Odds of Barstool’s Dave Portnoy Being Kicked Out of Super Bowl 54 Listed at +800

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Barstool President Dave Portnoy has a troubled history with the NFL but will that stop him from going to Super Bowl LIV? Photo by @BarstoolRundown (twitter).
  • Barstool Sports President Dave Portnoy has been banned from all NFL events after protesting Tom Brady’s suspension in 2015 at NFL headquarters
  • The ban hasn’t stopped Portnoy from entering and being kicked out of NFL events since then
  • Sportsbooks have posted a prop on if Portnoy will get kicked out of the Super Bowl again this year

Barstool Sports President Dave Portnoy vs. the NFL. It’s a rivalry you could claim is as intense as some of the games on the field.

Portnoy and a trio of employees were arrested in 2015 protesting Tom Brady’s suspension at the NFL office and have been banned from league events ever since. He’s been arrested sneaking into events since then and you can bet whether he’ll try some of his old antics at Super Bowl LIV.

Odds Dave Portnoy Kicked Out of Super Bowl 54

Outcome Odds
Yes +800
No -2500

All odds taken January 27th.

Had you bet ‘Yes’ on this prop last year, you would have been a big winner, but will Portnoy try the same stunt again? At +800 the reward appears to outweigh the risk for a couple of key reasons.

No Press is Bad Press for Barstool Sports

Barstool Sports is interested in getting eyes and ears on their content above all else. A steady stream of articles regarding El Presidente being dragged out of the Super Bowl is a fairly easy way to do that.

His half-assed disguises add to the humor but also show he really isn’t interested in staying disguised at all.

Portnoy is a Boston guy and loves the New England Patriots. Without Brady and the Pats in the game will he be less motivated to show up? Maybe.

You could also argue he won’t mind missing the game getting dragged out by security since he has no dog in the fight.

Championship Games Are Portnoy’s Playground

Last year’s Stanley Cup Final was another classic example of Portnoy getting the most bang for his buck. Portnoy was “assaulted” by a St. Louis Blues fan while attending Game 4 and made such a big deal that odds were released on whether he’d attend Game 6.

The incident was detailed on Barstool and Portnoy even posted dramatic updates all over social media. To the point I made earlier, anything for clicks right?

His relationship hasn’t improved with the NFL, so the door for an encore remains open. Is the same schtick as powerful the second (or third, or fourth) time around? Probably not, but someone will still run with the story if Portnoy is dragged out in handcuffs.

If Portnoy gets the gate, Barstool can have a field day with the content on their own platforms writing articles, recording podcasts and posting on social media.

Odds Barstool Sports Personality Gets Into Super Bowl Opening Night or Coaches Interviews

Outcome Odds
Yes +350
No -600

The Barstool Sports prop bets don’t end with Portnoy. You can wager on whether any of his employees will get into the Super Bowl or coaches interviews as well.

The cast of characters is long at Barstool but I still think the Super Bowl is the big time and the boss will want to be involved in any stunt they might pull. I’m much more comfortable relying on Portnoy to pull this off than one of his underbosses.

PICK: Yes (+800)

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