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Sanders Pulls Ahead in Democratic Nomination Odds as Volunteer Base Grows to 1 Million

Bernie Sanders smiling
Bernie Sanders is favored to win the 2020 Democratic Presidential nomination. Photo by United States Congress (flickr) [CC License].
  • Bernie Sanders is the early frontrunner to win the 2020 Democratic Presidential nomination
  • He’s enlisted an army of over 1 million volunteers to work on his campaign
  • Sanders lost the 2016 nomination to Hillary Clinton

Bernie Sanders has the name recognition. He has the support staff. And he appears to have the financial backing.

Sanders came close to winning the Democratic Presidential nomination in 2016. Bovada has pegged him as the early frontrunner to capture the nod in 2020.

2020 Democratic Presidential Nomination Odds

Who Will Win 2020 Democratic Presidential Nomination? Odds at Bovada
Bernie Sanders +300
Kamala Harris +350
Joe Biden +400
Beto O’Rourke +450
Andrew Yang +900

*Odds taken 04/06/19. Follow the link in the table above for a complete list of all candidates.

His average odds of winning the 2020 Democratic Party bid have improved from +340 on March 13 to +310 on April 5.

Why Sanders Can Win?

Until former Vice-President Joe Biden decides to throw his hat into the ring, none of the many Democratic hopefuls can boast a national profile as large as Bernie’s.

Sanders quickly raised $18 million to fund his campaign. He’s already gained the backing of more than 1 million volunteers to help spread his message.

His message is one of democratic socialism. He stumps for a fight against the inequality of the system. Bernie has designs to create a wider social-safety net. He seeks a plan for the redistribution of wealth. These topics resonate with a portion of the American populous who feel they don’t have a chance to succeed today.

Why Bernie Won’t Win

Four years ago he was the scrappy underdog. He set out with just three percent of the delegates on his side. It’s much different being the frontrunner. Sanders will find himself more on the defensive in this campaign.

Plus, there are other 2020 candidates who offer a similar message, especially Sen. Elizabeth Warren. That could eat away at his support.

To gain the nomination, Sanders will need to win over a large part of the electorate that turned his back on him in 2016. Those include women, African-Americans, and people over the age of 45. He’ll also be 79 in 2020. After Donald Trump, does America want to elect another old white guy?

Sanders sits in the Senate as an Independent. There’s always going to be a group of Democrats who simply don’t see him as one of them.

What About His Taxes?

Sanders didn’t release his tax returns when he ran in 2016. He’s stalled at doing so this time around.

Democrats are raising the hue and cry about not seeing Trump’s taxes. They can’t look the other way when their guy does the same thing.

If Not Bernie, Then Who?

Often in races with multiple candidates, support is sliced thin. Someone can come from of the pack to win the race.

His age, plus his inability to gain support from a wider demographic of Democratic voters will be Bernie’s downfall again.

Look for either Kamala Harris or Beto O’Rourke to be the last one standing when the Democratic convention picks its 2020 Presidential candidate.

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