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Survivor 44 Odds and Predictions – Yam Yam Arocho Favored to Win Season

Michael Harrison

by Michael Harrison in Entertainment

Updated Mar 10, 2023 · 2:17 PM PST

March 1, 2019 file photo, footprints are seen in the sand on a beach on Mahe island, Seychelles. (AP Photo/David Keyton, File)
  • Survivor season 44 is two weeks in the books on CBS
  • Yam Yam Arocho is favorite to win the season over Carson Garrett and Matthew Grinstead-Mayle
  • Read below for Survivor season 44 odds, plus our betting pick for who will be crowned champion

Two weeks into Survivor season 44, and the action is already fast and furious with plenty of contestants proving they’re worthy adversaries. Three contestants who won’t win, however, include Bruce Perreault, who was medically evacuated after banging his head in the first challenge. Joining him is Maddy Pomilla, who had the sole vote cast against her that snuffed her torch in the first tribal council. She’s joined by Helen Li, who appeared to have a strong chance to win before being voted off in episode two.

Early contenders to go all the way and be crowned champion include the hilariously entertaining Yam-Yam Arocho. He’s joined by his tribemate Carson Garrett, a NASA engineering student, who ironically enough, engineered the vote to oust Helen. Matthew Grinstead-Mayle has proven to be a tough competitor in both challenges and socially, making him a big threat for the title.

Let’s take a look at the Survivor Season 44 odds to be crowned champion, and offer you our early pick.

Survivor 44 – Odds to Win Season 

Contestant Odds
Yamil “Yam Yam” Arocho +275
Carson Garrett +500
Matthew Grinstead-Mayle +550
Claire Rafson +750
Heidi Lagares-Greenblatt +800
Danny Massa +800
Brandon Cottom +900
Lauren Harpe +1200
Matt Blankinship +1200
Sarah Wade +1600
Josh Wilder +1800
Carolyn Wiger +1800
Frannie Marin +2000
Kane Fritzler +2000
Jamie Lynn Ruiz +2200

Odds as of March 10th

The game started with the now typical three tribes of six contestants each, with Soka dominating the early going, along with Tika and Ratu comprising the three units. Tika member Bruce Perreault was medically evacuated on day one, with Maddy Pomilla voted off first on the Ratu tribe, and Helen Li seeing her torch snuffed the following week.


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Early Contenders

It’s easy to see why Yam Yam is considered the front runner, with him ingratiating himself well with his Tika tribe with his fun personality and energy. He teamed up with Carolyn to produce an incredibly entertaining duo. She found the clue in the birdcage (a new twist this season), yet nobody on her squad thought she had a hidden idol. With her working with Yam Yam, they could put that idol to use at some point later in the game.

Carson is the second favorite, with he, Yam Yam and Carolyn voting to eliminate Helen. He’s trained for several Survivor challenges before the game and to this point, hasn’t appeared super threatening, but he’s extremely intelligent. Matthew is an adventurous thrill seeker, who potentially could’ve been medically evacuated in episode one for falling hard on rocks. Despite his arm being in a sling, he proved his mettle in the latest immunity challenge by leading his tribe to victory.

Better Value For Other Survivor 44 Players

Two players that were chosen for the summit in episode one were Lauren (+1200), and Sarah (+1600). Lauren elected in the first installment to ‘bank her vote’ and it proved successful. She was cunning to rig the ‘random rocks’ draw to ensure she went on the summit. Evidently, she’s now able to now have an extra vote in the future. She has a good handle on the game and could steamroll her way through, though she’ll certainly be viewed as a threat.

Sarah didn’t have a vote at the second tribal council, but now she now has gained the ‘inheritance’ advantage, where she secretly inherits all advantages and idols played at one tribal council. That could prove incredibly beneficial, and she appears to have a steady head about her.

Survivor 44 Winner Pick

As much as I’d love for Carolyn to pull off an epic underdog story en route to victory due to her sheer hilarity, unfortunately, that’s not likely to happen.

Instead, I’ll look to her tribemate Carson to take home the bacon. Even though he couldn’t figure out that Carolyn had the hidden immunity idol, thus far he’s received a solid edit consistent of a winner. If he can keep the fact he’s a rocket scientist under wraps, Carson could do serious damage.

Pick: Carson Garrett (+500)


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