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The 2020-21 NBA season begins on Dec. 22nd after the shortest offseason in history due to the COVID-19 pandemic affected 2019-20 season ending in early October. The league is hoping for each teams to play around 70 games, and we will track the odds to make the playoffs and Play-In Tournaments all season long in the graphs and tables below.

SBD has been tracking the odds for all 30 to make the postseason by averaging the playoff futures from leading sports betting sites.

Western Conference | Eastern Conference

Odds to Make NBA Playoffs in Western Conference

  • [May 10] The Warriors have a firm hold on the 8 seed as Steph Curry continues to score at will, and they look destined for a 7 vs 8 game against the Lakers. Their odds have shifted back to -106 to safely reach the postseason
  • [May 5] The Lakers in danger of missing the playoffs?! While it’s very unlikely, oddsmakers have re-posted odds for LeBron James’ team to either make or miss the postseason with a chance they will participate in the play-in tournament. Extremely heavy -3335 odds suggest they will safely be in the field.
  • [April 28] On the heels of a complete drubbing by the Dallas Mavericks on Tuesday night, the Warriors have faded back to plus money to reach the playoffs, at odds of +124 on average to make the postseason
  • [April 20] The playoff picture is much clearly in the West than the East, with the top six all locked in and the Mavericks comfortably in the 7th seed. Led by the record breaking scoring of Steph Curry, the Warriors are currently in play-on tournament position, and have equal -113 odds to make or miss the playoffs
  • [March 23] After their shaky start, the Mavericks have moved toward lock status, now at average odds of -1667
  • [March 4] Winners of 8 of their last 10 and having risen to the #2 seed in the West, Phoenix has all but locked up a playoff berth, now at odds of -3000 to make the playoffs since the 2009-10 season
  • [February 18] Off of their stunning comeback win against Miami to move three games over .500, and with Steph Curry playing at an MVP level once again – the Warriors are now at odds of -110 to get into the postseason
  • [February 4] With the Lakers and Clippers now off the board as all but locks to make the postseason, the middle of the pack can still be wagered on and has tightened up, as you can see in the odds below
  • [January 15] With James Harden now dealt to Brooklyn, the Rockets have faded to plus odds to reach the postseason – at an average price of +172
  • [December 21] Odds haven’t changed as the season is set to begin tomorrow, as no major injuries or news has come out of the preseason
  • [December 9] Eight teams have opened as odds-on favorites to make the postseason in the West, not leaving much room for an off the radar squad to sneak into the field of eight

Western Conference Odds to Make 2021 NBA Playoffs

Team Odds to Make Playoffs Odds to Miss Playoffs
Golden State Warriors -113 -113
San Antonio Spurs +400 -625
Memphis Grizzlies +150 -195

Odds taken May 10th

Odds to Make 2021 Western Conference Play-In Tournament

  • [December 9] The Grizzlies, Rockets and Warriors have opened as the biggest challengers to the Suns and Trail Blazers for the last two seeds in the West

Western Conference Odds to Make 2021 Play-In Tournament

Team Odds
Dallas Mavericks +260
Denver Nuggets +410
Golden State Warriors +115
Houston Rockets +125
Los Angeles Clippers +1200
Los Angeles Lakers +1900
Memphis Grizzlies +150
Minnesota Timberwolves +240
New Orleans Pelicans +100
Oklahoma City Thunder +1500
Phoenix Suns +110
Portland Trail Blazers +110
Sacramento Kings +370
San Antonio Spurs +310
Utah Jazz +210

Odds were available preseason

Odds to Make NBA Playoffs in Eastern Conference

  • [May 10] With news of tension and turmoil enveloping in the Pacers locker room, they seem to be on the outside looking in for the playoff race, now at odds of +273
  • [May 5] The race for the final spots in the East are down to three teams, with the Pacers fading to third place while the Wizards odds have shortened to +148
  • [April 28] It’s getting dangerous for the Charlotte Hornets, who eagerly await the return of LaMelo Ball to help fill the void left by the injury Gordon Hayward. Sitting at 30-31, the Hornets are now at odds of +122 on average to reach the playoffs
  • [April 20] With their consistent resting of Lowry, VanVleet and Siakam, the Raptors seem firmly in tank mode and their odds to make the playoffs have vaulted to a distant +695. The Knicks, Hornets and Hawks have moved to minus odds to make the postseason, while the Wizards and Bulls battle for the final spot
  • [March 23] With the Raptors on a nine game losing streak and potentially in sellers mode, their odds to reach the playoffs have dropped from -750 to just an average of -114
  • [March 4] In a wide open Eastern Conference, nearly all teams are still alive. The Wizards odds to make the playoffs have improved all the way to +270 during their 7-3 resurgence over the last ten games
  • [February 18] Is this the year the Knicks finally break their playoff drought? Tom Thibodeau’s squad is now at odds of +198 to reach the postseason
  • [February 4th] The hangover off of the bubble Finals appearance is real for the Miami Heat, who currently sit at 7-14, and 13th place in the Eastern Conference. They’re still -300 in odds to reach the playoffs, but have quickly faded from the -700 they were a few weeks ago, and -2000 they were on opening night
  • [January 15] Even with the Raptors starting 3-8 on the season, they are still at average odds of -178 to make the playoffs
  • [December 9] With the addition of Russell Westbrook alongside Bradley Beal open as odds-on favorite to make the Eastern Conference playoffs alongside seven other Eastern teams

Eastern Conference Odds to Make 2021 NBA Playoffs

Team Odds to Make Playoffs Odds to Miss Playoffs
Charlotte Hornets +125 -159
Indiana Pacers +260 -360
Washington Wizards +120 -155


Odds to Make 2021 Eastern Conference Play-In Tournament

  • [December 9] Despite perennially being among the top five in the conference the past few years, both the Sixers and Raptors sport +280 odds to have to potentially fight through the play-in tourney at open

Odds to Make 2021 Eastern Conference Play-In Tournament

Team Odds
Atlanta Hawks -115
Boston Celtics +410
Brooklyn Nets +1000
Charlotte Hornets +160
Chicago Bulls +155
Cleveland Cavaliers +500
Detroit Pistons +360
Indiana Pacers -115
Miami Heat +370
Milwaukee Bucks +1800
New York Knicks +600
Orlando Magic +100
Philadelphia 76ers +280
Toronto Raptors +280
Washington Wizards -110

Odds were available preseason

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