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Kamala Harris Has Become Odds-On Favorite to Be Democratic Vice President

Robert Duff

by Robert Duff in Politics

Apr 21, 2020 · 3:48 PM PDT

Kamala Harris smiling
California Senator Kamala Harris is a -150 favorite to be chosen as Joe Biden's Democratic VP nominee. Photo by Office of the Attorney General of California (Wikimedia Commons).
  • Kamala Harris is now a -150 favorite to be named Joe Biden’s Vice-Presidential candidate for the 2000 US election
  • Is Harris the clear choice, or are their others worthy of consideration at longer odds?
  • Analysis and best bets are right here in the story that follows below

Kamala Harris is now the clear favorite to be selected as Joe Biden’s running mate on the Democratic ticket for the 2020 US Presidential election.

The California Senator hasn’t just moved ahead in the race. According to oddsmakers, Harris has gone full Usain Bolt on the field.

She’s pulling so far in front, Harris needs to look back over her shoulder to see the other contenders.

Current odds place Harris as the -150 chalk in the 2020 Democratic Nomination odds. Previously, Harris was +200 to be the VP candidate. Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar remains the second-favorite at +400.

2020 Democratic Vice-President Odds

Candidate Odds
Kamala Harris -150
Amy Klobuchar +400
Gretchen Whitmer +450
Elizabeth Warren +600
Stacey Abrams +1200
Michelle Obama +1800
C. Cortez Masto +2000
Hillary Clinton +3300
Val Demings +4000
Barack Obama +5000
Tammy Duckworth +5000
Tammy Baldwin +5000

Odds taken April 21st.

It wasn’t all that long ago when Harris and Klobuchar were running neck and neck in this betting market.

Harris Filling Role Of Favorite

Biden’s camp is insisting that the vetting for the role of his Vice-Presidential candidate won’t even get underway until next month. But he’s certainly understanding of how vital a role it will play in his campaign.

Biden is 77 and the world is in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s almost a certainty that he’d be a one-term President if Biden is successful at unseating incumbent Donald Trump at the polls on Nov. 3rd.

The person he selects as his running mate needs to be someone experienced in the political theater. It must be a person that Americans would look at and feel comfort in the knowledge of how easily and quickly they could find themselves sitting in the Oval Office if something were to happen to Biden.

Most of all, Biden’s VP pick must be someone who is going to be the face of the Democratic party for the next generation of voters. Harris checks off all of these boxes.

Warren Enters Fray

There’s a growing groundswell of support all of a sudden for Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren as VP. The former Presidential candidate endorsed Biden last week. Her odds shortened from +900 to +600.

The presence of the progressive Warren on the ticket would perhaps appease the Bernie Bros who so desperately wanted to see their man Bernie Sanders in the White House.

Putting two white, 70-somethings together on the ticket just doesn’t make sense, though.

Other Viable Candidates

Although she’s slipped in the odds from +250 to +400, it’s easy to make a case for Minnesota Senator Klobuchar. Her strength in the midwest could help in battleground states like her own, plus Wisconsin and Michigan.

Whitmer might also offer that impact but she’s got no federal political experience. That’s the same issue with Abrams. Will Americans feel comfortable voting for a ticket with a 77-year-old Presidential hopeful and an inexperienced VP candidate?

Something else that came up last week – Biden said he’d take former First Lady Michelle Obama as VP “in a heartbeat.” That’s an interesting take, considering if he did, she’d be a heartbeat away from the Presidency.

There’s another factor working against both Klobuchar and Warren. The Democrats want to flip the Senate in 2020. Risking Warren or Klobuchar’s seat could prove costly. It’s doubtful that Harris leaving the Senate would cause the Democrats any concern in liberal California.

All signs continue to point toward Harris.

Pick: Kamala Harris (-150)

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