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Boosted Odds Explained

Patrick Cwiklinski

by Patrick Cwiklinski

Updated May 10, 2024 · 11:15 AM PDT

Boosted odds promotions offer a better potential payout for the same amount of risk on certain bets. Online sports betting sites effectively remove some of the juice, meaning more winnings returned to your bankroll. If your wager wins, you’ll get a bigger payout than you would have otherwise.

This comprehensive guide explains how to make the most of odds boosts and highlights top US sportsbooks with boosted odds.

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What Are Boosted Odds?

Think of boosted odds like a discount or sale price. For a limited time, your sportsbook is offering the original odds at better odds. These boosted odds come in many forms, so be sure to check out the best sportsbook promo codes to see the variety of sports betting promotions.

Boosted odds mean less risk for the same reward – or the same risk for more reward, depending on how you prefer to think about it. In some cases, sportsbooks simply remove the vig from a betting line.

Enhanced odds are an excellent way for new bettors to explore wagering on different bet types and events at more attractive odds. You won’t get rich off of any single promotion, but improved sports betting odds do provide meaningful value and more real money in your pocket should your bet win. An odds boost will typically increase your profit by somewhere in the range of 10 to 40 percent. We’ve even seen enhanced odds that double the profit.

Because an odds boost always moves the odds in favor of the bettor, sportsbooks may apply lower wagering limits to these promos.

Note that an odds boost on a moneyline bet or parlay doesn’t increase your actual chance of winning – it increases the payout if you win.

By contrast, sometimes sportsbooks will alter the point spread to increase the likelihood of an underdog covering. Changing the point spread won’t change your potential payout – it increases your chances of winning if you bet against the favorite.

Everyone loves a bargain, but it’s important to ensure you’re purchasing a quality product. We recommend you always do your own handicapping before laying down your cash. Betting sites often enhance odds on parlays, or accas, which can be complicated and difficult to handicap. Do your homework first and trust your gut, especially if it’s your first bet as a new customer.

Keep in mind that betting sites typically only offer improved odds for a limited time, so be sure to act quickly when you find a promotional line you like. Some sportsbooks don’t offer odds boosts, but will offer promos instead. For example, BetRivers promo codes offer extensive value, especially for new users.

Odds Boost Examples

Here’s an example promotion from Golden Nugget Sportsbook:

Golden Nugget enhanced the odds on a popular college basketball match-up between the Florida State Seminoles and Clemson Tigers. The table below shows how the sportsbook gave up some of the juice – their profit – by implementing the promotion.

Underdog Favorite Total Implied Probability Overround Vig (%)
Florida State (+105) Clemson (-110) 101.16% 1.16% 1.15%
Central Michigan (+165) Eastern Michigan (-200) 104.41% 4.41% 4.22%

The lower the vig, the fairer the betting opportunity is, and the lower the win rate you’ll need to break even.

Another example is this PointsBet booster on Russell Westbrook’s odds of scoring a triple-double.

The line moved from +165 to +190. On a $100 bet, that’s an extra $25 added to your return if Westbrook manages the feat in the specified game, a 15 percent increase in profit.

Enhanced Odds Promotions to Look For

Odds boosts take several different forms, but they’ll all boost your potential payout. Here are some odds boosts to look out for:

  1. Daily odds boosts
  2. Boosted odds for special events, such as the Super Bowl, MLB World Series, and NBA or NHL playoffs
  3. Season-long boosted odds

The first two are quite common and pretty self-explanatory. Season-long boosted odds are a bit harder to find. For example, PointsBet removed the juice from all NFL point spreads during the 2019 season.

For the 2020 NFL season, PointsBet reduced that offer to “No Juice Saturdays.” This offer saw the sportsbook give up its house edge to provide +100 lines on the point spread for Sunday and Monday night football games. The catch is that you need to place your wager between 6 p.m. ET on Friday night and 1 a.m. ET on Sunday.

Best Boosted Odds Promos

Here is a list of the best boosted odds promos from world-class sportsbooks.

Sportsbook Boosted Odds Promo Details
DraftKings DraftKings Promo Code
FanDuel FanDuel Promo Code
BetMGM BetMGM Sportsbook Code
Bet365 Bet365 Promo Code
Fanatics Sportsbook Fanatics Sportsbook Promo Code
Caesars Sportsbook Caesars Sportsbook Promo Code

Use the links in the table above to learn more about the best boosted odds promos available at each of these sportsbooks.

Where to Find Boosted Odds

Boosted odds are among the most common promotions in the ultra-competitive US sports betting market. Odds boosts are offered at most top online sportsbooks and are often used to highlight popular events happening that day or night.

Odds boost promotions rarely require a bonus code, but sports bettors may have to “opt-in” before placing their wagers.

Here are a few key details about each sportsbook’s enhanced odds offerings.

DraftKings Odds Boost

DraftKings Sportsbook offers improved odds for special events, like the college football national championship. You can find current offers by selecting “Odds Boost” under the “Promotions” tab. Note that you must select the promo in your bet slip to apply the enhanced price prior to placing your wager.

FanDuel Daily Odds Boost

FanDuel Sportsbook offers enhanced odds daily with “Odds Boost” lines. FanDuel will often link two or three games or props into one “Super Boost” – in other words, they’ll enhance the odds on a pre-selected parlay. You’ll win an increased payout if each leg is successful.

BetMGM Odds Boost Token

BetMGM offers a number of boosted odds in the form of their odds boost tokens that can be typically found for leagues like the NFL, NBA, NHL, or MLB, depending on the time of year. They also give you special odds boost tokens on same-game parlays, which has become a popular option at the sportsbook lately.


ESPN BET has a number of odds boosts that are tied to the ESPN BET brand name such as the Live on ESPN Tonight boost or the Stephen A-List odds boost. There are also other odds boosts from Kendrick Perkins, Pat McAfee, and Erin Dolan that provide additional value for users.

Best Sportsbook for Boosted Odds

While it can be difficult to pinpoint one clear standout as the best sportsbook for boosted odds based on what you’re personally looking for, DraftKings does stand out from the bunch for a few reasons.

First of all, they offer a wide variety of different boosts on different sports which is great in offering you variety as a user. DraftKings also gives you a lot of flexibility in their odds boosts because a significant portion of them are open-ended. That means you can create your boost, so to speak, with whatever bets you want to make instead of being handcuffed into a certain odds boost set by the bookmaker.

Other sportsbooks might offer more odds boosts in general, but many of them are massive longshots that can be difficult to win on. On paper, or on your phone, it might look like great odds but after digging a little deeper you realize that it’s not quite as much value as you may have originally thought.

All that said, here are some of the top online sportsbooks that regularly offer boosted odds:

Sportsbook Get Started
DraftKings Bet Now
FanDuel Bet Now
BetMGM Bet Now
Bet365 Bet Now
Fanatics Sportsbook Bet Now
Caesars Sportsbook Bet Now

Odds Boosts Today

Wondering where to find today’s best odds boosts? Sports Betting Dime has you covered with our daily odds boost. Check back daily to see some of the top offers we’ve found or use the tool to see recent promos and their results.

What States are Boosted Odds Available In?

Now that we’ve gotten you all excited about the prospect of scoring some attractive lines on the biggest games, you might be wondering if boosted odds are available in your area.

Here’s a handy list of all the states where you can find at least one sportsbook offering odds boost promotions. Click the links for an in-depth look at everything you need to know about sports betting in each state.

Boosted odds are available at top sportsbooks in the following states:

Additionally, if you live in Florida or Texas, online sports betting is pending in your state. Get ready for the action, because as online sportsbooks launch in the coming months, there will be plenty of promotions available, including boosted odds.

All About Sportsbook Bonuses

Sportsbooks offer boosted odds on a variety of events and wager types to make certain lines more attractive. Of course, an odds boost alone doesn’t necessarily make it a smart bet. You should still do your own handicapping first, and we recommend erring on the side of caution with complex parlays, even when boosted.

That said, no matter which teams or athletes you’re betting on, we suggest checking our best sportsbook promos every day you plan to wager so that you don’t miss out on any especially appealing lines.

Enhanced odds are one of many promotions sportsbooks regularly offer bettors. You can read up on other bonus types within our Bonuses section. Be sure to check out our advice column on how to choose the best bonus for you.

Enjoy the action out there!


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