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Among the thousands of Super Bowl props that sportsbooks open each year, there are a few consistently popular ones year after year. One of those is the color of Gatorade dumped on the winning coach after the game ends, or the Gatorade bath, if you will.

(Yes, you really can bet on the color of Gatorade dumped on the winning coach at the Super Bowl.)

Super Bowl 2023 will take place Sunday, February 12 in Glendale, Arizona. The Kansas City Chiefs will be taking on the Philadelphia Eagles for the right to hoist the Lombardi Trophy. Both of these teams have won a Super Bowl in the last five years and gave their respective head coaches a Gatorade bath. You can see what colors they used, as well as the color every other Super Bowl-winning coach had dumped on them, as well as the odds for which Gatorade color will be dumped after Super Bowl 57, below.

Historical Super Bowl Gatorade Colors | 2023 Super Bowl Gatorade Color Odds

Super Bowl Gatorade Color History

Super Bowl Winner Color Coach
21 New York Giants Orange Bill Parcells
22 Washington Football Team None Joe Gibbs
23 San Francisco 49ers None Bill Walsh
24 San Francisco 49ers None George Seifert
25 New York Giants None Bill Parcells
26 Washington Football Team None Joe Gibbs
27 Dallas Cowboys Clear Jimmy Johnson
28 Dallas Cowboys Clear Jimmy Johnson
29 San Francisco 49ers Clear George Seifert
30 Dallas Cowboys Clear Barry Switzer
31 Green Bay Packers None Mike Holmgren
32 Denver Broncos None Mike Shanahan
33 Denver Broncos None Mike Shanahan
34 St Louis Rams None Dick Vermeil
35 Baltimore Ravens Yellow Brian Billick
36 New England Patriots None Bill Belichick
37 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Purple Jon Gruden
38 New England Patriots None Bill Belichick
39 New England Patriots Clear Bill Belichick
40 Pittsburgh Steelers Clear Bill Cowher
41 Indianapolis Colts Clear Tony Dungy
42 New York Giants Clear Tom Coughlin
43 Pittsburgh Steelers Yellow Mike Tomlin
44 New Orleans Saints Orange Sean Payton
45 Green Bay Packers Orange Mike McCarthy
46 New York Giants Purple Tom Coughlin
47 Baltimore Ravens None John Harbaugh
48 Seattle Seahawks Orange Pete Carroll
49 New England Patriots Blue Bill Belichick
50 Denver Broncos Orange Gary Kubiak
51 New England Patriots None Bill Belichick
52 Philadelphia Eagles Yellow Doug Pederson
53 New England Patriots Blue Bill Belichick
54 Kansas City Chiefs Orange Andy Reid
55 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Blue Bruce Arians
56 Los Angeles Rams Blue Sean McVay
57 Kansas City Chiefs Purple Andy Reid

The Gatorade dumped on Andy Reid in Super Bowl 2023 was purple!

When you see “clear” in the table above, it generally means water. But the prop is not what type/flavor of Gatorade, just the color. This is why water gets lumped in as “clear”.

Super Bowl Gatorade Color Trends

  • The Gatorade dumped on the Super Bowl-winning coach has been orange in five of the last 14 years
  • Blue has been a popular Gatorade color to be dumped lately as well, with two of the last three winning coaches having blue Gatorade dumped on them, and four of the last five
  • Clear holds the record for most consecutive years being dumped on a winning coach, happening in four straight years on two different occasions – Super Bowls 27-30 and 39-42
  • Red is the most common color of Gatorade that has never been dumped on a winning coach
  • There have been three back-to-back champions in the Gatorade dumping era, with only one of those defending champions using the same color Gatorade in both games – the Dallas Cowboys in Super Bowls 27 and 28
  • Clear is also suffering the longest drought among Gatorade colors that have been dumped before, not having been used since Super Bowl 42

You can see how often each color has been used in the table below:

Super Bowl Gatorade Color Stats

Color Number of Times Dumped Most Recent Use
Clear 8 Super Bowl 42
Orange 6 Super Bowl 54
Blue 4 Super Bowl 56
Yellow 3 Super Bowl 52
Purple 3 Super Bowl 57

As mentioned earlier, “clear” has been the color of liquid dumped on the Super Bowl-winning coach most often. It has been seen eight times in total. Orange is the second-most frequent used Gatorade color, having been dumped on the winning coach six times.

Am I the only one who feels the only logical answer for blue not being used more is because it’s everyone’s favorite, and therefore the first cooler that runs dry?

Super Bowl 57 Gatorade Color Odds

Color Odds
Yellow/Green +125
Orange +350
Blue +350
Red/Pink +450
Clear/Water +850
Purple +850
None +1300

Odds above are from DraftKings Sportsbook in their “Novelty Props” section within NFL betting. If you are not already betting at DraftKings, don’t miss out on the best DraftKings promo code to use when signing up.

Odds for the Super Bowl Gatorade color prop came out on January 31, with Orange opening as the favorite at +350 odds. If you looked at the recent trends above, it should come as no surprise that orange was the favorite. However, Yellow/Green has since seen a dramatic shift from +400 all the way to +165 as the new favorite. The odds have continued to shorten for this color, now landing at +125 on Super Bowl Sunday.

It should be noted that when Kansas City won Super Bowl 54, Andy Reid received an orange Gatorade bath. When the Eagles won Super Bowl 52, Doug Pederson received a yellow Gatorade bath. Of course, Pederson is no longer the coach with Nick Sirianni now in charge in Philadelphia.

How Did the Gatorade Shower Start?

The answer to this depends on who you ask. But it is commonly accepted that the New York Giants started this tradition in 1984. Jim Burt, a defensive lineman for the Giants at the time, was apparently upset with the way head coach Bill Parcells had treated him that week, and decided to dump the cooler of Gatorade on Parcells after beating Washington.

It didn’t immediately become a tradition, though. It wasn’t until those same Giants gave Parcells a Gatorade bath after each win during their 1986-87 season that ended in New York hoisting the Lombardi Trophy. This is the first entry you’ll see in the table at the top of this page.

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