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After Season 8 Premiere, Odds Against Bronn Killing Tyrion in Game of Thrones

Chris Amberley

by Chris Amberley in Entertainment

Apr 17, 2019 · 7:03 AM PDT

Born from Game of Thrones
Will Bronn survive Game of Thrones' final season? Photo by HBO.
  • You can wager on whether or not Bronn kills Tyrion or Jamie Lannister
  • You can also wager on if Bronn survives the final season of Game of Thrones
  • What’s the best bet for each prop?

Ser Bronn of the Blackwater is low key one of the most entertaining characters in Game of Thrones, but his days in Westeros may be numbered. Bronn is currently mulling over an offer from Cersei to kill both her brothers, and you can wager on whether or not he’ll get the job done.

Will Bronn Kill Tyrion or Jamie Lannister During Season 8 of Game of Thrones?

Will Bronn Kill Tyrion or Jamie Lannister? Odds
No -600
Yes +350

*Odds taken 04/16/19

The reward for completing the mission is several chests of gold, but is that enough incentive for Bronn to turn his back on the Lannister bros?

What’s Bronn’s Driving Force?

Ever since Season 5, Bronn has been whining about the castle he was promised, but never delivered. Sure, his pockets are full of gold, but he just can’t get over the fact that he hasn’t been gifted a castle of his own. Every conversation with Jamie eventually comes back to this, and the only reason he saved the Kingslayer from certain death, was to protect his future investment.

Let’s not forget Bronn was a sellsword for many years, and now that Jamie is in the North, he’s looking to shop his services to the highest bidder.

As for his relationship with Tyrion, it seemed like his affection for him was real, until he was asked to risk his life against the Mountain. In that moment it became clear that Bronn was only looking out for himself and it should come as no surprise if he takes Cersei up on her offer.

Will He Succeed?

In short, no. He can’t kill Jamie because he still needs to return to Kings Landing to fulfill the Valonqar prophecy and kill Cersei. In theory he could kill Tyrion, but it will be awfully hard to get close to the Hand of the Queen in the time of War, and we know Tyrion won’t be in Winterfell for long thanks to one of the scenes in the official Season 8 trailer.

The bigger question regarding Bronn is whether or not he’ll survive the final season?

Will Bronn Survive Season 8 of Game of Thrones?

Will Bronn Survies the Final Season of GoT? Odds
No -600
Yes +350

Unfortunately for members of the Bronn fan club, their guy is about to meet his demise, and it could come sooner than you think.

Jerome Flynn, the actor who plays Bronn in the show, is on record saying how little screen time he got in Season 8 and how upsetting it was not to make it to the end. He also said that Bronn’s either going to get his castle or die trying, and with only five episodes remaining, the latter seem far more likely.

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