How do you choose what car to buy? Are you looking for great horse power and acceleration, or the best bargain? Don’t get me wrong, there is a great feeling when you get a deal. However, the feeling of a car than can do zero to sixty in two seconds is different than using a high value coupon. Pinnacle Sportsbook is the Ferrari of the sports betting industry. You’re going to pay full price and you’re going to be satisfied and electrified.

Pinnacle does not offer any sort of incentives. No sign-up bonuses, no promotions. Their product stands for itself. If you are looking for get rich quick ideas, turn to a different site. However, they provide value with every wager you make, and a long-term savings even over sites that offer 50 or 100-percent one-time bonuses.

Starting an account at Pinnacle is pretty easy. Chose what currency you prefer, and select from a large array of options including credit cards, debit cards, transfers, and wires. Minimum deposits start at $10 or $15 and because this is a book that has a lot of professional players, the maximums are high. Signing up is straight forward and you can be wagering in minutes. New Customers Only. 18+. T&Cs Apply.

The reason to bet at Pinnacle is very straightforward. They have the highest limits, the greatest selection, and the best odds. For serious players, those are three areas you look for, and they are at the top of the industry in each of them. This offsets the lack of promotions particularly for professionals who are shunned at other sites and frequently dismissed after a few big wins. On the World Cup, Pinnacle accepted bets up to $1 million. They accept bets up to $30,000 on top soccer leagues, and $10,000 on the NFL. For the little guys, you can play for a minimum of $1. If you are an arbitrage player, shopping for odds at various books and taking advantage of variation in the market, while dismissed elsewhere, Pinnacle welcome’s you. When it comes to the betting menu, while in-game wagering tends to focus on basketball, baseball, and soccer, the variety of match odds, props and futures is staggering. In addition to the mainstream sports you would expect, they are the industry leader on eSports, treating them on the same playing field as soccer or hoops, with a wide spectrum of handicaps, money lines, and games. Finally, any site that reduces vig is serious, and when you do it on a huge percentage of your action, that is a major statement. Expect -105 and -106 more frequently than -110 or the ghastly -115 or -120 seen with some frequency elsewhere. Save with every pick you make on the takeout. That is really the best long-term promo you can possibly hope for.

Nice cars have not only horse power, but other amenities like leather seats, power steering, and a sporty sun roof. While Pinnacle is known for excellent lines and limits, they also offer an easy to use live wagering platform, a very nice mobile product that is simple to navigate, and quality articles about betting. It is refreshing when a site publishes articles that are meant to inform bettors and bring up interesting angles as opposed to just fluff. Pinnacle makes their money on volume, and therefore whether people are betting the sharp side or not, they try to provide information that allows account holders to learn and bet intelligently in whatever way they prefer.

While Pinnacle discontinued their racebook a few years ago, by focusing on sports they have expanded their menu on niche events particularly with the emphasis on eSports. They have a casino with standard offerings and live dealer play available on the most popular card games. While the casino does set itself apart like the sportsbook does from competitors, it is serviceable, fun, and a nice option for people looking to get away from sports for a few minutes

With same day payouts offered using a variety of different methods, Pinnacle is very reliable when it comes to getting customers cash. Depending upon the currency you bet with, most withdrawals have a small fee, but it can be as little as $10. Maximum payouts are larger than many sites, and Pinnacle is very reliable and safe when it comes to money transfers.

Unlike most all sites, there is no live chat support at Pinnacle and minimal phone support, with a preference for email support. On one hand, this seems like a negative, but on the other hand, if your car never breaks, you rarely need to take it into the shop. They respond promptly to inquiries, and most questions can be answered with a laundry list of information that is available on the site.

Buying a Ferrari is expensive. However, there is a different feel when you are in a luxury automobile. People look at you in a different light when you drive a Ferrari. You come to expect a higher quality of ride when you are moving in style. While it is high rollers who benefit most from Pinnacle, anybody can appreciate lower juice and sharp lines. There is no issue with driving a Kia, and the incentives to do so are great, but in the end, if you can go in style, why not?