Ice cream comes in many varieties for a very good reason. People have different tastes and preferences. If you are a buying a gallon for your family, you need to find a middle ground that will satisfy everybody, or pay a bit more and get several different pints. When it comes to sportsbooks, you can find those that cater to high rollers, others will offer insane promotions, you can even find some bright colors and flashing lights to attract the easily influenced. Bodog is the site that the whole gang can agree on. They offer everything you are looking for in a nice tight package.

There is something to be said for reliability. Bodog is an established name in the industry because they understand how to run a business well. From signup to customer service, betting options to promotions, ease of play and payouts, Bodog is the total package. It is true you can find sportsbooks that do individual tasks better, but if you add up all the negatives and positives, you’ll find Bodog consistently among the industry leaders.

Right now Bodog’s standard promo is a 100% signup bonus up to $250 with 5x rollover. This is better than they used to offer, and particularly because of the low rollover, a very enticing incentive. Like most sportsbooks, they have refer-a-friend bonuses, and a solid rewards program where you accumulate points that lead to free bets, cash rewards, and regular bonuses. If you play enough you can score tickets to attend sporting events around the globe.

There is really no excuse for signup issues and you won’t encounter any at Bodog. However you prefer to deposit, whether it be credit card, bitcoin, or interac e-transfer, the system is safe and easy. Interac can take a little longer than the other methods, but you’ll be up and running within a day, and very frequently an hour.

Perhaps the greatest feature of Bodog is the betting itself. They cover a very wide range of events, offer all types of props and futures to go along with individual lines, and the site is really well designed. It is easy to navigate, if you like in-game betting, their menu is vast, and the prices on parlays, teasers and other exotic wagers are competitive or above average. From an ease of use standpoint, no sportsbook is better than Bodog.

Those that criticize Bodog will point to what they don’t do. While it is worthwhile to point out negatives, for the huge majority of bettors, not having the very first lines up, and not taking very large bets is not a big deal. Worth noting is that because Bodog attracts more average everyday bettors than pros, lines tend to be shaded towards favorites, and that means there is some value if you prefer or even consider underodgs. Critics will look at favorites giving an extra half point as a negative, but intelligent bettors will see that as providing value on the other side.

Another thing that Bodog does really well is the “extras.” There are a lot of books that have a boring casino, unpopulated poker room, and very limited racebook. Sites do a second rate job on these features because they know it doesn’t represent the majority of their business, and they can still point to it existing while prioritizing elsewhere. Other sites don’t even both with these features. However, sometimes you don’t want ice cream, you prefer a milkshake, or banana split. Once in a while you want to play slots or have a hot tip on a horse. Bodog clearly knows that customers value a high quality experience wherever they go on the site, and their other entities look and feel just like the sportsbook. They work quickly, are fun, well thought through, offer great variety, and provide the excitement you seek.

While we have alluded to the feel of Bodog, is is important to emphasize the ease in which you can move around the site. Their technology is first rate whether it be on a computer, tablet or phone. However you want to play, and wherever you want to bet, the engineers deserve a lot of credit for putting together a consistent product that works across the board. Around the world you know what you are getting at Ben & Jerry’s. Same story with Bodog.

Another area that skeptics give Bodog a tough time is payouts. However, critics point to the fact you have to pay a fee to get your cash, which is only true if you are withdrawing more than once a month, which isn’t a reality for the huge majority of account holders. Secondly, there have been instances where payouts come slowly. While that can be the case, it certainly isn’t the norm, and you can pick the method you prefer to get your money, knowing when you make the request approximately when it will arrive.

Customer service is as you would expect at a first rate site, excellent. Bodog can be reached all day, any day via phone, and their messaging service is quick to respond and helpful. It is their job to alleviate your issues, and in the vast majority of cases they do that efficiently. Particularly if you are having issues with promotions, don’t be afraid to call and ask. They are helpful and can often tell you about a bonus or promo that you were unaware of.

In the end, ice cream is really good. It is satisfying over a brownie, tasty in a cone, fruit flavors are refreshing, and chocolate is delightful. Bodog is the ice cream you have a scoop of every night after dinner. It is your everyday treat. They might not be perfect, but there are an awful lot of positives and the chances of a satisfying experience are extremely high.