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RealBet Review

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Banking highlights icon Banking

  • Minimum deposit of $10 through Bitcoin / $50 for credit cards
  • Payouts are only available via check

Sportsbook highlights icon Sportsbook

  • Basic line selection
  • Low betting limits
  • Faulty mobile betting

Customer service highlights Customer Service

  • No chat feature
  • Email and phone only
  • English only

Overview of RealBet


Launched in 2015 and licensed in Curacao, RealBet caters to casual fans looking for some action on their favorite teams. They offer wagering on events big and small, manage a casino, and have several worthwhile promotions.

Where RealBet shines is in their variety of props offered and in-game sports betting portal. Because they cater to those with smaller bankrolls (and therefore have more fans than pros as their clients) there’s an advantage for those who prefer to bet on underdogs.

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Deposit, withdrawal, and payout options
*Sportsbook does not meet SBD's minimum quality requirements.
Banking section icon

Deposit Options

RealBet offers just two ways to fund an account: credit cards and Bitcoin. Credit cards are available with a minimum deposit of $50 and a maximum starting point of $1,000. Bitcoin deposits start at $10 and there does not appear to be a maximum.

The process for depositing is straightforward, and the number of options makes it easy to pick one or the other, sign-up, send a few bucks, and start wagering.

Withdrawals and Payouts Times

Payouts are not RealBet’s strength as they offer just one way to get money won in the sportsbook. The only way to get funds is via check, which can take 15-20 business days to process. There is a fee of $50 for deposits under $250, but that is waived once per month. They have a weekly maximum cashout of $2,500, which isn’t ideal if you win big or have a large balance you want to withdraw. Payouts are the number one area that RealBet could improve upon.

RealBet has also had issues with the speed of their withdrawals, though these issues have gone down significantly and are mostly a thing of the past.


Variety of Bonuses
*Sportsbook does not meet SBD's minimum quality requirements.
Bonuses section heading icon

The main sign-up bonus available at RealBet is 100% up to $1,000 with 5x rollover for new account holders. This is a very competitive welcome bonus and requires no RealBet.eu promo code for activation. In theory, you can, “just deposit and play!”

However, our experience was that the bonus wasn’t automatically credited and we had to email customer service. They quickly credited our bonus which wasn’t a deal breaker, but this should be automatic so double check your account when joining.

Those reloading their account get a 20% bump up to $200 with 5x rollover. This requires the reload bonus code: RELOAD20, and is easy to utilize.


Minimal offerings
*Sportsbook does not meet SBD's minimum quality requirements.
Sportsbook section heading icon

RealBet’s sportsbook is solid. They may not offer a huge menu of sports, but what they do have is well-covered with plenty of ways to bet individual games. Their props and in-game wagering are their biggest strengths here.

Line Selection

Offerings at RealBet are pretty standard. Major sports are covered comprehensively, and secondary events are usually booked. They have a wide array of options when it comes to international soccer, but no inventory for niche events.

As for odds, RealBet leans towards favorites. This sportsbook is marketed towards the general public, and average players like to wager on marquee teams and star players. This provides an opportunity for analytics-based customers who desire some extra value on underdogs.

RealBet does a nice job of providing props. Most days, they have certain games with several props, and as well as a full menu of props available for playoff games in most sports.

In terms of betting methods, the site has exactly what you’d expect: straight offerings, totals, moneylines, parlays, teasers, etc. Their futures are sporadic. Sometimes, you’ll find odds on who’ll win events in the long term, but mostly, they don’t have betting lines for the next NBA champ. That said, they’ll usually have lines on MVP predictions for an individual season.

RealBet does a nice job of providing props. Most days, they have certain games with several props, and as well as a full menu of props available for playoff games in most sports.

They also offer matchup odds for many golf events, not just major tournaments.

Betting Limits

RealBet has some of the lowest limits in the industry. Even on the day of NFL games, you can bet only $1,000 on a side or moneyline. The same is true for the NBA, NHL, and MLB. Overnight limits are $500 in football and hoops, and $250 for hockey and baseball. Smaller events have lower limits.

Though these amounts are lower than other sites, for the majority of players, they’re of little consequence. You can always get your $10, $25, $50, or $100 wagers down. The minimum bet is $5 – which is a little higher than some sites – but not too significant. Occasionally, however, someone may want to try a crazy 12-team parlay for only a couple bucks.

Live Betting

RealBet’s live betting is one of the newer sections on their site, but a real strength: The menu is huge, featuring every game in major sports, and many smaller events. In addition to offering in-game prices, RealBet has fractions of games, halves, and quarter prices available.

The live betting portion of the site updates quickly, is easy to use, and provides everything users need for fast-moving action.

Live wagering starts at $1, with a typical maximum of $500. Juice for in-game betting is usually raised to -120, which is a little high, but not out of the ballpark from what you can find at other betting sites. The live betting portion of the site updates quickly, is easy to use, and provides everything users need for fast-moving action.

RealBet Mobile Betting

Going to RealBet.eu on a phone or tablet should automatically launch a mobile-optimized version of their site, however, it doesn’t.  To access the mobile you need to visit (and bookmark)  http://www.realbet.eu/mobile/.  This is the one major downside of RealBet, and something they should look at fixing.

That complaint aside, once on the mobile-optimized part of their site, it’s smooth sailing. The site is fast, easy to navigate and acts as it should.

Customer Service

Limited customer service selection
*Sportsbook does not meet SBD's minimum quality requirements.
Customer service section heading icon

Though assistance comes with restrictions, these limitations shouldn’t affect most players. Realbet does not offer a chat feature, so you need to email or call to for help. They only offer customer support in English, so if you are most comfortable in another language, this might be an issue.

We found that reps responded to questions promptly, and were able to answer basic questions. The customer support is helped by a detailed help section that can answer a lot of your questions.

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The Bottom Line

RealBet has made huge strides since their first few years and should only improve on their now-solid product. In many ways, they are young and still working out some kinks, but they have a lot of potential and have shown significant growth.

In the first few months of operation, RealBet experienced some bumps in the road, particularly with payouts. Those issues have mostly been resolved, and they seem dedicated to serving clients in any way they can.

Live betting and a large selection of daily props are where RealBet shines the brightest.

If you are interested in props, want to bet in-game, could benefit from extra points/improved juice on underdogs, and are in it for lower (but fun) stakes, RealBet is a solid choice for you.

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