MMA Predictions – Hardy’s Headed for Headsmashing

Have you ever wanted to punch Greg Hardy in the face? Of course you have. He’s a terrible human being (as evidenced by these images from the New York Daily News).

Some may say that it’s wrong to answer violence with violence, and I generally ascribe to that notion, as well; but I just might make an exception for Hardy – domestic abuser, gun-hoarder, and all-round POS that he is. So I’m actually moderately excited that he’s transitioning from a burned-out NFL career into mixed martial arts.

Hardy, a former Carolina Panther and Dallas Cowboy defensive end, recently announced that he’s been training in MMA for several months, according to Dave Bautista (aka Batista) and CM Punk – two WWE stars – showed what can happen when strong dudes with no MMA background step into the octagon. When they’re matched up with legitimate mixed martial artists, their brute strength counts for little.

Brock Lesnar is the exception that proves the rule. Lesnar was a decorated wrestler (like, real wrestling, not just WWE) and had an exceptional base on which to build other MMA skills. He already knew how to employ his strength to manipulate, maneuver, and overwhelm opponents who were trying to do the same to him. Hardy’s experience as a defensive lineman will provide a modicum of similar experience, but he has no background in any of the key MMA disciplines (wrestling, jiu-jitsu, judo, kickboxing, muay thai, etc.). He’s starting from scratch.

Thanks to his name, Hardy will likely get to start his MMA career higher up the ranks than other novices. He’ll be able to garner a match in a legitimate promotion against a semi-legitimate opponent. For those in the “I want to see Greg Hardy get crap kicked out of him” camp, that’s great news!

Here’s how I see his MMA career panning out.

Greg Hardy MMA Predictions

Outcome of first fight: TKO loss

We don’t know who Hardy will face in his first MMA fight yet. Whether it’s a boxer, a grappler, or an all-rounder, Hardy should be at a serious disadvantage. It only takes competency in one discipline to dominate someone who’s a true novice to the sport (and lacks competency in all areas).

Over/Under on total career MMA fights: 2.5

I’ll give Hardy the benefit of the doubt and say that he tries to rebound from a tough opener. If he’s smart, he’d schedule a cupcake matchup for his second bout, which would lead to a third. If he gets stomped again in his second fight, I’m guessing he calls it quits.

What sport will Hardy will try after MMA? Skeet shooting

Man, I really hope he tries ferret-legging. That would be some true karmic justice. Given how much he loves guns and how angry he’ll be when he bombs out of yet another sport, he’ll probably just shoot stuff for the remainder of his days.

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