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Odds Say Cersei Lannister Won’t Give Birth Birth Before End of Game of Thrones

Chris Amberley

by Chris Amberley in Entertainment

Apr 16, 2019 · 8:37 AM PDT

Cersei Lannister
Cersei Lannister's fate will soon be revealed on the final season of Game of Thrones. Photo by HBO.
  • You can wager on whether or not Cersei and Daenerys will give birth in the final season of Game of Thrones
  • Cersei claims to be pregnant despite clues that she may not be, while Daenerys believes she is incapable of having children
  • Will Cersei and/or Daenerys give birth before the final season ends?

Cersei Lannister cannot be trusted. Every sentence she utters should be considered false until proven otherwise, including her claim that she’s carrying Jamie’s child.

Her actions in Sunday’s Season 8 premiere have fans questioning her pregnancy now more than ever, and you can wager on whether or not she’ll give birth before the final season concludes.

Will Cersei Give Birth During Season 8 of Game of Thrones?

Will Cersei Give Birth During the Final Season? Odds
No -260
Yes +175

Odds taken 04/15/19.

As it stands “No” is a heavy favorite and for good reason. In the cold open prior to Season 5, we learn from Maggy the Frog that Cersei will give birth and then bury all three of her children.

Everything described in that scene has come true, so what would be the incentive to deviate now? It’s possible that Cersei was lying to Jaime about the pregnancy in order to manipulate him, or what’s even more likely is that she’s had a miscarriage.

Wine Not?

After the pregnancy reveal in Season 7, Cersei is offered wine by Tyrion in the Red Keep but chooses not to drink. It’s how her brother deduces that she’s pregnant, but the Queen is back to guzzling Dornish red in the Season 8 premiere after her surprising romp with Euron.

She’s noticeably distraught when Euron tells her he’s “going to put a baby in her belly”, and perhaps she’s just disgusted by her actions, or perhaps her sadness is the realization that she’ll never bring another child into this world. I lean towards the latter.

Pick: No (-260)

Will Daenerys Give Birth During Season 8 of Game of Thrones?

Will Daenerys Give Birth During the Final Season? Odds
No -175
Yes +135

While Cersei’s pregnancy claim remains a mystery, there’s plenty of speculation that Daenerys is pregnant with her nephew’s baby.  Daenerys is still under the impression that she’s incapable of conceiving a child, something she’s told Jon and anyone else who will listen.

Book readers will remember in A Dance with Dragons, George RR Martin left the door open for a future Daenerys pregnancy, and it would be strange to stage an epic love scene between her and Jon and not have it result in a child.

While it seems unlikely that both will survive the final season, the entire story is based on a song of Ice and Fire, and their offspring is the only way to ensure the story continues. If the living do prevail in the Great War to come, a succession line will need to be put in place, and in order for that to happen Jon and Dany will need to produce an heir.

Pick: Yes (+135)

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