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President Trump & Mueller Report Odds Ahead of Redacted Version Release: Odds Split on Whether Mueller Testifies

Robert Mueller
Robert Mueller's report could have a profound impact on Donald Trump's legacy. Photo by The White House (Wikimedia Commons) [CC License].
  • The redacted version of the Mueller Report is slated to be turned over to Congress by the DOJ on Thursday
  • It’s been over three weeks since the Special Counsel filed the report
  • BookMaker is offering a series of prop wagers on what might happen once it is revealed

The long-awaited Mueller Report should soon be in the public arena. The report is expected to be turned over to Congress by the Department of Justice on Thursday. It will then be released to the public.

This reality has led BookMaker to set up a series of prop wagers relating to the report’s release. The wagers cover a variety of outcomes from how many pages will be at least in part redacted, to what level of Twitterstorm will be unleashed by President Trump.

BookMaker is offering a wager on exactly how deep the black lines of redacting will cut into the report’s 400 pages of information.

Pages in Mueller Report Without Redactions

Pages in Mueller Report With No Redactions Odds at BookMaker
Over 225 -115
Under 225 -115

*Odds taken 04/16/19

This White House is uptight and secretive. Trump goes out of his way to replace people within his Administration who at least try to do what’s best for the country with toadies interested only in serving him.

By his actions, Attorney General William Barr made it clear that his boss is Trump and not the American people. Expect Barr and his staff to wear out a lot of Sharpies. Bet the over.

Pick: Over 225 (-115)

Will Robert Mueller Testify Before Congress?

Will Robert Mueller Testify? Odds at BookMaker
Yes -115
No -115

Is it finally Mueller time? Will the head of the Special Counsel testify before Congress? On this matter, there seems to be bipartisan support.

Democrat Adam Schiff, head of the House Judiciary Committee, described it as inevitable that Mueller will testify.  Rep. Doug Collins, the top Republican on the Committee, has also called for testimony from Mueller.

This one is a slam dunk. Bet on Mueller testifying before Congress.

Pick: Yes (-115)

How Many Times Will Donald Trump Tweet on April 18, 2019?

Number of Trump Tweets on April 18, 2019 Odds at BookMaker
Over 11.5 -115
Under 11.5 -115

Who has two thumbs and tweets maniacally? The guy who works in the Oval Office. Bobby Day didn’t tweet as much when he performed “Rockin’ Robin” as Trump does on a daily basis.

March 22nd, the day the Mueller Report was handed over, Trump tweeted 16 times.

When Barr released his brief on the report suggesting the Trump was exonerated, even though the report clearly noted that he wasn’t, Trump pounded out 15 tweets. Who could fault him for such delight? Trump’s 2020 re-election odds improved following the filing of the report.

His thumbs will be in overdrive on Thursday. Play the over.

Pick: Over 11.5 (-115)

How Many Times Will Donald Trump Tweet the Word “Exonerate” on April 18, 2019?

Number of Times Trump Tweets Exonerate on April 18, 2019 Odds at BookMaker
Over 1.5 +140
Under 1.5 -170

The day Barr released his memo on the Mueller Report, The Donald went with all of his hits – no collusion, no obstruction, no conspiracy. And he added a new one – total exoneration.

He’ll want to keep telling himself this, so you know he’ll want to keep telling us all about it. The over is the play on this wager.

Pick: Over 1.5 (+140)

How Many Times Will Donald Trump Tweet “Fake News” on April 18, 2019?

Number of Times Trump Tweets “Fake News” on April 18, 2019 Odds at BookMaker
Over 1.5 -160
Under 1.5 +130

Trump loves to slam the mainstream media. “Fake News” has replaced “You’re Fired” as his favorite go-to catchphrase.

You know what’s coming on Thursday. Once more, bet the over.

Pick: Over 1.5 (-160)

Will Donald Trump Tweet the Word “Coupe” on April 18, 2019?

Will Trump Tweet “Coupe” on April 18, 2019? Odds at BookMaker
Yes -230
No +180

There have been some infamous typos in Trump tweets since he took office. Hamberders was the stuff of legend. He typed forrest fires twice in the same tweet, said Ted Cruz would loose a Presidential election and called for lasting peach in the Middle East.
But we must give him credit where credit is due – he did spell coup right.

Apparently, that’s a word he’s familiar with. That being the case, and giving him the benefit of the doubt, we’ll suggest no being the action to take here.

Pick: No (+180)

Will the IRS Produce Donald Trump’s Tax Returns?

Will the IRS Produce any Trump Tax Returns? Odds at BookMaker
Yes -230
No +180

Everyone else in America was required by law to file their tax returns by April 15th. It’s anybody’s guess when Trump will opt to file his tax returns with Congress.

Trump has fought tooth and nail to keep his tax returns a secret.

He won’t surrender them easily, and will exhaust every legal avenue at his disposal.

We’re going to go with no here.

Pick: No (+180)

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