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Cuomo for President? NY Governor Opens at +2500 Odds

Governor Andrew Cuomo coming out of the subway.
Is Andrew Cuomo worth a bet to become the 2020 Democratic Nominee or is it too late for him? Photo by Metropolitan Transportation (Flickr).
  • Governor Andrew Cuomo has opened up with odds of +2500 to win the 2020 Democratic Nomination
  • The current delegate count shows Joe Biden leading the way with 1,174 delegates while Bernie Sanders is at 862
  • Is there still time for Cuomo to get in the race and beat Biden or is the former Vice President a lock to win the nomination?

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has shown great leadership as the state of New York gets hits hard by the coronavirus. He’s performed so well that many people feel like he’s a good option to win the 2020 elections odds if he got a chance to go head-to-head against Donald Trump.

Does he still have a chance to beat Joe Biden and win the Democratic nomination? Let’s take a closer look.

2020 Democratic Nominee Odds

Nominee Odds
Joe Biden -1500
Hillary Clinton +1400
Bernie Sanders +1600
Andrew Cuomo +2500

Biden Has Been a Mess

Although Joe Biden has the Democratic nomination virtually locked up, one has to start to wonder what is happening with him of late. While that might be overly critical, a quick glance at his recent body of work would say otherwise. It’s gotten to the point that even friendly CNN has been asking where he is.

On Tuesday, he had a number of bizarre interviews when he came out of hiding. First, CNN’s Jake Tapper had to explain to Biden how to properly cough (into their elbow, not hand) after Biden coughed into his hand.

On MSNBC, Biden had a number of missteps, calling Trump a yo-yo, and then immediately saying “I shouldn’t have said it that way,” as he hung his head. Then he said “why doesn’t he just act as a president?” and then immediately followed up with “that’s just a stupid way to say it” as he hung his head again.

Biden has a lot of allies, endorsements and support from friends in the media but he’s got to perform better than this if he wants to have a shot of beating Trump in November.

Cuomo Has Looked Presidential

While United States’ President Donald Trump’s approval rating continues to rise thanks to his handling of the coronavirus (the latest Gallup poll shows 60% of Americans approve), New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has gotten a lot of credit for his leadership as well.

Cuomo has been in front of the cameras on a daily basis, doing press conferences and communicating what is happening. Unlike Trump, he hasn’t boasted, bragged or overstated the reality. If anything, he’s erred on the side of caution by making things sound worse than they are so that citizens of New York are apprised and prepared.

With Biden struggling and Cuomo showing some good leadership, a lot of people are wondering if there is time to make a switch. Cuomo seems like the type of leader that could unite the Democratic party and deliver a win over Trump. Right now, he’s offering a lot more hope than Biden.

What’s the Best Bet?

While Cuomo is getting some love and oddsmakers have put him on the board, the reality is he has no shot of earning the Democratic nomination. To start, we’re already at least halfway through the process and Cuomo needs delegates; not just goodwill from on-camera performances.

Secondly, Cuomo might be getting some love from New Yorkers and Twitter, but nobody has any idea if he’s able to cobble a coalition. Will he get the African American vote in the south? What do Latinos in Nevada and Arizona think of him? What about the progressive wing of the party?

Even if Biden is shaky, he’s the Democrats’ best chance at this point. Making a change this late in the game – especially to someone who isn’t even in the race – would prove to be disastrous. Biden will win the nomination.

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