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CM Punk vs. Mike Jackson: Will Former WWE Star Fight in UFC Again?

Trevor Dueck

by Trevor Dueck in Mixed Martial Arts News

Updated Mar 26, 2020 · 10:19 PM PDT

Phil "CM Punk" Brooks lost his MMA debut at UFC 201. Photo by UFC (YouTube)
  • CM Punk wants another crack at MMA
  • Will the former wrestler take on Mike Jackson at UFC 225 in June?
  • Who would have the edge in the matchup of two winless fighters?

The UFC is currently discussing putting former WWE champion CM Punk back into a UFC Octagon. Apparently Punk didn’t learn his lesson last time out.

Although the bout hasn’t been confirmed yet, the plan is to have Punk (a.k.a. Phil Brooks) take on another 0-1 competitor named, wait for it, Michael Jackson. On paper this doesn’t seem like a BAD matchup, in fact, it could be a real THRILLER.

Sportsbooks have released the early odds, so it’s time for us to analyze (a) whether the fight will actually happen, and (b) what will transpire in the ring if it does.

Odds CM Punk vs. Michael Jackson takes place in 2018: +200

As of right now, Punk has not agreed to the matchup, but he has expressed that he would be interested in fighting again and would love if it happened in Chicago. It wouldn’t be surprising to see him get another shot in a UFC Octagon and there is a chance that it happens at UFC 225, but at this point, his opponent still seems up in the air.

CM Punk vs. Michael Jackson: Matchup Analysis

Phil "CM Punk" Brooks training at EXOS Athlete Performance Center
Phil “CM Punk” Brooks, seen here at EXOS Athlete Performance Center, is now training out of Roufusport MMA Academy. Photo by UFC on FOX (YouTube).

Mike Jackson (0-1), an MMA journalist and photographer, has only had one MMA fight, but he did stay at a Holiday Inn Express once! In Jackson’s first and so far only fight, he lost the exact same way Punk did: via rear naked choke (at UFC Fight Night 82).

However, given that he saw fight to call Punk out, Jackson seems like the most logical opponent, outside of just grabbing some fan from the crowd.

I would love to give a thorough breakdown of this fight, but not much is known about either guy’s fighting style. Jackson has never won an MMA bout, but he does have a kickboxing background, so he will probably have the advantage on the feet.

Punk has been training at Roufusport MMA Academy in Milwaukee and it was tough to gauge his skill level at UFC 203 as he was finished fairly quickly. That said he has trained jiu-jitsu for a couple of years and, as a white belt, he probably understands how to slap on a triangle choke.

After his debut loss, Punk continued training, hoping to be able to fight again. I’d imagine Jackson has been training as well, and at the age of 32, has been doing it for a lot longer than Punk. It’s really hard to pick up an intricate sport like this in just over a year. In my view, it’s wise to lean towards experience.

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