Do you like to cheer for a team that makes splashy moves, or stays a bit beneath the headlines by improving their depth? When you travel to Las Vegas, do you stay at the Wynn or the Travelodge?  As online sports books go, BetDSI is unique. They offer the perks of the Wynn and the value of the Travelodge, but like the salary cap in sports, or the convenience charge at a resort, there’s a catch. BetDSI  has a couple of attention grabbing offers and provides solid everyday play. But do you have the bankroll to really cash in?
Deposits at BetDSI are not only easy but provide larger maximums than many competitors. The minimum start up cost is $50 by using a Visa or MasterCard. Visa will allow you to deposit $2,500 and MasterCard caps deposits at $999. Other options have a $100 minimum and include Neteller, Click2Pay, and a variety of wire transfers. Using a bank draft or wire there is no maximum amount. Credit card deposits require an authorization form upon payout. Any transaction fees that you incur will be reimbursed by BetDSI so long as your deposit is for $300 or more. Having large maximum deposit amounts is critical to cashing in on perhaps the largest bonus in the industry.

If you’re going to roll at the Wynn, they’ll take care of you. It costs a pretty penny to stay, but once there you live in luxury. At BetDSI, if you are willing to open the check book, they’ll hook you up. Their maximum bonus is an incredible $2,500. This applies to bank wires of $10,000 or more. The bonus is credited as a free play. For those in a different tax bracket, enjoy a 20-percent free play on deposits of $300 or more with 5x rollover. For those with accounts, a 20-percent reload offer is available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. A referral bonus is also offered at 20-percent when a friend starts with $300 or more.

The core product of any sportsbook is what they offer and how it is presented. Like the Baltimore Ravens, sometimes the best moves are under the radar and just show up ready to go on Sunday. BetDSI is modern. Their site moves quickly and looks good. Their in-game wagering menu is huge and includes every NFL game, a very large selection of international soccer, and most other major U.S. sporting events. Their mobile betting platform is smooth and easy on the iPhone, BlackBerry and Android devices. When you look for a line, it is presented with the spread, over/under, money line, and percentage of customers betting on each side of a wager. There are even betting tools like calculators to weight various parlays and teasers, and articles to learn more about games and gain knowledge before you bet.

Because BetDSI is a part of the much larger Bookmaker family they offer early lines. This is a great benefit to customers who want to get a certain number when it comes out and either sit on it or shop for a middle later on. In addition to all major sports, BetDSI has betting on poker, rugby, volleyball, cycling, martial arts, and cricket. For mainstream sports, they offer a wide range of ways to wager including certain portions of games, baseball series prices, props, season win totals, and futures.

A great hotel offers some restaurant options, entertainment, and shopping. BetDSI might not go overboard in the extras department, but they have a fun poker room with lots of tournaments. They are promoting a mega tournament slated for December when $1 million in prize money will be up for grabs in Texas Hold-em with a $540 buy-in. Their racebook, which has an 8-percent rebate program on exotic wagers, has positives and negatives. They offer the ability to parlay races at various tracks which is really unique. They do not allow any Pick-5, or Pick-6 wagers. At major tracks they cap winnings at $30,000 per race, but at smaller circuits the maximum win drops all the way to $1,000. BetDSI does not have a casino though they do offer online bingo.

Payouts are a bit of a mixed bag at BetDSI. They will get you your money and do so quickly but there are no free options for U.S. customers. The minimum withdrawal is $100 and it is difficult to get your cash for anything less than a $25 fee. That said, using Neteller, you can receive up to $8,000 for just the one charge. If you deposited using a credit card, an authorization form is needed for payouts and processing it can slow down the withdrawal though not usually for more than a day or so.

Signing a big name free agent, or staying at the Wynn has certain advantages. That said, they are a bit costly and if all you’re looking for is a role player or bed to sleep on, they might be more than you need. BetDSI is easy to navigate, has lots of good options, and is recommended for wagering. That being said, will you benefit from their huge bonus or big poker tournament?