You Can Bet on What Bran Stark Will Warg into Next in Game of Thrones Season 8

Bran Stark
Bran Stark will play a pivotal role in Game of Thrones' final season. Photo by HBO.
  • Bran Stark has gradually become one of the most captivating and powerful characters in Game of Thrones
  • His abilities as a “Warg” have seen him control numerous living beings
  • What will Bran Warg into next?

At this point, it’s nearly impossible to tell what Bran Stark’s impact in the war against the Night King will be.

His ability to see across time has allowed us to learn the history of the White Walkers and Jon Snow’s true lineage. He’s also put his ability to control living beings to good use. Or bad, if you were a Hodor fan.

While Bran’s full spectrum of powers will be on display in Season 8 of Games of Thrones, it’s his ability to Warg that may come in the most handy.

What Will Bran Stark Warg into Next?

What Will Bran Stark Warg into Next? Odds
Raven +200
Wolf +200
Human +250
Dragon +450
Other +500

*Odds taken 04/08/19
Bran’s ability to “Warg” or “skinchange” has seen him take control of a number of beings.

We’ve seen him assume control over birds and his Direwolf Summer. On the larger scale, he’s connected with Hodor and multiple Weirwood trees.

Bran’s abilities are unique, and make him a wild card heading into Season 8.

What Did Bran Last Warg Into?

When last we saw Bran, he was witnessing the Night King’s destruction of the wall first-hand through a flock of Ravens. Birds and Direwolves have been the most versatile of the creatures Bran Stark has Warged into.

Now that he’s in Winterfell, that trend could continue.

What are the Other Possibilities?

Beginning with Direwolves, the odds there are low. Of the six Direwolves gifted to the Stark children by their father, only two remain: Ghost and Nymeria.

Nymeria is no longer attached to Arya, so it really falls to Ghost. Ghost is at Winterfell right now, so there’s a chance.

Bran Stark Warging into a Dragon is Popular Among Fans

Count The Wringer as those hoping Bran Wargs into a Dragon during Season 8.

They released an in-depth look at whether or not we’re destined to see Bran Warg into a Dragon. There’s reasons to expect it, and there’s reasons to doubt it happening.

But they also point to an interview George RR Martin did where he didn’t really answer the question.

But will a dragon be first on the list?

Dragon Would Be Fun, but Expect Something Smaller First

We’ll admit, the dragon theory is fun. Can we see it happening? Personally, I’m split on it.

While it would be an awesome display of power, is it almost too much to bestow unto one character? Will it be next though? Likely not.

Even though Bran Stark doesn’t have to prove anything to anyone, he may need to Warg into a smaller creature before he goes big time. Whether that’s for reconnaissance or to prove something to his brother and sisters is up for debate.

But ahead of Season 8, we think Bran goes Raven or Wolf before he takes the reigns of a dragon.

Pick: Raven or Wolf (+200)

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