Being new can be a good thing. You aren’t risking a reputation when you try something outside of the norm, and there is a passion and drive to prove yourself. Rookies sometimes succeed because they simply don’t know any better. It is easy to get caught up in “the way things have always been done,” and it is refreshing to see something different. is new to the sportsbook scene and eager to prove themselves. They’ll try their best to entice you to check them out.

At one time it was difficult to fund accounts from sportsbooks that took customers in the United States. These days credit card payments are the standard, and that is no different at RealBet where Visa and MasterCard are accepted. Debit cards will also work, and they are working to add other methods. Unlike several other companies, RealBet allows initial deposits of $1,000, twice what some competitors offer.

New businesses have sales, and head hunters offer signing bonuses for new employees. RealBet needs customers and therefore they have a tempting 100% sign-up bonus up to $300. That means if you deposit $300, you’ll have $600 to play with. With a reasonable 5x the deposit and bonus rollover, this is a great perk to get you started.

In addition to the to the bonus that gets you in the game, RealBet knows that they need to satisfy early customers so that others see that friends are having a good experience, and that will attract more business. They have a 25% bonus up to $200 when members refer-a-friend, and add 20% when bettors win their parlay challenge, which requires at least a five team parlay. They have various parlay promos throughout the week. When you need to reload, use the promo code “RELOAD20” for a 20% reload bonys. Free bets are also an occasional option usually around big national games like Sunday Night Baseball.

In terms of betting on a daily basis, RealBet has a solid group of options, though nothing that sets them apart. Their juice is standard, and offerings are fine but not spectacular. They pretty much have exactly what you’d expect. They focus on football and have a lot futures and props on the NFL, though nothing really out of the ordinary. They have more college football win totals than most sites, and a standard assortment of everything else. Some glitches still need to be worked out, for example, sports that are listed, but no lines are up.

While in-game betting is offered on RealBet for certain contests, their mobile platform appears to just be their website which is not optimized yet for phones and tablets. It is relatively easy to use on your phone, but certainly an app or something geared towards users on the go would be helpful. No doubt this is in the works, for right now, it is a missing part of the equation.

Horse racing is listed among the sports at RealBet options, but they have no dedicated racebook, and no horse racing options appear to be available aside from major races. RealBet does not have a poker room, but they do offer casino games and slots. They have a reward program for casino players which is nice, but why not include all wagers?

Like deposits, it seems that RealBet is dedicated to easy and quick payouts but at this point the options are limited. One free couriered check per month is offered but it is very reasonable to think that further options and services are going to come into the fold soon.

Being new is not a bad thing. Having energy and ambition is good. RealBet offers a great sign-up promotion and seems to be fully prepared to compete with the big boys in sportsbooks. That said, growing pains are a part of the process, and while it may come sooner than later, outside of football, they are a step behind top rated books at this point.