Bet on What Dance Coaches Will Do after Final Four Victory: the Worm is 15/1

Bruce Pearl
Will Bruce Pearl celebrate a Final Four win by his Auburn Tigers with a dance? Photo by U.S. Air Force Master Sgt. Kurt Skoglund (flickr) [CC License].
  • Michigan State head coach Tom Izzo has a solid dance resume this year
  • Texas Tech head coach Chris Beard enjoys celebrating with the Red Raiders players
  • Will any dance a head coach does at the 2019 Final Four be recognizable?

Proving yet again you can bet on almost anything in the realm of sports, the folks at sportsbooks have set a line on what dance(s) head coaches will do after the 2019 Final Four (Saturday, April 6, Minneapolis, MN).

I doubt the quartet of Tom Izzo (Michigan State), Chris Beard (Texas Tech), Bruce Pearl (Auburn), and Tony Bennett (Virginia) could identify anything other than the worm on this list, but if they’re feeling the groove, you could be earning a pretty penny.

Cue the music.

Head Coach Victory Dance on Final Four Saturday

Dance Move Odds
Triangle Dance +350
Orange Justice +350
Flossing +500
Dabbing +550
Take the L +1500
The Worm +1500

*Odds taken on April 3

Izzo, Beard Have Shown the Willingness to Dance

If you are going to cash in, it’s likely going to be from the winner of the Spartans-Red Raiders national semi-final.

Tom Izzo may be all business on court, sometimes too intense for some, but the guy celebrates with the best of them. Check him out after dusting Duke to get to Minneapolis.

The coverage is shaky, but that appears to be a 64-year-old man being taught the Orange Justice. You be the judge.

Nonetheless, in-the-moment Tom Izzo is pretty nice. Staged Tom Izzo in a commercial? Cringe.

Meanwhile, Beard was certainly having the time of his life after the Red Raiders grinded another opponent into submission, stalling Gonzaga’s top offense in the Elite Eight.

I’m guessing that’s part Lord of the Dance and part mosh pit. But can you make the case that somewhere in there, he’s pulling a triangle dance?

Pearl, Bennett Longer Shots to Start Dancing

Surprisingly, boisterous Auburn bench boss Bruce Pearl doesn’t have any victory dance film. But a quick search through Twitter reveals that he does have one move in his repertoire.

Popularized in the NFL by Cam Newton, among others, that’s a dab, friends.

Normally reserved and usually looking well-dressed and stoic, Tony Bennett let loose after squeaking past Purdue, but it was more pogo-stick hopping than anything else.

What’s the Best Bet to Make?

While I would probably give most of what I own to watch one of these guys do the worm, it’s not happening.

And as much as I think the dab is the easiest move to execute, it’s old news. And flossing might already be overkill.

Not that I believe any of these coaches will come close to executing it, but I think Orange Justice and Triangle Dance (both +350) are the go-to bets.

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