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Find the Best Odds on 2018 NFL Win Totals for all 32 Teams

Danielle Hunter of the Minnesota Vikings celebrating a sack of Kirk Cousins
Find out where the best odds are available to bet Danielle Hunter and the Minnesota Vikings projected 2018 win total. Photo by Keith Allison (Flickr) [CC License].
  • Which teams have the highest/lowest win total projections for 2018?
  • Compare the odds for all 32 teams across three of our top online betting sites

At this point, you’ve probably seen the headlines reporting which teams have the highest and lowest projected win totals for the 2018 NFL season. Spoiler: it’s the New England Patriots and Cleveland Browns. But that doesn’t help you much as a bettor.

Instead, we’ve presented you with the win totals and accompanying odds from three of our top betting sites – Bovada, BetOnline, and MyBookie – allowing you to see which sportsbook is the best for each team, whether you want to bet the over or under.

I have bolded a win total that is different from the other two books, and also bolded the best odds for each bet (over and under). Along with the odds and win totals, you’ll find their 2017 record, and the average number of regular-season wins each team has recorded over the last three seasons.

2018 NFL Win Totals

Team Bovada Win Total & Odds BetOnline Win Total & Odds MyBookie Win Total & Odds 2017 Record Avg Wins Last 3 Yrs
Arizona Cardinals 5.5 (-145o/+115u) 5.5 (-140o/+120u) 5.5 (-145o/+115u) 8-8 9.3
Atlanta Falcons 9 (-130o/+100u) 9.5 (+105o/-125u) 9 (-125o/-105u) 10-6 9.7
Baltimore Ravens 8 (-130o/+100u) 8.5 (+115o/-135u) 8 (-125o/-105u) 9-7 7.3
Buffalo Bills 6.5 (+110o/-140u) 6.5 (+120o/-140u) 6.5 (-105o/-125u) 9-7 8
Carolina Panthers 9 (+105o/-135u) 8.5 (-110o/-110u) 9 (+100o/-130u) 11-5 10.7
Chicago Bears 6.5 (-130o/+100u) 6.5 (+100o/-120u) 6.5 (-130o/+100u) 5-11 4.7
Cincinnati Bengals 6.5 (-120o/-110u) 6.5 (+100o/-120u) 6.5 (-125o/-105u) 7-9 8.3
Cleveland Browns 5.5 (-120o/-110u) 4.5 (-180o/+160u) 5.5 (-110o/-120u) 0-16 1.3
Dallas Cowboys 8.5 (-125o/-105u) 8.5 (-120o/+100u) 8.5 (-130o/+100u) 9-7 8.7
Denver Broncos 7 (-130o/+100u) 7.5 (+125o/-145u) 7 (-120o/-110u) 5-11 8.7
Detroit Lions 8 (+115o/-145u) 7.5 (-110o/-110u) 8 (+110o/-140u) 9-7 8.3
Green Bay Packers 10 (+115o/-145u) 10.5 (+150o/-170u) 10 (+110o/-140u) 7-9 9
Houston Texans 8.5 (-145o/+115u) 9.5 (+160o/-180u) 8.5 (-145o/+115u) 4-12 7.3
Indianapolis Colts 6.5 (+110o/-140u) 6.5 (+110o/-130u) 6.5 (-105o/-125u) 4-12 6.7
Jacksonville Jaguars 9 (-125o/-105u) 8.5 (-150o/+130u) 9 (-130o/+100u) 10-6 6
Kansas City Chiefs 8.5 (+110o/-140u)  7.5 (-150o/+130u) 8.5 (-105o/-125u) 10-6 11
Team Bovada Win Total & Odds BetOnline Win Total & Odds MyBookie Win Total & Odds 2017 Record Avg Wins Last 3 Yrs
Los Angeles Chargers 9.5 (-125o/-105u) 9.5 (+100o/-120u) 9 (-135o/+105u) 9-7 6
Los Angeles Rams 9.5 (-140o/+110u) 9.5 (-130o/+110u) 9.5 (-155o/+125u) 11-5 7.3
Miami Dolphins 6 (-140o/+110u) 5.5 (-240o/+200u) 6 (-135o/+105u) 6-10 7.3
Minnesota Vikings 10 (-115o/-115u) 10.5 (+120o/-140u) 10 (-115o/-115u) 13-3 10.7
New England Patriots 11 (-135o/+105u)  10.5 (-200o/+170u) 11 (-135o/+105u) 13-3 13
New Orleans Saints 9.5 (+105o/-135u) 8.5 (-205o/+175u) 9.5 (+105o/-135u) 11-5 8.3
New York Giants 6.5 (-135o/+105u) 7.5 (+170o/-190u) 6.5 (-140o/+110u) 3-13 6.7
New York Jets 6 (+105o/-135u) 6.5 (+140o/-160u) 6 (+105o/-135u) 5-11 6.7
Oakland Raiders 8 (-125o/-105u) 8.5 (+110o/-130u) 8.5 (-110o/-120u) 6-10 8.3
Philadelphia Eagles 10.5 (+115o/-145u) 10.5 (+120o/-140u) 10.5 (+115o/-145u) 13-3 9
Pittsburgh Steelers 10.5 (+115o/-145u) 10.5 (+110o/-130u) 10.5 (-120o/-110u) 13-3 11.3
San Francisco 49ers 8.5 (-130o/+100u) 8.5 (-130o/+110u) 8.5 (-140o/+110u) 6-10 4.3
Seattle Seahawks 8 (+105o/-135u)  8.5 (+150o/-170u) 8 (+100o/-130u) 9-7 9.7
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 6.5 (-140o/+110u) 6.5 (-150o/+130u) 6.5 (-145o/+115u) 5-11 6.7
Tennessee Titans 8 (-110o/-120u) 7.5 (-145o/+125u) 8 (-115o/-115u) 9-7 7
Washington 7 (+105o/-135u) 6.5 (-140o/+120u) 7 (+115o/-145u) 7-9 8

NFL Win Totals Betting Tips

There are 256 possible wins available in a given season, yet Bovada and MyBookie have 257.5 projected wins, while BetOnline has 257 projected wins.

You should also consult our proper method for calculating strength of schedule before making any win totals bets.

2018 NFL Win Totals to Target

A couple of bets I am narrowing in on include:

Denver Broncos OVER 7.5 (+125) at BetOnline

Bradley Chubb falling to Denver at no. 5 in the 2018 NFL Draft brings their defense back to championship caliber. GM John Elway also added RT Jared Veldheer to shore up the offensive line for newly acquired QB Case Keenum. But the former Viking proved last year that he can operate under pressure, ranking 8th in passer rating vs pressure.

The Broncos will also benefit from Keenum’s ability to protect the football, after committing the second-most turnovers in the league last season. In 2017, Keenum was 3rd in the NFL with a “turnover-worthy throw %” of just 2.1%.

New England Patriots OVER 11 (-135) at Bovada

The Patriots haven’t won less than 12 games since 2009, which was Tom Brady’s first year back after missing basically an entire season due to a torn ACL. And during that time, the rest of the division was actually trying to be competitive.

[I]t seems the rest of the AFC East has decided they no longer wish to try and beat Brady, instead trying to build for the years after Brady.

In 2018, it seems the rest of the AFC East has decided they no longer wish to try and beat Brady, instead trying to build for the years after Brady.

Oakland Raiders UNDER 8 (-105) at Bovada

The AFC West is going to be a very competitive division, but Oakland will be the team that suffers the most. The Raiders have, by far, the worst defense in the division, and I’m not sold Derek Carr and Jon Gruden are going to make poetry with what they have in 2018.

San Francisco 49ers UNDER 8.5 (+110) at MyBookie

After seeing San Francisco’s 2018 projected win total, it’s safe to say the Jimmy Garoppolo hype is wearing off a little. When Super Bowl 53 odds opened, the 49ers had the eighth-shortest average odds in the NFL at +2000. And their average Super Bowl 53 odds got as short as +1500 (sixth-shortest) on March 14th.

However, bettors have begun to realize that quarterback wasn’t the only hole this team had. Sure, Jimmy G is going to make an immediate difference, but San Francisco still has too many holes on defense they need to address before they can be considered legitimate contenders.

An eight-win season would be a large step in the right direction for the franchise.

Tennessee Titans UNDER 7.5 (+125) at BetOnline

The Titans may have won nine games, and a playoff game, last season, but they were taking advantage of a golden opportunity. Andrew Luck, who is 9-0 against Tennessee in his career, missed the entire 2017 season; and Deshaun Watson, who embarrassed the Titans 57-14 in Week 4, missed the second half of the season with a torn ACL.

Marcus Mariota was dealing with his own injuries in 2017, as well. But he’s the third-best pivot in the division. The rest (non-JAX) of the AFC South will be a lot better with the return of their respective QBs.

If you’re looking for more offseason betting opportunities, follow along with our Super Bowl 53 Odds Tracker, 2018 NFL MVP Odds Tracker, and 2018 NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year Odds Tracker. You can even scratch that NFL betting itch by wagering on the first head coach to be fired during the 2018 season.

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