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Odds on Color of Gatorade Dumped on 2022 Super Bowl’s Winning Coach – Clear Takes Over as Favorite

Bryan Thiel

by Bryan Thiel in NFL Football

Feb 11, 2022 · 11:13 AM PST

Sideline Gatorade cooler, Cardinals vs Lions
Gatorade bottles on the sideline during an NFL football game between the Arizona Cardinals and Detroit Lions, Sunday, Dec. 19, 2021, in Detroit. (AP Photo/Rick Osentoski)
  • The Super Bowl 56 Gatorade odds have been updated ahead of Sunday
  • After opening in a tie for third at +450, clear is now the favorite at +250
  • See the rest of the updated Super Bowl Gatorade Color odds and whether the movement could provide any value

With just two sleeps until Super Bowl 56, we’ve got a little drama. And it has nothing to do with any of the players or actual Super Bowl game props.

In years past there have been stories about retirements, injuries and NFL investigations that dominated the headlines. But Super Bowl 56 featuring the Rams vs Bengals has been suspiciously quiet. That is until the public saw the Gatorade color dump at Super Bowl odds for what color of Gatorade would get dumped on the winning coach.

And since that moment, there’s been plenty of drama.

Super Bowl Gatorade Color Odds

Color Odds
Clear/Water +250
Orange +300
Yellow/Green/Lime +350
Blue +400
None +600
Red/Pink +1200
Purple/Indigo/Violet +1400

Odds as of February 11th at DraftKings

Ok, so drama may be a little heavy-handed. But back on February 3rd, orange opened as the favorite. As we explained, there could have been a lot of reasons for that.

It may have been to capitalize on a rabid Bengals fandom. After all, the team wears orange and the whole city of Cincinnati is banking on a Bengals win, so orange Gatorade only makes sense right?

And while there’s been a lot said about Rams fans the last few weeks, there’s no doubt the blue and yellow combination taking up the second and third spots was geared towards them. Two primary colors on their jerseys? It’s got to be one or the other, right?

But over the past week, one color has risen to the top. Just like the Rams have risen to the top of the Super Bowl 2022 odds.

Clear Emerges as Favorite Super Bowl 56 Gatorade Color

Back on February 3rd, there was some pretty strong evidence that emerged to support the clear hypothesis.

Beyond flipping through pictures from game recaps and the Associated Press, one thing stood out. Zac Taylor has already had a Gatorade shower as a member of the Bengals. And it was clear.

Frankly, if your recent Twitter searches don’t include “Sean McVay”, “Zac Taylor”, or “Gatorade” are you even trying?

This actually flies in the face of recent Gatorade color dumped at the Super Bowl trends. Clear actually hasn’t made an appearance in the dying seconds of the game since Tom Coughlin got dumped to cap Super Bowl 42. But man did that finish off a run of dominance for the ol’ H2O.

In six of the previous eight Super Bowls, there had been no Gatorade bath. But after the Patriots’ third title in four years, Bill Belichick got drenched by a transparent liquid. And for each of the three seasons after that, including his Pats’ upset at the hand of the Giants, that’s what the winning coach wore.

Orange, None Among Interesting Gatorade Colors

When we last looked at the Gatorade color board, you could only pick a color. “None” simply wasn’t an option.

Now you can’t blame bettors if that little four-letter word gives them pause. While it’s grown increasingly rare over the past few seasons, it has happened. Belichick didn’t get drenched following the pandemonium of Super Bowl 51, and John Harbaugh didn’t get doused following Super Bowl 47.

“None” seems unlikely here. A big part of this Rams roster remembers the heartache of their loss in Super Bowl 53. A Gatorade shower would announce that they’ve overcome those demons.

And with how far the Bengals have come in just three seasons under Taylor? A dumping for his first Super Bowl title would be unjust.

No, between the two options, orange is the better play when it comes to this type of Super Bowl bet.

Clear the Rightful Favorite Among Super Bowl Gatorade Colors

With the evidence that’s been uncovered over the past few weeks, it’s not time to flip-flop. Clear remains the pick after exhaustive detective work.

And even though it’s one of the more fun bets you can make for your Super Bowl 56 props sheet, this research has been done with the utmost seriousness. That being said, it’d be against the better judgment of many if this somehow found its way among the biggest bets on the Super Bowl.

FanDuel currently has clear at +390, and BetMGM has it at +400. If you trust the process, feel free to shop around for the best price.

The Pick: Clear (+250)

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