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Super Bowl 53 Cross-Sport Props: Brady Attempts vs Harden Points

Jared Goff attempts a pass.
Several cross sport Super Bowl prop bets involve Rams QB Jared Goff. (Photo by Chris Williams/Icon Sportswire)
  • Will James Harden have more points than Tom Brady has pass attempts?
  • Will Manny Machado’s contract be bigger than Jared Goff passing yards?
  • Check out all the cross sport Super Bowl 53 props

Vegas leaves no betting stone unturned when it comes to Super Bowl 53.

A recent ESPN story said that in just the United States, there would be no less than $6 billion to be bet on Super Bowl 53 in Atlanta.

One of the more creative sections of action are the cross sports Super Bowl props, taking sports action going on in-and-around the weekend and comparing it to the big game.

Let’s have a run through some of the action, and where you may decide to live a little and join in on the betting party.

Super Bowl 53 vs NBA props

New York Knicks Win Total vs Tom Brady Completions

What Will be Higher? Odds at BetOnline
Knicks 2019 Win Total +170
Tom Brady Completions in Super Bowl 53 -250

*All odds taken 1/30

The Knicks are losing the right way for the first time in a long time. They are dead last in the NBA at 10-39, riding a 10-game losing streak.

It’s their ultimate “Tryin’ for Zion”, and you’d be hard pressed to think they’d come close to matching their preseason predictions of around 30 wins.

Pick: Brady Completions (-250)

James Harden Points vs Tom Brady Pass Attempts

What Will be Higher? Odds at BetOnline
James Harden Points vs Jazz (Feb 2) -120
Tom Brady Pass Attempts in Super Bowl 53 -120

In his last eight playoff games, Brady is averaging 46.4 attempts per game. James Harden has been averaging 45.4 points in his last 10 games. Even against an improved Utah defense, go with Harden’s volatility.

Pick: Harden Points (-120)

James Harden Points vs Jared Goff Pass Attempts

What Will be Higher? Odds at BetOnline
James Harden Points vs Jazz (Feb 2) -120
Jared Goff Pass Attempts in Super Bowl 53 -120

Read above. Goff has only attempted 40 or more passes in a game five times this season.

Pick: Harden Points (-120)

Kyrie Irving Points vs Rex Burkhead Rush Yards

What Will be Higher? Odds at BetOnline
Kyrie Irving Points vs Thunder (Feb 3) -120
Rex Burkhead Rush Yards in Super Bowl 53 -120

Since rejoining the team in Week 13 from injury, Burkhead’s high was 41 yards rushing in the AFC title game against the Chiefs.

He’s averaged just under 22 yards a game in seven weeks. Kyrie Irving is averaging a shade under 24 points a game.

Pick: Kyrie Points (-120)

Kyrie Irving Assists vs James White Receptions

What Will be Higher? Odds at BetOnline
Kyrie Irving Assists vs Thunder (Feb 3) -120
James White Receptions in Super Bowl 53 -120

Kyrie is averaging 6.9 assists per game this season, but he has had 10 or more dimes in four of his last five games. Still, White should be heavily involved in the pass game, trying to alleviate that Rams front four rush.

Pick: White Receptions (-120)

Paul George 3pt Made vs Todd Gurley Receptions

What Will be Higher? Odds at BetOnline
Paul George Made Three-Point FGs vs Celtics (Feb 3) -120
Todd Gurley Receptions in Super Bowl 53 -120

As they streaked out to start the year, Gurley averaged better than four receptions a game through the first nine weeks of the season. He’s cooled off since. Save a 10-catch performance against the Eagles in Week 15, he’s averaged just over two catches a game in his last seven weeks.

By comparison, George has hit at least three triples a game in 11 of his last 14 contests.

Pick: George 3pt Makes (-120)

Russell Westbrook Pts, Reb & Ast vs CJ Anderson Rush Yards

What Will be Higher? Odds at BetOnline
Russell Westbrook Pts/Reb/Ast vs Celtics (Feb 3) -140
CJ Anderson Rush Yards in Super Bowl 53 +100

Even if Westbrook puts forward a monster triple-double like he had Tuesday night against the Magic – dropping 23 points, 14 rebounds and 14 assists, that’s still just 53 yards.

If the Rams do intend to balance the run game with the pass game, that’s a number that Anderson should challenge and top.

Pick: Anderson Rush Yards (+100)

Steph Curry 3pt Made vs Brandin Cooks Receptions

What Will be Higher? Odds at BetOnline
Steph Curry Made Three-Point FGs vs Lakers (Feb 2) -120
Brandin Cooks Receptions in Super Bowl 53 -120

Cooks’ 7-catch performance in the NFC title game was his best output since 8 catches in Week 11 against the Saints. In between, he’s averaged just over four receptions a game.

Curry can explode at any moment. After posting at least eight three-point makes in three straight games (an NBA record), he had just seven in his next three games. He’s now hit six in back-to-back contests. I’ll say he stays hot.

Pick: Curry 3pt Makes (-120)

Tobias Harris Points vs Longest Run

What Will be Higher? Odds at BetOnline
Tobias Harris Points vs Raptors (Feb 3) +150
Longest Rush in Super Bowl 53 -200

Harris’ high this season is 39. I suspect explosive plays in the Super Bowl will top that, and Harris won’t come close to that season-high number either.

Pick: Longest Run (-200)

Super Bowl 53 vs NHL Props

Montreal Canadiens Goals/Super Bowl Turnovers

What Will be Higher? Odds at BetOnline
Canadiens Goals vs Oilers (Feb 3) -150
Total Turnovers in Super Bowl 53 +110

In the last four Super Bowls, there have been at least two turnovers in each game, including three in Super Bowl 51, six in Super Bowl 50, and three in Super Bowl 49.

The Canadiens are averaging better than three goals a game in their last six, and they are playing a struggling team in the Oilers, who have lost three in a row, surrendering 15 goals in those games.

Pick: Canadiens Goals (-150)

Bruins Goals/Stephen Gostkowski FGs

What Will be Higher? Odds at BetOnline
Bruins Goals vs Capitals (Feb 3) -150
Stephen Gostkowski Made Field Goals in Super Bowl 53 +110

I don’t suspect Gostkowski will be called on for more than two field goal attempts, as touchdowns are going to be needed to win a Super Bowl shootout. Boston’s opponent, the Capitals, have allowed 21 goals in their last three games.

Pick: Bruins Goals (-150)

Connor McDavid Goals/Rob Gronkowski TDs

What Will be Higher? Odds at BetOnline
McDavid Goals vs Canadiens (Feb 3) -120
Rob Gronkowski Touchdowns in Super Bowl 53 -120

Did I mention the Oilers were struggling? Ditto McDavid, who’s goal-less in his last three games. Gronk should be in many favorable matchups, and this may be his last shot at showcasing what made him the best tight end of his generation, and possibly ever.

Pick: Gronkowski Touchdowns (-120)

Super Bowl 53 vs MLB Props

Manny Machado Contract vs Jared Goff Passing Yards

What Will be Higher? Odds at BetOnline
Manny Machado Next Contract (Millions) -120
Jared Goff Passing Yards in Super Bowl 53 -120

Look, there’s literally no one willing to throw Machado a $300-million deal, as baseball deals with its own free agency issues. Goff threw for 297 yards in the NFC Championship, and he’ll need even more to take down the Patriots.

Pick: Goff Passing Yards (-120)

New England Patriots Points vs Red Sox World Series Runs

What Will be Higher? Odds at BetOnline
Patriots Total Points in Super Bowl 53 -120
Total Red Sox World Series Runs 2018 (28) -120

Put it this way: if the Patriots score 28 points, it’s a lopsided Rams win.

Pick: Patriots Total Points (-120)

Super Bowl 53 vs PGA props

Tiger Woods 1st Round Masters vs Todd Gurley Rush Yards

What Will be Higher? Odds at BetOnline
Tiger Woods 1st Round Score at Masters -120
Todd Gurley Rush Yards in Super Bowl 53 -120

Gurley hasn’t been his dominant self since a knee injury late in the season had them sign CJ Anderson off the street. If this were total yards, I think he crushes Tiger’s score, but I don’t think he’s breaking 75 yards. Neither is Tiger.

Pick: Tiger 1st Round Score (-120)

Super Bowl 53 vs College Basketball Props

Villanova Points vs Rams Leading Yards Receiver

What Will be Higher? Odds at BetOnline
Villanova Team Points vs Georgetown (Feb 3) -110
Rams Receiving Yards Leader in Super Bowl 53 -130

Cooks’ 100-yard receiving day was the first for the Rams since Week 11. Villanova hasn’t cracked 100 points since Big East conference play began, topping out at 90 points.

Pick: Rams Receiving Yards Leader (-130)

Purdue Points vs Sony Michel Rush Yards

What Will be Higher? Odds at MyBookie
Purdue Points vs Minnesota (Feb 2) -115
Sony Michel Rush Yards in Super Bowl 53 -115

Sony Michel has emerged as the featured back for the Patriots during the playoffs, running for more than 100 yards and better than 24 totes in their two wins.

Purdue hasn’t scored better than 89 points in their current five-game win streak.

Pick: Michel Rush Yards (-115)

Super Bowl 53 vs Soccer Props

Man U Goals vs Tom Brady TD Passes

What Will be Higher? Odds at MyBookie
Man United Total Goals vs Leicester City (Feb 3) +120
Tom Brady Touchdown Passes in Super Bowl 53 -150

Man U has averaged two goals a game in their last five games, while Brady has thrown just a TD pass each game in these playoffs. Still, Brady hasn’t tossed for less than two TDs in a Super Bowl since 2012 against the Giants.

Pick: Brady Touchdown passes (-150)

Real Madrid Goals vs Tom Brady Rush Attempts

What Will be Higher? Odds at MyBookie
Real Madrid Total Goals vs Alaves (Feb 3) -125
Tom Brady Rush Attempts in Super Bowl 53 -105

In their last match against Alaves, Real Madrid was blanked 1-0. In their prior head-to-head, it was a 4-0 Real Madrid win. Brady had two rush attempts against the Chiefs in the AFC title game, but he’ll only likely be needing one here – a kneel down, if it all goes to plan.

Pick: Real Madrid Goals (-125)

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