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Mangold Bets a Pleaser in Week 9 of Sports Betting Journey

Nick Mangold SBD's Ambassador
Nick Mangold did well in his first crack at a teaser last week, and learns what a pleaser is this week.
  • Nick Mangold learned what a teaser was in Week 8, nailing his first attempt, and now learns what a pleaser is
  • The seven-time Pro Bowl center is 4-4 on his weekly bet (+0.71 units) and 10-6 on his props (+2.90 units); he’s 14-10 overall (+3.61 units)
  • Get a quick rundown on what a pleaser is and see which teams Mangold is including in his Week 9 pleaser

My first crack at betting a teaser went well in Week 8. The 2.6 units I won serves as my biggest victory of the season so far. Week 9 brings on more learning.

This week I’ve learned what a pleaser is. To keep it simple, it’s just the exact opposite of the teaser from last week.

This type of bet involves you parlaying either spread or totals bets, and then selling points to the sportsbook. So if I want to bet …

  • Team X who’s getting 3 points
  • Team Y who is favored by 3 points
  • and then Team Z who was favored by 7 points

… but I thought these spreads were way off, I could sell a set amount of points on each spread.

For example, if I chose a 6-point pleaser, then I’d be laying 3 points (+3-6=-3), 9 points (-3-6=-9), and 13 points (-7-6=-13) on my three examples from above. In pleasing your spreads, you of course get much better odds.

Mangold’s Week 9 Picks

My sports betting tutor, Matt McEwan, tells me people most often bet pleasers when they like a 3-point underdog, since the spread is basically saying the game can go either way. So flipping from getting 3 points to laying 3 points isn’t a huge difference.

But I’ve got a couple spreads in Week 9 that I don’t think line up with what the result will be.

Teaser Picks & Odds

Matchup Pleaser Pick
New York Jets (-3) vs Miami Dolphins NYJ -9
Indianapolis Colts vs Pittsburgh Steelers (Pick) PIT -6
6-POINT PLEASER NYJ -9 & PIT -6 (+600)

All odds taken November 3

My New York Jets are coming off back-to-back losses entering Week 9. But after a week full of trade rumors that resulted in only Leonard Williams being moved, you’re going to have a lot of guys playing with a chip on their shoulder.

You also don’t want to be that team who gives the Dolphins their first win. Jets win this one by double digits.

I also like the Steelers at home in Week 9. Mason Rudolph got off to a terrible start against the Dolphins last week, but settled in nicely in the second half. Even without James Conner, Pittsburgh’s running game will still move the ball against the Colts and their defense will frustrate Jacoby Brissett.

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