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Culinary Odds – Bite-Sized Dessert Trends

Cake pops, two-bite brownies, miniature cupcakes … the last few years have been a boon for bite-sized desserts.

Is it because smaller portions are easier on the midsection or because people love to feel like giants? Maybe a bit of both?

Whatever the reason, bite-sized desserts appear destined to stick around, even the ones that aren’t filled with sticky goo.

What will be the next tiny, tasty craze to sweep the nation? Here are my five picks, some of which (see nos. 3 and 5) may be wishful thinking.

1. Chocolate chip cookies – 1/1

Chocolate chip cookies are to dessert what violence is to religion: strangely inextricable. But since non-sadists can enjoy a warm, fresh choco-chi-co (trademark), it’s only a matter of time before lilliputian cookies start making the rounds. One might argue that Cookie Crisp already cornered this market. I might counter with, “Gross”. Here‘s a real recipe for bite-sized chocolate chip cookies that won’t make your stomach churn.

2. Cinnamon buns – 5/2

Cinnabon is killing the cinnamon bun. They’re turning it into a 900-calorie monstrosity better suited for a slop bucket than a dessert plate. Take action with these bite-sized delights from CremeDeLaCrumb, which can be prepared in just half an hour, despite their ornate look.

3. Churros – 5/1

What better way to combat Donald Trump’s anti-Mexican sentiments than by turning the country’s greatest export – the churro! – into a bite-sized delight? They’re the perfect size for sneaking across your diet’s border! (They’re actually Spanish, but whatever, they sound Mexican, so I’m sure Trump will hate it. He’s not big on background research.)

In this recipe, the folks at SpoonForkBacon have put a bit of a healthy twist on the churro by starting with a banana bread base.

4. Protein balls – 10/1

I guess most people wouldn’t count “protein balls” as a “dessert”. But when you’re using chocolate-flavored protein, maple syrup, and a bunch of peanut butter – like these vegan protein balls from Vega – I don’t know how else to classify them. You can make them gluten-free by opting for chia seeds instead of oats.

You’d have to figure that the crowd searching for portion control would also be into a dessert that’s almost as high in protein as it is in fat, right? Added bonus: they’re no-bake!

5. Blizzards – 15/1

Ohmygod remember Blizzards guys? I don’t know if there was any sweet treat that got me more excited as a kid. Inevitably, I would order a large, though, and feel sick to my stomach half way through. Then I’d stick it in the freezer for later, but the consistency just wouldn’t be right when I came back. In sum, I never perfected the art of eating a Blizzard, and now that I know what goes in them, I shan’t be trying.

But that doesn’t mean my days of eating Blizzard-like concoctions are over. They just won’t be chalk-full of high fructose corn syrup. And they’ll be appropriately sized, like these bad boys from OhSheGlows.

These would be ideal for parties when you can whip up a decent sized batch and then spoon it into shot glasses for a bite-sized bounty.

(Photo credit: m01229 [CC BY 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons. Photo has been cropped.)

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