If you like betting on teams, MyBookie.ag will do the trick. If you like betting on individuals, MyBookie.ag is the best sportsbook you will find. Though they do not have the best bonuses, those who like fantasy sports and think they have an edge betting the game within the game will find offerings at MyBookie that are not available elsewhere.

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My Bookie Bonuses and Promos

MyBookie has a few exciting promotions once you are a customer, but their welcome bonus options are lackluster. That said, they have a decent number of substantial offers once you have signed up and are a regular.

Their standard sign-up bonus is a 50% match up to a reasonable $1000.

Use the code “SBD” to access an exclusive sign-up bonus.

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However, the minimum deposit for the 50% bonus is $100. Those who start with less than $100 only get a mundane 25% bump. Rollover at MyBookie is on a sliding scale.

  • $45-$300 = 5x rollover
  • $301-$500 = 7x rollover
  • $501-$1,000 = 10x rollover
  • $1,001-$2,000 = 15x rollover
  • $2,001-$3,000 = 20x rollover

MyBookie calculates rollover by taking the deposit amount, adding any applicable transfer fees plus the bonus amount, and then multiplying by the rollover figure. The maximum winnings permissible from any wager made with a bonus are $5,000. As many sites state, promotions are for recreational players only.

MyBookie’s bonus system is not friendly to novices. The site does not automatically credit bonuses. You need to contact customer service to get your added percentage. This is easy and doesn’t take a lot of time, but why make it difficult? Plenty of other sites give you options and credit your bonus immediately.

Bonus funds are not available for middling bets, either, as MyBookie prohibits users from betting on both sides of a game with promotional money. If you are smart enough to bet an NFL line early at -4, and the number shifts to -1.5, why shouldn’t you be able to put yourself in position to win both bets?

Additional Bonuses

MyBookie has a lot of bonuses, and while most have lots of small print to read, they are very creative. Their bonuses are the best in terms of their size and playability, but MyBookie does a lot of other things right, and it offers a lot of different and unique bonuses. It may be the best sportsbook for you, as long as bonuses and promotions are not your top requirement.

Risk-Free Wagering Bonus

Outside of deposit bonuses, new account holders qualify for a $20 risk-free sports bet. If you lose your first straight wager, it will be refunded up to $20 with a 5x rollover (based on deposit and bonus amount). You must email customer service within 48 hours of the wager being graded to get the $20.

Casino Bonuses

For casino players, a 100% sign-up bonus up to $300 is available with 50x rollover.

Reload Bonuses

When existing customers need to replenish their accounts, MyBookie offers a 25% reload bonus up to $500 with anywhere from 5x to 15x rollover depending upon the deposit amount. MyBookie has a fairly generous refer-a-friend program, as well: 200% bonus up to $200 with a 5x rollover.

Rebate Bonuses

In theory, the site’s 8% rebate at the racebook is pretty good. In practice, it depends on how you are betting. There is no rebate on straight wagers that pay even money or less. Additionally, straight bets (win/place/show) get only a 3% rebate. Exotic bets at the largest tracks are eligible for the full 8%, but exotics at smaller tracks receive 5% and 3% depending on the size of the venue.

Free Play Bonuses

A pretty easy $10 free play is available for those who follow MyBookie on Facebook or Twitter.

Rewards Bonuses

As for rewards programs, MyBookie has a normal-looking loyalty platform. You receive points based on the type of wagers you make, with bonuses available from time to time. Prizes range from gift cards to free payouts to cash back. Like most sites, only high-volume and big-dollar players will ever see these rewards, but it is still nice that they exist if you are a regular.

Refund Bonuses

They have a couple of ridiculous “bonuses” where you can get $25 if you have won or lost 10 consecutive straight bets. Less crazy, but still hard to cash in on, is a boxing/MMA promotion that refunds losing bets if your boxer is KO’ed in the first round, or an MMA fighter falls in the opening minute via KO, Submission, or stoppage. However, only favorites of -250 or better qualify. (Always read the fine print!)

Our favorite MyBookie promo is the No Fun Refund. If you bet on an NFL team that gets penalized for excessive celebration following a touchdown in the final five minutes or overtime, and the opposing team scores on the subsequent drive to win the game, your bet is refunded at 100% with no maximum. Of course, you need to email to get your cash back, and only your first real-money wager on the spread or moneyline applies.

Sportsbook Experience

Though online sportsbooks may differ when it comes to bonuses, banking, and secondary offerings, the meat and potatoes of the business remain the same: betting on sports. In large part, most sportsbooks have comparable wagering options on similar events. Where books set themselves apart, and why people gravitate to different sites, is what they do uniquely, whether it be reduced juice, the earliest lines, or higher limits. What MyBookie does better than anyone is offering the most creative and extensive player props available. If you think like a fantasy football manager and like to take the individual numbers and stats out of the bigger game, no site allows you to cash in on that perspective better than MyBookie.

Though specialized props might be what MyBookie does best, you can, of course, bet on all of the expected events (and many unexpected ones, as well). The site is easy to use, though not among the fastest out there. Their initial limits are low, but they claim that you can negotiate them if need be. They do not post lines overly quickly, but for the average fan betting a few bucks here and there, their offerings are more than sufficient.

The process for placing a wager at MyBookie is pretty simple. On the far left-hand side of the page, you click on the sport you want to bet on; that opens up the daily slate for games in that sport in the middle of your screen. After scrolling to find the side you want to bet on, you click on the box that corresponds to the wager you’d like to place (spread, moneyline, or over or under). Once you click that box, your wager appears in the bet slip towards the upper right portion of your screen. If you chose more than one game, tabs for parlays, teasers, if bets, and reverses appear. You can enter either the amount you want to wager or the amount you hope to win, and the other side of the equation is filled in automatically. Once you have it all set, you click “place bet” and then “confirm,” at which point a green “bets accepted” message appears.

If you are making several plays, it is nice that there is a “retain picks” button in the bet slip so that you don’t need to go back and find individual games over and over again. All in all, MyBookie is a well laid out site that enables you to navigate efficiently and get to the various parts of the site without making several clicks.

One of the most frustrating parts of MyBookie is a lack of transparency. In order to get questions about limits answered, or find out specific details on withdrawal policies, you must ask customer service. Though they list lots of rules on their website, they tend to go deep on legalese that covers their rear-end. Things that customers might want to know, like the limits for various bets or the service charges for particular payouts, are not listed.

Betting Limits

Though it is almost impossible to believe that their limit for NFL sides and NHL teasers is the same, when pressed, MyBookie offered this generic statement on limits: “We do not offer a list of the betting limits, though every limit is set at $2000 except for props which limits go from $250 to $500. If you are interested in higher limits, you can call us and our managers will tell you if they can take more than that on any game.” In other words, they’ll decide who can bet what when, and you should not expect to be able to get a ton of cash down on any one event. That said, for the huge majority of players, this will not be an issue.

Line Selection

As for variety, MyBookie has a reasonable number of events available for wagering. Of course, they focus on the major sports and cover them in an in-depth manner, particularly if you like player props. As for the rest of the selection, they have the standard fare for golf and other American staples, plus a solid but not all-inclusive list of international soccer, e-sports, international hoops, and a few political and entertainment props.

Live Betting

In all honesty, if you are just looking for the basics out of a sportsbook, MyBookie certainly has you covered. This is especially true in regards to their live wagering platform.

The juice for live betting varies, but it tends to be in the reasonable -115 range. It appears the smaller the sport the larger the juice (sometimes you’ll see -120 for tennis) but they are not gouging customers, and the platform is excellent. They update live betting on a play-by-play basis, not just during timeouts, and they offer several moneylines and totals for each event. Knowing that speed is vital for live betting, MyBookie has a quickbet function, where you can seamlessly click on the side you want, how much you wish to wager, and press “bet” in a fraction of a second.

MyBookie’s Premium Live Betting Platform seems to always be active. If you want to bet on the second set of a tennis match between two relative unknowns in a secondary event during the middle of the night, you will be able to! They don’t offer live betting for every game from the big sports, but expect to find about 95-percent of them.

Player Props
As good as live betting is at MyBookie (and they may be the best in the industry) the thing they do best is player props, located under the Props Builder tab. Their player prop bets are the most in-depth and user-friendly on the market. The site’s explanation is pretty on point when describing the product,  it “gives you the power to create and customize your own bets on player performance. Select your bet type, player and statistic and away you go.”

It isn’t quite as simple as the explanation, but that is actually a good thing. It would be too simple if there were simply five players available, one bet type, and one statistical category. In reality, you can choose from a wide variety of sports, most of the players on each team’s roster, a handful of different stats. You can then bet over or under a particular statistical benchmark, or bet head-to-head against another player(s).

For any given NFL game, most skill-position players are available, as are passing yards, passing TDs, pass completions, rushing yards, rushing touchdowns, number of carries, receiving yards, receiving scores, and number of receptions. Once you pick the player and category you want to bet on, you can adjust the line. If you bring up a running back and MyBookie offers you -117 that he’ll get at least 14 carries in a game, you can accept that number or change the carries (e.g. 13 could be -158, while 15 is -103). You can also add a second or even third player and make over/under picks on their cumulative totals, or play them against each other and handicap who will have the better game.

The player props at MyBookie are amazing for the daily fantasy crowd and those who think about the game player-by-player and are more into individuals than teams. However, unlike in fantasy where you need to be right on several guys to be successful, here you are honing in on one player that you either deeply believe in or think is going to have a bad week.

We have not witnessed any issues with grading at MyBookie. They are professional, as you would expect, and debit/credit your account quickly. Prop bets take a little longer to grade, as expected, since stats need to be verified rather than just the final score. But all in all, they have a good system for grading bets.

Secondary Offerings: Casino, and Racebook

The casino and racebook at MyBookie are adequate for those who want to dabble occasionally, but they are insufficient for much more than a distraction and there is no poker room whatsoever.

The casino has some live blackjack, roulette, and baccarat. They have the normal selection of slots, some of the 3D variety, plus video poker and a few other random games like keno and virtual racebook. There is a 100% casino bonus up to $300 available, but anybody that is into casino play can find a site with more modern options and variety elsewhere.

The racebook is more or less an afterthought. Due to the payout structure, the only tracks you should even consider playing are the biggest tracks, and one of them, Keeneland, isn’t even spelled right on the website’s rules (Keenland). One of the house rules — all wagers are refunded if there is no track payout for a certain wager — is a killer. If you hit a Pick 4 or Pick 6, and nobody at the track has the right combination, you should receive the entire handle minus the takeout, very possibly a five or six-figure payout; you should not just get your money back. We do appreciate the general navigability of the racebook and the fact they offer $0.50 Pick 4 wagers. For those betting $2 every now and again, it does the trick. For sophisticated horse bettors, there are better options out there.

Website Usability

While the layout of MyBookie makes a lot of sense, both on your laptop or mobile device, it is slightly slower than some competitors. It is not so slow that it takes away from the experience, and we found that live betting moves swiftly once you are logged in, but loading the site and logging in takes a little bit more time than some other sites. Particularly, My Bookie can make you verify that you are not a robot, which happens with some frequency. The site does have a modern look and is easy to navigate. Overall, it is a solid platform for most players.

Mobile Betting Experience

Mobile betting at MyBookie using a phone or tablet is fine. The site certainly looks nice, and it is good that it remembers what you most recently bet and takes you to that sport; this lets you quickly find the bet you want to make when you’re in a hurry.

Navigating is rather easy with the various sports displayed at the top. One tap brings up the upcoming lines. The site is fast enough, and loading sections like live betting takes about the same amount of time on a mobile device as on a PC. The buttons are large enough to click without any issues, and the process for making bets is similar to the normal platform, with one exception: on mobile, you must click on the bet slip to make it appear. On the whole, the mobile experience is simple and that is a good thing.

Banking – Depositing

MyBookie accepts deposits in a variety of ways, and aside from bank wires, fees are waived if you are starting with at least $300. Though minimum and maximum deposits are a bit tighter than at some other books, the process for getting started is pretty straightforward, and most people are not going to have an issue finding a reasonable funding method that is neither time consuming nor expensive.

The process for funding an account is simple. After clicking on the deposit tab, we chose Bitcoin, requested an address, went to our wallet, sent the cash and, shortly after, the blockchain network verified our transaction and our account was ready to roll. As mentioned previously, you must then email to get your bonus, a process that generally takes less than a day.

It is worth noting that, as Bitcoin has grown in popularity, and the network has gotten busier, fees for transactions have risen. Try to make deposits during normal business hours when more people are available to help process your request. Otherwise, you risk paying higher fees, as there is more demand for transactions than people to verify them.

MyBookie also offers credit card, MoneyGram, and eCheck deposits. Though none are difficult, note the differences and details in the policies with each so that you are not surprised later. Also, be aware that wire transfers are not currently available despite being listed on the website

Banking – Withdrawals

The process to request cash isn’t difficult but takes a little bit of time. Depending upon your deposit method, it may involve some paperwork. If you funded your account using a credit card, in order to get your money you will need to:

  • provide a copy of your valid photo ID
  • provide copies of the card used, and
  • fill out and sign a verification form.

Though withdrawal times appear a bit longer than at other sites, it is appreciated that MyBookie is upfront about how long it is going to take, and our experience is that they deliver on schedule, and sometimes earlier. They are generous with their allowance of up to three withdrawals per week (if you use each of their various methods) but the ways you can request cash are limited. It is also really nice that they have fee-free possibilities. So long as you understand the ins-and-outs of deposits and withdrawals from the start, there should not be any surprises. Their policies are set and they adhere to them.

Customer Service

Because the website does not go into detail about limits, payouts, and the like, we spent more time talking to customer service at MyBookie than most other sites we’ve reviewed. Our experience was mixed. The agents were easy to reach via phone call, call back request, or chat, and they tried to be helpful. But occasionally they gave information that contradicted each other. By not having straightforward numbers and rules on the site, it creates a laundry list of questions. Representatives clearly are given broad answers to most of those questions, but when pushed on details, they frequently need to ask someone else or are forced to make up some sort of half-truth. The line to chat is generally not too long, though the agents are clearly answering more than one person’s questions simultaneously. The customer service as a whole is pretty good, but the ambiguity on the site makes their job difficult.

Is MyBookie.ag A Good Sportsbook For You?

Whether you should start an account at MyBookie is really a simple question. How important are player props and live betting to what you do? If those are the areas you are most interested in, and where you will spend the majority of your time, then this sportsbook excels in these areas. MyBookie is also a great site for those who think about games in a player oriented and statistical manner.

For anyone else, MyBookie is still a very solid option that really opens up the player rewards once you are a customer and offer generous payout terms. Those looking for early lines or large limits should go elsewhere.