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Updated 2020 NFL SOS After Week 1 – Browns Have Easiest Remaining Schedule, Falcons Have Toughest

Nick Chubb celebrating a touchdown
Nick Chubb's Browns can at least look forward to a much lighter schedule ahead in the 2020 NFL season. Photo from @HotlineFantasy
  • We use a proprietary method for calculating NFL strength of schedule that uses win totals
  • Sportsbooks have updated the 2020 NFL win totals after Week 1
  • See which teams have the easiest and toughest remaining schedules

Week 1 of the 2020 NFL season is in the books, and (as we have all grown to expect) it came with some surprises. As a result, we’ve seen some pretty big shifts in 2020 NFL win totals that were updated today.

With those win totals, I updated our unique NFL strength of schedule calculation to figure out the easiest and toughest schedules over the remaining 15 games. You can see the full results by following the link above. Here’s what each end looks like:

Toughest Remaining Schedules in 2020 NFL Season

Rank Team Combined Win Totals of Remaining Opponents
1 Atlanta Falcons 124.8
2 Philadelphia Eagles 124.7
3 New York Jets 124.4

Prior to the 2020 NFL season kicking off, the Falcons already had the toughest schedule in the league. But the gap between them and the rest of the top ten certainly closed quite a bit, largely thanks to the Bucs’, who they play twice this season, average NFL win total dropping from 9.5 to 8.8.

The Eagles saw their remaining schedule get a whole lot tougher after Week 1. Prior to kickoff, they had the 11th-toughest schedule in the league, but now stare down the second-toughest.

The Rams, Steelers, Seahawks, Packers, Cardinals, and Washington Football Team, who are all scheduled to play Philadelphia this season, all outperformed expectations in Week 1, resulting in their respective win totals rising.

That’s probably not what Philly fans wanted to hear after their team blew a 17-point lead to Washington on Sunday, which saw their average win total drop from 9.3 to 8.5 – and the odds of hitting the over are only -110.

Easiest Remaining Schedules in 2020 NFL Season

Rank Team Combined Win Totals of Remaining Opponents
1 Cleveland Browns 113.1
2 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 114.4
3 Dallas Cowboys 115.1

After getting dominated by the Ravens in Week 1, Browns fans can at least look ahead to (by far) the easiest remaining schedule in the NFL. Even before the season kicked off, Cleveland was believed to have the third-easiest schedule. But it looks even easier after Week 1 thanks to the Bengals, Giants, and Jets all under-performing in their season openers.

Cincinnati’s average win total dropped from 5.5 to 5, the Giants’ from 6.2 to 5.5, and the Jets from 6.5 all the way to 5.5. So don’t go writing Cleveland’s season off yet.

The next easiest remaining schedule belongs to the Bucs. Tampa Bay still gets the Falcons and Panthers twice, as well as the Broncos, Giants, and Lions, all of whom were less than impressive in Week 1. It also helps that they have one of their two games against the Saints out of the way too.

So while this information isn’t necessarily going to help you bet Week 2, don’t make another futures bet before checking in with each team’s remaining strength of schedule!

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