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MyBookie’s Odds Favor Washington State’s Ol’ Crimson Flag Flying at Magic Kingdom on College Gameday

Washington State flag Ol' Crimson on ESPN Gameday
Ol' Crimson, Washington State's flag, has been viewed on every episode of ESPN College GameDay since 2003. But that streak is in jeopardy. Disney's Magic Kingdom Park, which will host the first show of the 2019 NCAA season, doesn't allow flags on site. Photo: YouTube.com screenshot.
  • Washington State’s flag Ol’ Crimson has flown on the set at every ESPN College GameDay since 2003
  • However, Disney’s Magic Kingdom Park, site of the Aug. 24 season opener of ESPN College GameDay, does not permit outside flags on the premises, placing the streak in jeopardy
  • MyBookie is still offering -400 odds that Washington State will find a way for Ol’ Crimson to fly

Perhaps you don’t give a hoot about the Washington State Cougars. Maybe you haven’t the foggiest idea about the tradition involving Ol’ Crimson.

This is immaterial. You know what everyone loves about sports? Streaks! Winning streaks. Losing streaks. Fans obsess about them, and discuss their historical relevance at length.

Well, one of the longest-running current streaks is in jeopardy. The season opener of ESPN College GameDay is set for August 24th at Disney’s Magic Kingdom Park in Orlando, Florida.

On every episode of the show since 2003 – 224 in a row – Ol’ Crimson, the Washington State school flag, has flown proudly. Cougars fans and alumni across the USA have always found a way to get it there.

However, Disney Magic Kingdom rules are quite restrictive. Among the many items prohibited from being brought into the park are flags.

The gauntlet of maintaining the streak has been tossed in front of Washington State, and MyBookie is confident that they will find a way to fly Ol’ Crimson. The sportsbook is offering -400 odds that the flag will be seen during the show.

Will Washington State Flag Fly Aug. 24 at Magic Kingdom on ESPN College GameDay?

Outcome Odds at MyBookie
Yes -400
No +250

*Odds taken 8/14/19.

ESPN College GameDay’s August 24th episode will lead into that night’s Camping World Kickoff game between the Florida Gators and Miami Hurricanes at Camping World Stadium in Orlando.

Washington State Close Call

The streak survived a previous close call in 2015. En route to Tuscon, Arizona, Ol’ Crimson was held up in transit in Mississippi.

Fortunately, the show’s production staff takes the streak as seriously as Cougars fans do. A replica of Ol’ Crimson was shipped UPS from the ESPN studios in Bristol, Connecticut to Tucson in time for the show, keeping the streak alive.



Streaks Matter

Wayne Gretzky’s 51-game point streak. The eight successive NBA titles won by the Boston Celtics. Joe DiMaggio’s 56-game streak.

These are the fabric of sports, one of the many reasons why we love to watch the games that people play.

Ol’ Crimson’s streak on ESPN College GameDay is what sports are all about – fun, passion, and tradition.

The flag even has its own Twitter account. “In 2003, I appeared on ESPN College Gameday in support of my Cougs,” it notes. “It was so much fun, I just keep flying.”

Ol’ Crimson Must Fly

ESPN College GameDay without Ol’ Crimson would be like college football without cheerleaders.

Based on past history, you know the ESPN crew will find a way to make it happen.

Besides, do you really think the Happiest Place On Earth wants to be responsible for crushing such a wonderful legacy?

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