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Sportsbetting.ag is a safe, dependable, and prompt place for recreational and professional bettors. The website is easy to navigate and has lots of options in the sportsbook, poker room, casino, and racebook.

With a strong reputation for prompt payouts and customer service, plus excellent bonuses, a good mobile platform, and high limits, it is a recommended option for many bettors.

SportsBetting.ag Bonuses and Promotions

One of the real pluses of Sportsebetting.ag is their bevy of promos. In addition to competitive sign-up bonus options, there are many long-running promotions that encourage players to dip their toe into the various sections of the site.

Want to get the best Sportbetting.ag sign-up bonus?

Choose from one of three easy to execute welcome bonuses available:

Sign-up bonus for new players.
Bitcoin first deposit bonus.
Get this bonus for lifetime


A 50% welcome promotion is available using our exclusive Sportsbetting.ag promo code “SBD1000.” The deposit must be at least $25 with a maximum of $1,000. The same requirements are in play: no quick withdrawals, and the bonus bets can be made only in the sportsbook. This offer has a 12x rollover.

If you are making a deposit using Bitcoin, you can get the same 50% sign-up bonus on your first deposit up to $1,000 using the promo code “2017BTC.” The minimum deposit for this offer is $20, and it has a high 14x rollover requirement. The free plays you earn are for the sportsbook only, and no withdrawals are allowed during the first 30 days.

Use Promo Code: SBD1000

The third option, and this one is really more for those who already have accounts, is the 25% bonus for life. You can re-load at any time, or just drive up your bankroll using the promo code “FORLIFE.” You must add at least $50, and no more than $1,000, and the same rules apply as the other bonuses. This third option has a much lower 6x rollover.

While the sign-up and re-load bonuses at Sportsbetting.ag are good, the rest of their promotions are better. Almost regardless of what part of the site you choose to check out, there is an enticement to take the plunge.

The first time you place a bet using a smart phone or tablet, you qualify for the mobile betting $50 free play. If you lose that first bet, just send an email to freeplay@sportsbetting.ag, and a reimbursement will be credited. If you bet more than $50, you can still get $50 back, and there is a manageable 6x rollover with this promo. Our experience is that the money is generally credited back within 24 hours, though they say it will take place within two days, and you get an email confirmation when it has been deposited.

Additional Bonuses

Just like the enticement to try mobile betting, there is a $25 free play for your first in-game bet and first racebook bet, too. They both have 6x rollovers, as well, and the same email will result in you getting your cash back pretty quickly. The racebook also has a monthly 7% rebate on all internet wagers, and 4% back on telephone bets. There aren’t a ton of restrictions on the rebates, though they are not available for the smallest tracks or biggest favorites (11/10 or shorter).

The casino has a bunch of promotions, including a risk-free $25 first bet in live dealer games with a 6x rollover, and a 20% monthly rebate on losses. The free initial wager must be claimed within two days of the end of the month and does not count tournament and live casino play. Also, the losses must equate to $100 or more. Video slots have a 30x rollover.

The poker room promos are not as juicy, but there is free entry to certain tournaments and increased prizes for particular tables.

Like most books, Sportsebetting.ag has a refer-a-friend program. For each account that deposits at least $25, you earn 100% of the deposit up to $100.

The only loyalty or VIP program they have is poker-related. That said, the aforementioned bonuses, and reduced juice on baseball games (more on this later), is more beneficial than most points programs that other sites dangle.

Sportsbetting.ag Sportsbook Experience

The sportsbook has a lot going for it. It posts lines quickly; it offers action on a huge menu of games; it is fairly easy to navigate; and it has low minimum and high maximum wagers. That combination ought to be attractive to a large majority of bettors.

While not difficult, the act of placing a bet at Sportsbetting.ag takes a little getting used to. First, you click on the box next to the various moneyline, spread, total, or prop you’re interested in. When you click, the bet you are considering gets highlighted in green. After you have clicked on all the bets you are considering, you then move to the right of the screen and utilize the bet slip. Select either straight bet, parlay & robin, if bet & reverse, or teaser & pleaser. Once you have chosen the type of bet, enter either the amount you want to risk or the amount you’re hoping to win. (The site will calculate the other end.) Then click on confirm bet to make your wager. A ticket number will appear in red as confirmation that your wager was placed.

Though not the end of the world, it is a bit difficult to toggle from one type of bet to another. If you initially indicate you want to make straight bets, and then want to change to a teaser, you cannot click at the top, but instead need to find the teaser heading inside the bet slip. Sometimes it was easier to delete each of the games, go back and select them again, and then chose the new type of wager. In sum, the process is not as concise as it could be, though the amount of time wasted can be measured in seconds, not minutes.

The minimum wager at sportsbetting.ag is $1. The stated maximums vary by sport, but are pretty significant, and that is important for sharp players. Here are the betting limit highlights:

  • The bigger the league, the higher the limit will be for money line, spread, totals, and live bets.
  • Once a limit has been reached, it can re-bet every time the odds move.
  • NFL limits vary depending on the game day; limits are higher for Thursday-Sunday games and the Superbowl than they are on pre-season and Monday night games.
  • NBA spread betting is capped at $10,000, while the money line and totals limits are $5,000.
  • MLB limits are not nearly as variable, the maximum bets you can place on the run line and totals is $5,000 for any single game, and $10,000 on the money line.
  • Live betting limits vary from league to league and sport to sport.


In addition to everything you would expect, they have an especially large assortment of future bets constantly available. Any time of year, you can bet on who will win the next golf or tennis major, which team will win the next championship in every major sports, who will be the next U.S. President, or what team LeBron James will play for next year.

As for the lines, Sportsbetting.ag is among the first sites to post numbers. That means, if you are considering a second-half bet on the Sunday Night Football game, you will have a chance to parlay it with a line for the following week. Bettors who can predict what way a spread will move can get in early before the number settles. This also is good for reactionary bettors, whether you watch a game and see something that you want to track and back going forward, or recognize an injury that is going to eventually be troublesome but might not be reflected in an initial line.

Spreads at Sportsbetting.ag are frequently adjusted using the juice, meaning they prefer to alter the vig instead of moving the spread, itself.

Opening lines come up anywhere from -120 to +120. It is important to understand that, at +100, you need to win 50% of the time to break even, whereas -110 requires 52.4% success, and -120 necessitates 54.6% success. Conversely, if you are getting +120, only 45.5% of your bets need to be winners in order to break even. Over a long period of time, those percentages make a big difference. Adjusting the vig instead of the spread is not a bad thing, it can save you a half-point at times, but it is very important for bettors to understand the significance of the juice, which is just as important as the number.

If you bet on baseball, no site is better than Sportsbetting.ag. They offer dime lines on every game that lacks a huge favorite. That means the huge majority of the games are available at -105/+105 or something that balances out to that. In the end, that makes for a difference of more than 1%: instead of needing to win 52.4% of games to break even, you only need to hit 51.2%. Again, that doesn’t look huge, but if you are playing a baseball game or two each day in the summer, it adds up quickly.

During our time testing the site, there was never any issue grading bets (determining a winner/loser). As you would hope, your account is credited very shortly after results go final on your winning bets. This is most important when you want to put your cash back in play quickly.

Though unimportant because you can simply pass, Sportsbetting.ag offers arguably the single-worst regularly-available wager at any sportsbook. Once a year a lot of people like to buy Super Bowl squares. The concept is simple, 100 people each put in a buck (or $10 or $100 depending upon how much squares go for in your individual pool), and put their initials in one of the 100 boxes in a 10 by 10 chart. After each square has a name in it, you take digits 0 through 9 and place them in a grid (mixed up in a random order both horizontally and vertically). If your initials are in the box that ends up having four across and three down, you win the prize if the team assigned vertically has four points, 14 points, 24 points, etc and the team assigned horizontally has 3, 13, 23, 33, etc. at the end of a quarter or half.

It involves no skill and the full pool is redistributed at the end of the game to the winner(s). At Sportsbetting.ag, they offer squares for more than just the Super Bowl, but only payout 80% of the money put in, keeping 20% for themselves. That’s bad, but what makes it worse is that they also charge -120 juice when you buy the square. They are double-dipping the vig and payout on a bet with no skill. Again, though, it doesn’t matter since no one is forcing you to make this bet.

The live-betting opportunities at Sportsbetting.ag are plentiful. Every meaningful game, and a whole lot of secondary contests, are available. They typically have -115 lines, which is a fair price to pay for in-game wagering. Our only minor gripe is that live-betting prices move very quickly. Those who like the fast pace of in-game betting know that if you snooze, you lose, but sometimes the lines shifted too quickly to get a bet down, even when we were speeding through the betting process ourselves. There are no shenanigans taking place, but there is little time for reflection with live betting.

Betting On a Mobile Device

The homepage for Sportsbetting.ag loads and processes quickly on mobile and is really well designed for those logging in on-the-go. It is organized so that one click gets you to the most popular events going on at that time, and it has easy-to-click links at the top which take you to various sports, live wagering, deposits, and account information. Not only are the buttons large enough to click on with a finger, they also have keys to hide various menus.

When you go to an individual sport, the entire slate loads simultaneously so there is no lag as you scroll down. If all you care about is ease of use, the mobile home for Sportsbetting.ag may be better than the full website. The point of betting on your phone or tablet is getting action quickly and easily, and that is precisely what the site allows.

Secondary Offerings: Poker, Casino, and Racebook

Sportsbetting.ag has some nice features beyond the sportsbook. The fact that the poker room, casino, and racebook do not require any downloads is great. This makes it easy to play a few hands without taking the time and commitment to add software to your device.

The poker play is pretty good. They offer a wide range of games, and even within those games, you can play tournaments with rebuys, enter tournaments that have already started, and find more standard play. At times, the number of users dwindles, but the product is good, various speeds of play are available, and it is a safe and fun place to play cards.

The casino is extensive, with slots and video table games as well as a live casino. Live-play minimums are usually in the $10 range for blackjack, $5 for baccarat, and $1 for roulette. Live dealer games are not available on mobile, but the site says they will be soon. Video table games offer several varieties of each type of game, and typically feature $1 minimums and $250 maximums. They are what you’d expect, as are the slots: solid, usable, fun, and perfectly suitable for most players.

The racebook at sportsbetting.ag is excellent, and it is among the best sportsbooks to bet horses. Not only do they offer a 7% rebate on most losing horse-racing wagers, but the payout policy is what all sites should have. If you hit an exotic wager that nobody at the track cashes, you get the full pool minus takeout rates. Many other sites try to give you a consolation prize, which makes them unusable. They generally accept all of the same type of bets the track is offering, have $1 instead of $2 minimums for straight wagers, and 10¢ superfectas.

There are times when they do not offer horizontal wagers, so check before you assume a daily double or Pick 4 is going to be an option. Though they limit the potential payouts for exotic wagers, if you are playing at a large track, the limits are high. The maximum winner per race at the biggest venues is $25,000, with the second-tier tracks around $15,000. Smaller tracks are capped at numbers that exotic players will want to be careful with.

Banking – Deposits

There are many different ways to deposit funds at Sportsbetting.ag. The only fee you will deal with is a 6.5% penalty for using a credit card. Several of the deposit methods have a one-time cost, but if you deposit $300 or more, Sportsbetting.ag reimburses that fee. The majority of their deposit methods process quickly.

Using Bitcoin, our transaction took two tries. We entered all of our information and the site did not respond or acknowledge our request after submitting the required data. But after closing the browser and starting over, things went smoothly. It took about three or four minutes to fill in the necessary information and another 10 to 15 minutes before it was ready for wagering.

The sign-up and deposit process was simple: just click on the amount you want to deposit, pick the bonus you want, enter the pertinent funding information, and then wait for the cash to clear. You will receive an email welcoming you to the site with information on how to fund the account (which wasn’t necessary unless you logged in, didn’t fund the account, and then wanted to come back to it). There was no confirmation once the funds had cleared, but it was apparent we could start betting when the top of the site indicated we had an active balance. (The available balance and free play balance went up simultaneously.)

Banking – Withdrawals

Sportsbetting.ag offers myriad ways for payouts, which is refreshing. They have several fee-free options, and they have a reputation for timeliness and professionalism. You will appreciate the regular updates on where you are in the withdrawal process. After initiating a payout, you will be alerted:

(a) when the request has been received
(b) when it is under review
(c) when it becomes authorized

When a deposit is pending, you can still change your request, but once it is in progress, the processing stage is quickly approaching. Then the deposit either is processed, cancelled, or rejected. If the transaction is rejected, the site will explain why.

The entire process does not take very long, but give it a couple days before you call and check. They are aware of requests and make good on them in short order most of the time.

Customer Service

In what seems to be an industry-wide trend, if you want attention, calling is your best bet. There is a wealth of information available on the site, but if you need to talk with someone, the chat function is much slower than service over the phone. Answers via chat and email come with few details and often require follow-up. Don’t get us wrong, if you are persistent, and ask the right questions, chat support will get you what you need, but the quicker and more efficient solution is calling, and the wait is not normally too long. It also feels like the team answering the phones is more attentive and caring.

Sportsbetting.ag support will get your questions answered by whatever medium you choose, it is just a matter of how quickly you need the answer. If you are doing three other things and can wait on chat, it works.

Is Sportsbetting.ag a Good Sportsbook For You?

Since the BetOnline group took over the previously shaky SportsBetting.ag we’ve seen many positive changes that have transformed this sportsbook into what it is today. The positives at Sportsbetting.ag stand out. Sign-up promos are solid, the enticements to try different parts of the site are very strong, and ongoing bonuses (particularly the ones with lower juice for baseball) are huge for those who enjoy the sport.

Getting lines out early with pretty high limits is beneficial to a lot of players. With many options to finance an account, and a wide variety of ways to wager, both various sports and types of bets, it is a site we are confident in recommending for a large majority of players.