to deposit. They give you a Bitcoin address, and then you must login to your Bitcoin wallet, enter the address, and send the funds. GTBets suggests paying the recommended miners’ fee to Bitcoin, particularly if you are making your transaction outside of regular business hours, and that is good advice if you want the transaction to go quickly. It costs an extra couple of percent per deposit for the priority transaction, but processing fees are typically low on Bitcoin transfers.

Once the transaction has been made, it takes about 10 minutes before the funds are available to use. The bonus did not pop up immediately in our test-run. We were prompted by customer service to log out and log back in. When we did so, three different bonus offers popped up: 100%, 75% or 50% bonus options with varying rollover requirements. Once we chose an offer, the new balance was immediately active.

Banking – Withdrawals

Though we sincerely appreciate that GTbets offers free Bitcoin withdrawals, and the site is reliable with its payouts, the process does take some doing. That said, none of the steps in the process are difficult, it’s just that there are quite a few of them.

The payout department is only open from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm EST, Monday to Friday, and if you want a payout the day you make your request, all the information must be submitted by noon. They require documentation to get cash, including the front and back of any credit card used, a valid government ID, a signed authorization form, and a copy of a recent utility bill. Direct Cash, Quick Cash, Bitcoin and Back2Card are not available for the first two withdrawals unless specially approved by management.

Customer Service

In this day and age, it is really inexcusable that customer service is not available 24/7. The reps at GTbets are perfectly lovely to talk or chat with, but why the live chat does not operate from 4:00 to 10:00 am is puzzling. Like most sites, if you have questions, it’s best to call. The email support is standard and workable. But calling to get quick answers is the way to go.

Though chat responses are professional, they not overly fast. GTbets’ customer service will help you get the information you want, but sometimes it takes asking the same question multiple times or being very specific in your question to get them off script.

Though their chat function indicates you can email yourself a transcript of the discussion, several attempts at doing so failed for us.

Is GTbets A Good Sportsbook For You?

GTbets acts differently than a lot of sites, and that has both positives and negatives. Not paying a penalty for deciding to deposit using a credit card is really nice. Getting extra half points on favorite teams is a serious perk. Significant cash back for casino and racebook losses is legit. The mobile site is top notch.

That said, why aren’t there more NBA games available in live wagering? Where’s the poker room? No Pick 6’s for horse racing bettors? Low maximum wagers and tardy lines are also issues for some bettors. But are you one of them?

All in all, if you want a reputable and professional sportsbook and none of our niche critiques apply to you, your experience at GTbets will be positive. If you are a pro, and care about the details noted, you may be happier elsewhere.