Do you wait for the newspaper to arrive at your house and then find out what happened the night before in sports? For generations, before every game was on TV, and the advent of the internet made sports a 24/7 love affair, the idea of betting on games while they were being played was incomprehensible outside of a few bucks or a beer exchanging hands between friends. As sportsbooks go, is fairly standard, except they have cornered the market on in-game wagering. If you watch games while betting on your computer or phone, JustBet gives you a much larger selection of games to gamble on than any other book.

Over the summer Bookmaker took over the operation of JustBet and that has been a welcome change. Minimum bets have been lowered so that you can bet as little as you want on any wager, customer service is improved, betting options have increased, and the site is easy to navigate. That being said, bonuses are not what they once were.

Signing up at JustBet is easy. The minimum deposit for a Visa card is $96 while they also accept bank wire, bank draft, person 2 person, and deposits by phone. Once upon a time they offered initial deposit bonuses in excess of 100-percent. They currently give out 15-percent with 4x rollover if you deposit at least $300, which is far below the industry norm for a welcome bonus. That being said, it does not take a lot of effort to get a better deal. By calling or chatting with one of their representatives you can get up to a 50-percent bonus if you are willing to deposit $5,000. They seem to have a sliding scale with the amount you deposit, and rollover. For a $1,000 deposit I was offered 30-percent bonus and 6x rollover. My understanding is that their highest rollover is 10x, though it feels like all of these numbers are negotiable.

The offerings at JustBet are solid. Their interface is very easy to use, and while their world sports are not vast, if you like soccer, you can bet on major and minor leagues from across the globe. That being said, there are no soccer split lines that allow you to have half of your bet on, for example, “over 2” and the other half on “over 2.5.” Sports in the U.S. are covered comprehensively, though it is a bit odd that certain props are not available until game days particularly in the NFL.

As noted earlier, JustBet thrives on modern technology. Their mobile platform is the best I’ve used. It’s quick and mimics the website beautifully. Their in-game wagering offers far more games than any other site I’ve wagered on. They offer nearly the entire slate of NFL games, plus tons of NBA, NHL, and baseball options. UFC, soccer, and selected college games, including most bowl games, are available through in-game wagering. While the juice can sometimes be -120 for live betting, it seems to vary by the event, because other times it is -115 and sometimes it falls at the standard -110.

The rewards program at JustBet is standard. If you bet a lot you can get a few bucks back, but it is not really an enticing reason to sign-up. They have a better than average racebook that rewards handicappers who hit Pick 3’s and 4’s that those on track do not win on (awarding full payments minus takeout even if there is no winning price listed). They do cap winnings, as most online racebooks do, but since they do not offer Pick 6’s, it rarely comes into effect for major tracks. Their casino is solid if not spectacular, and JustBet does not have a poker room.

Theoretically, payouts are a pain at JustBet. It seemingly costs at least $50 to get a check sent to you. However, much like bonuses, this is worth a discussion. I was told that for a $5,000 deposit it wouldn’t be a problem to get two free payouts per month and they’d give me one freebie monthly with a $1,000 deposit. It seems reasonable that this point should be cleared up before you open your account, but regardless of what you deposit, a once-in-a-while free deposit seems doable.

If you are looking for a site to just type in your information, deposit, and start betting, JustBet is not going to give you the quickest and best deal. If you don’t mind haggling a bit, and you aren’t the type of bettor who wants to get in your cash a few days in advance, they offer some great opportunities. JustBet is a new-age site. They cater to people on the move who bet while the action is rolling. Newspaper subscribers move over, JustBet wants the Twitterverse.