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Odds Say Congress Won’t Obtain President Trump’s Tax Returns; Allen Weisselberg Will Testify

President Donald Trump
Donald Trump is making headlines again for all the wrong reasons. Photo by Gage Skidmore (flickr) [CC License].
  • Democrats in Congress are thought to be just days away from requesting President Donald Trump’s tax returns
  • MyBookie is offering odds that the Democrats won’t be successful in this quest
  • The sportsbook also offers prop wagers on whether David Pecker or Allen Weisselberg will testify before Congress

April is fast approaching and that means it will soon be tax season. But for President Donald Trump, his tax returns figure to be in demand long before then.

New Jersey Representative Bill Pascrell is heading a Congressional charge in pursuit of Trump’s tax returns. Pascrell insists this look into Trump’s financial records is necessary. It will determine whether the President has any conflicts of interest or potential conflicts of interest that could impact national security.

MyBookie is of the opinion that Congress won’t be successful in its pursuit of Trump’s financial history. The sportsbook is offering odds against Trump’s tax returns being handed over to Congress.

Odds on Congress Getting President Donald Trump’s Tax Returns

Will Congress Get President Donald Trump’s Tax Returns? Odds at MyBookie
Yes +300
No -500

*All odds taken 03/11/19
Congress is expected to make a formal request for Trump’s return within days.

Trump’s Tax Returns a Taxing Dilemma

When he ran for President in 2016, Trump bucked tradition, becoming the first successful Presidential candidate in more than four decades to decline to make his taxes public. Immediately, this raised red flags with people who questioned what it was that Trump was trying to hide.

By gaining access to his taxes, the Democrats are hopeful that it will draw them a road map of Trump’s many business dealings and provide the ability to follow the money and see where it leads.

A court isn’t going to provide unfettered access to someone’s personal documents. There must be an iron-clad argument proving why it’s necessary. In other words, Congress won’t be allowed to go on a fishing expedition through Trump’s taxes.

They’ll need to show hard evidence that releasing these documents is vital to their investigation and isn’t merely an abuse of power in a bid to get back at an unpopular President.

Why it Might Not Happen

Almost 90% of all elected officials don’t make their tax returns public. Presidential candidates have done it in order to create the appearance of transparency, but are not compelled to do so.

Some Republicans called on Trump to release his taxes. Others point out the Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders didn’t release his taxes during the 2016 campaign.

Expect Trump to fight tooth an nail to avoid any demand from Congress for his taxes. He’ll do his best to stall the process. If we know anything about Trump, it’s that he doesn’t like others telling him what to do.

The Democrats face a tough fight. They aren’t known for winning tough fights. Go with the no wager here.

Odds on Congress Calling Allen Weisselberg to Testify

Will Congress Call Allen Weisselberg to Testify? Odds at MyBookie
Yes -400
No +250

One name that kept popping up during Trump lawyer Michael Cohen’s testimony before Congress was Allen Weisselberg.

He is the Trump Organization CFO. Cohen mentioned Weisselberg’s name 35 times.

Michael Cohen mentioned Allen Weisselberg’s name 35 times when he testified before Congress.

MyBookie believes that Weisselberg will be called to testify before Congress.

This makes sense. Weisselberg is Trump’s finance man. You know he knows where the money trail leads.

Odds on Congress Getting President Donald Trump’s Tax Returns

Will Congress Get President Donald Trump’s Tax Returns? Odds at MyBookie
Yes +300
No +500

David Pecker is a Trump friend and CEO of AMI. He runs the National Enquirer, which buried the Trump/Stormy Daniels story. Cohen testified that Pecker hid many more Trump scandals.

It would seem logical that Pecker would be called before Congress. MyBookie disagrees.

While it may be true that Pecker hid other Trump peccadillos from public light, do they have anything to do with this investigation? Congress will want to stay on point, and not go swimming in a seedy swamp.

Unless Pecker can provide substantial evidence pertaining to the current investigation, his testimony seems moot. Bet no.

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