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As Trump Impeachment Starts, Elizabeth Warren’s Presidential Odds Surge

Elizabeth Warren's latest 2020 election odds are at an all-time best. She went from +370 to +310 in the election odds tracker and from +180 to +140 in the Democratic nominee tracker. Photo by Gage Skidmore (flickr) [CC License].
  • Donald Trump could be facing impeachment
  • Elizabeth Warren’s latest 2020 election odds are at an all-time best
  • She went from +370 to +310 in average election odds tracker

Is Elizabeth Warren poised to benefit the most from Donald Trump’s potential impeachment?

There’s reason to believe that could indeed be the case. Warren’s odds were already improving strongly, and that was prior to this week’s announcement of a formal impeachment inquiry into President Trump.

Across the leading sportsbooks, Warren saw her odds to win the next year’s election improve. She went from +370 to +310 in the 2020 Presidential Election odds.

2020 US Presidential Election Odds

Candidate Odds
Donald Trump +120
Elizabeth Warren +275
Joe Biden +650
Bernie Sanders +1200
Andrew Yang +1500
Kamala Harris +2500
Pete Buttigieg +2500
Hillary Clinton +4000
Mike Pence +4000
Nikki Haley +5000

*Odds taken on 09/25/19. 

She’s also seen an uptick in her averages in regards to the Democratic nominee odds, going from +180 to +140.

Impeachment Could Hurt Trump, Hinder Biden

It’s still too early into the process to be reaching conclusions. However, early evidence is suggesting that there is public support for a Trump impeachment. A Yougov.org poll showed 55 percent supported impeachment proceedings. Of those, 44 percent were in strong support.

Trump is alleged to have told the President of Ukraine he would withhold US military aid from the country unless they dug up dirt on Hunter Biden. The son of the former Democratic Presidential frontrunner Joe Biden worked as vice-president of a Ukrainian company.

This has the potential to stain Trump. At the very least, it could weaken his chances of winning a second term in the Oval Office in 2020. But it also could prove damaging to Biden. Rightly or wrongly, his name will be dragged through the mud. The impeachment investigation figures to be a long, drawn-out, very public process.

Republicans will make every effort to twist the impeachment narrative and make it about alleged wrongdoings on Biden’s part. Even if it’s not true, in today’s fractured and partisan media, in some cases, people will no doubt believe what they’re told.

Might Impeachment Lead To A Kamala Comeback?

One candidate to watch during the impeachment hearings will be California Senator Kamala Harris. She was once a top contender. But since a poor performance in the second Democratic Presidential debate, Harris slid all the way to +2500.

She was a prosecutor and her strength is questioning. If she puts on a strong show during the impeachment process, Harris’ stock could again rise.

Warren Could Be The Big Benefactor

Warren’s straight-shooting ideals and calm demeanor seem to be steadily winning over a portion of Americans, the portion that’s weary of the never-ending sideshow of corruption and scandal that is the Trump Administration.

She doesn’t opt for the slagging of her opponents that drives so many election. Instead, she sticks to telling people what she plans to do to make things better.

Warren has built her campaign from the ground up. Her appeal is driven by the ideals she stresses and her accessibility to the voters.

It’s working. She’s moved steadily up the polls into contender status. Warren is viewed by some among the electorate as the most viable alternative to Biden. A poll taken by the Institute of Government Studies at the University of California-Berkeley showed Warren leading Biden in the state by nine points at 29 percent.

That’s an 11-percent increase since June.

If you were planning to bet Warren, you should’ve already put your money down when the odds were long. Invest now before it’s no longer worth your while.

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